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I know a little about a lot. I prefer to answer questions about music, lyrics, and video games. Especially The Sims 3. Books, writing, grammar, anthropology, and social issues also interest me. I have a degree in the English language. I heavily enjoy trolling trolls.

  • Goldeneye Reloaded: What is the "i" marker for?

    Specifically, on the "Archives" board, where Natalya must be rescued from the Defense Minister, there is an icon that appears above the radar, with an "i". It's similar to the photograph icon that appears when you need to use the cellphone to photograph intelligence information. Does anyone know what this "i" marker indicates?

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  • What happened to my student loan?

    Last October, I left school prematurely for personal reasons. Before leaving, I accepted a Stafford Loan to help cover Tuition, housing, etc. Because I left school early, tuition was greatly reduced, and I paid the entire balance out-of-pocket. Now, the student loan company calls everyday, demanding payment for a loan I never received or benefited from whatsoever. The loan was never received by the school, and was not used to pay off any tuition debt because I paid it out-of-pocket. What should I do about this situation? It seems unfair that I should be required to pay back money I never received or was never used by the school.

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  • Sims 3 Legacy Challenge?

    Starting a new Sims 3 Legacy Challenge, and I need suggestions for a surname.

    My ideas so far:





    Thoughts? Suggestions? Also, if you have any ideas for fun legacy challenges, feel free to let me know. :)

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  • Drag Queens, cross dressers. What's the difference?

    This question is entirely in earnest. I've always wondered if there was a difference between cross-dressing and drag-queen (ism?). Personally, I love drag queen and watch them perform often. I understand the difference between transsexualism and cross-dressing. One of my best friends is a transsexual, and I fully support her! Plus, I am an LGBT person :)

    So, what is the difference between drag and cross-dress (if there is one)?

  • I need a fun RPG for PC?

    Since I've played almost every good RPG for the PC, I need some suggestions on what else to play. I don't have a console, nor do I plan on owning one. Please don't include MMOs or First Person Shooters, as I find these types of games incredibly boring.

    Games I've played and enjoyed:

    *Knights of the Old Republic I & II

    *Vampire:The Masquerade - Bloodlines

    *TES IV Oblivion

    *Dragon Ages: Origins and Dragon Age II

    *Fable The Lost Chapters and Fable III

    Games I've played and didn't enjoy:

    *The Witcher

    *The Witcher 2

    *Jade Empire

    *Beyond Good and Evil

    *Mass Effect I and II

    *Fallout III

    Thanks in advance!

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