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  • Question about older nissans?

    I am looking at getting my first car here in a few months and wound up looking at a 1994 Nissan 240SX, and a 1993 Nissan 300ZX how good are these cars in general? I understand if a buy one that was in bad condition its probably going to be a bad car.

    But if the owner takes decent care of it how do these cars drive now since they are well almost as old as me I dont want to spend 3/4 of my budget on an old car only for it to go to heaps on me and force me to spend the same price as the car getting it fixed.

    So in short

    1993 Nissan 300ZX & 1994 Nissan 240SX

    1. How good are these cars from a general stand point?

    2. These cars are old if I buy a decent one what kind of problems might I see?

    3. If I do have problems about how much might I be looking at fixing some of these problems?

    4. How much would it cost to get new seats?

    Thanks in advance for any one who answers

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  • 50 States coins.... Question ?

    Back in 1999 when the state coins were coming out my mom decided to subscribe us to like 2-3 copies of this thing for like 20 bucks a coin (Roughly 1000$ for each book) and we were looking at them the other day and my mother asked how much I thought we could get for them when they were completed....

    Basically they are 2 binders for each set containing 25 pages in each binder (1 a state) each page is the tough cardboard almost plastic material pretty thick that has a quick over view of the state lists its flag state bird when it was founded capital ect along with 2 coins in each page of that state never circulated fresh right off the mint and sealed

    I was wondering if any one might know how much something like this could fetch when the set is done or would it be better to hold onto and sell in the future rather than selling right now when it gets completed.

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  • Iphone headphone problems

    I recently bought the Iphone (Actually it was quit a while ago last November I think) The first pair of head phones I got from Apple lasted quite a while before eventually got caught in a door and cut... So doing the only logical thing I could I went and bought a new pair .... Over the last 9 months I would say I have gone through 10 pair of head phones all ranging from 10-30$ and after a while like they just stop working and the music is all static filled and if I move to much it some times just stops working till I sit down and fiddle with em upon trying the headphones in other appliance I notice the same response, So in general my question is... Is there like some kind of problem with the Iphone that makes headphones wear out fast bc I owned several players pre IPhone and never broke a pair of earphones but going through like 1 a month now is starting to get weird most the ear phones I buy say "Iphone Compatable" ...

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  • Any place to download books on the internet of the scifi/Fantasy Genre?

    I have recently been reading quite a bit of books but being a student with no job I found my wallet to be quite empty my parents refuse to pay for them any more (Simply because I read way to many) the only public library near me is pretty much a failure only let us take out 2 books which I can read in a night and the dont have a very wide Scifi/Fantasy section...

    So I was wondering is there any place to read and or download some E books of some of the more famousr books such as Darren Shan's "Demonata" series...

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