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I "turned to the dark side" after an injury left me unable to continue working in law enforcement. I am an attorney, but am not the ambulance-chasing blood sucker type (ambulances go too fast to catch). I do a lot of pro bono work in family and landlord/tenant law. I prefer consumer protection and do criminal and personal injury as little as possible. Yahoo Answers is for entertainment ONLY. Although I try to answer questions the best I can, I'm not your lawyer and you haven't provided enough info for anyone on this site to give you the "right" answer. Take every answer with a grain of salt and contact a lawyer in YOUR jurisdiction for proper representation. I'm sarcastic/blunt. It's (usually) not my intention to offend. I'll tell it like I think it is - I won't tell you what you want to hear. I have fun on this site and am grateful to those who follow my answers and give me feedback, thumbs up and votes! If you spot an interesting