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  • Small red rash on 6mth old infants calf, it is small red bumps filled with clear liquid, what is it?

    The rash is located below his knee on the inner side of his calf.. Its no more than a 1/2 inch long and not even a centimeter wide.. Its got a about ten little red raised bumps filled with clear fluid.. I've never seen infant heat rash, and my son has never had any rashes before..I would just like to find someone who this has ocurred to or has seen this type.. Its been there about 2 days without spreading anywhere else.. Is it even a rash?!? I'd just like some feedback or ideas, treatment etc..I'm a very paranoid first time mother...

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  • My Husband and I have argued about this for days...?

    Okay, I won't tell you who thinks what, but one of us think that you should dust your furniture, before you vacuum that way whatever dust gets on the floor its vacuumed up. The other thinks you vacuum before you dust...

    So which is it, do you dust before you vacuum or after?

    Please help this is so small but I would just like to do one of those kinda I told you so things.. Its a wife thing!

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  • Miniature tea cup poodle VOMITTING WHITE FOAM and UNCONTROLLABLE DIARRHEA... Whats happening?

    Please help, this is my grandmother's dog...The dog is not a year old.. My mamaw is having a panic attack, because she still grieves over the loss of her first poodle, and is scared to death to lose her second... The details are that she is "pretty" sure that sweetpea hasn't ate anything bad or gotten into anything poison her so she is trying to get a hold of an emergency vet, but we live in a small town and more than likely she will not find one.. So help would be greatly appreciated or a some advice from someone who has had this happen or knows someone who has.. Please she pukes the white foam every ten minutes and my grandmother says the diarrhea just wont stop!! PLEASE HELP

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  • Worried..My 16 week old baby is fascinated by the TV....Is this normal?

    He just stares at the TV like everyone on the screen is talking directly to him... I've been so paranoid about it that I have been leaving the TV off... So the house just seems so quiet...Until my husband wakes up, he sleeps during the day b/c of night shift and he wants to relax and watch TV.. But, I feel anxiety when I see our son just laying with his dad staring at the TV.. Someone please tell me this is normal or their child did the same and their brain developed fine and they aren't couch potatoes.. Sheww those baby books..

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