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  • Free Windows software to record guitar and make audio file?

    My bass amp has rca line out and i have an rca to 3.5 adapter, whats software where i can plug the 3.5 into mic and record it, also i have some other files someone sent me is there a way to merge them when recording

    3 AnswersSoftware1 year ago
  • Looking for edgy/ racist/ignorant songs for an ironic playlist?

    Songs like one in a million from gnr or even okie from muskogee, anything thats anti hippie politically incorrect and what not, more provocative the better

    5 AnswersRock and Pop1 year ago
  • Lost my insurance coverage, have no income Have severe hand pain don’t know what to do Now, Any recommendations?

    Turned 19 lost my chip coverage, i am currently unemployed have no income, i have severe pain in in hands which is why i have not gotten a job yet, i had Children’s medicaid was seeing doctors trying to help my hands and also started taking claravis(acne medicine) but just turned 19 and lost the plan, in the next few days i have a scheduled nerve test for my hand but I don’t know how thats gonna go now with no insurance, same with my meds. I live with my father we cant really afford private insurance in the first place if we could even buy it now.

    What can i do, i just what my hands to stop hurting so i can then go work full time and move out, hand therapists that im now not really gonna be able to see say they need rest and have my hands in braces most the day, I feel really screwed are there any resources for us, we don’t qualify for any government programs anymore but work so slow for him actually taking from savings

    8 AnswersInsurance1 year ago
  • Help getting a job?

    Im 18 years old need to find a job, where can i find places to apply that dont need experience

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment1 year ago
  • Can two rca jack input 5.1 surround to a receiver?

    I have an old Av receiver that supports 5.1 Dolby digital and dts through its DVD player it sounds amazing but I’m having a hard time inputting surround from my tv, I have the standard rca red white cable hooked but it’s not working well, can rca even carry surround or am I doing something wrong,

    6 AnswersHome Theater2 years ago
  • Black bars burn in fix?

    I have black bars burned in my plasma tv ive had for four years, on white screens you can see where the bars were and its worn differently creating a line can this be fixed or is this done for

    3 AnswersTVs2 years ago
  • CRT tv questions?

    Im using an old Panasonic crt someone didn’t want anymore until i buy a new lg tv, i have a few questions tho

    1 the tv sometimes makes a rattling sound is that normal

    2 the picture is really dark like half the brightness of an led with dark scenes almost being completely black is this normal for a crt or has this just reached the end of its life

    3 ive been gaming on it and its so smooth are oled tvs as smooth as a crt its just so smooth

    4 AnswersTVs2 years ago
  • Tv has one dead pixel should I return?

    My Samsung qled tv has one dead pixel in the left corner when i see it it bothers me, i only see it when i look in tge corner to long, ive already gone through several tvs with several bright green pixels, should i return it to best buy

    4 AnswersTVs2 years ago
  • Dead pixels on tv?

    Ok so i had a new samsung it had dead pixel and was setching apps randomly becouse of a mobo issue, replacement tv comes it has 2 bright green pixels and some black pixels, are dead pixels something you just have to live with

    5 AnswersTVs2 years ago
  • Iphone my photo stream not showing up in albums?

    On my iphone 8 and 5 and 5s my photo stream is not showing up but on my iphone 4 it is, i wanna access these photos on all my phones whats going on any help

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans2 years ago
  • Social security questions?

    Ok so my aunt hasnt worked enough to qualify for ss, but is married and wants to know that if/when my uncle dies can she get his ss or get spouce benefits what ever when she is old enough, for the record theres an age gap so chances are he will pass before she is old enough

    5 AnswersOther - Politics & Government2 years ago
  • Warned of being banned from returning items from best buy?

    Ive have returned multiple tvs recently because of defects but now ive been warned of being banned from returning items from best buy, wtf what do i do how do i sort this out

    4 AnswersTVs3 years ago
  • 65 inch tv looks way worse then 50 inch, why?

    a show like family guy looks great and clear on a 50 inch samsung but a 65 inch sony and samsung the show looks terrible both blurry and over sharpened, whats up with this, would a 55 be better

    8 AnswersTVs3 years ago
  • Pc resolution question downscaling/upscaling?

    Ok lets say i have a 4k monitor but i play a game at 1440p, would it look worse then naitive 1440p becouse its not naive resolution or does it not matter

    1 AnswerMonitors3 years ago
  • Dvi pc cable help?

    I have this old apple computer laying around i want to get set up again see whats on it but the display ports on it are obsolete, are there 1 hdmi converters to dvi, 2 do i need to use both dvi i and dvi d or do i only need to plug one in to get input

    1 AnswerMonitors3 years ago
  • How many reps should i do with dumbells per exercise?

    Cant seem to get a good answer, whats a good number of reps for dumbell to bulld muscle

    4 AnswersDiet & Fitness3 years ago
  • Can Va display the same color vibrance as ips?

    If a Va display is 8 bit and the ips is 8bit both with 16million colors will they have the same vibrance or does the ips have better colors still

    Monitors3 years ago
  • Is the sun more dangerous during tomorrow's eclipse?

    I see all the warnings saying can gp blind or damage eyes but you when wearing sunglasses during a normal day you can look at the sun and not go blind, but during the eclipse they say you need special glasses(that are all sold out) so is the eclipse really that dangerous or is it the same risk just now you are lookimg at sun more, also will the glass from wielders mask work as protection

    3 AnswersOptical3 years ago
  • asus pg34 vs acer predator z35p?

    which monitor has the better color vibrance and is best one if i care only about visuals

    1 AnswerMonitors3 years ago
  • Fish with popeye help?

    My pet fish has popeye how can i help him is there meda for it

    4 AnswersFish3 years ago