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  • Am I simp if I babysit her cat?

    I like this girl alot but she has a bf. She is flirty with me sometimes but when I expressed to her that I like her she basically came back at me with "sorry I have a bf". He has moved away and she's been texting me alot lately to hang. She's moving this weekend and needs someone to watch her cat for a couple weeks. Should I offer or is that way to simp of me?

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  • Feel so betrayed!!!!!?

    Okay so I've been playing guitar for several years now, and I've always really wanted to be in a band. HOWEVER, I would never drop out of school and go all or nothing with it, it's more of a hobby but if I were to somehow make it then that would be awesome, I'm just saying, I'm still going to go to school and have a backup plan. I'm not quite at a professional level, but I think I'm pretty good. I can play almost any song right through really well and usually sing it too if I sit down and practice for like 10-20 min. . So anyways I got my best friend Jordan into doing drums, so that I could have someone to play with. He has never done anything musical before this other than listening to music really. And he took it REALLY seriously, he started taking drum lessons and he's gotten pretty good (NOT at a professional level, he makes a lot of mistakes, and is slow at learning new material, but he is still fun to play with).

    Anyways we were talking about how we were going to start an awesome band and stuff, and he has stopped caring about school (he's probably going to fail ALL of his classes this semester) And he doesn't want me to play by myself anymore because he says if I get famous without him, he would be devistated. However, the rule doesn't apply to him. He's gotten together with these two guys who do bass and guitar and can kind of sing-ish. Bass is really easy, but the guitar guy is slightly better than me. (Not by that much though, I could probably learn anything he does and play it almost as well) But anyways now my "best friend" spends ALL of his time playing with them and he is ditching me when we've made plans to hang out and stuff and he's talking about how they're going to write music and omg I AM SO ******* PISSED!!!!! I don't know why this is pissing me off so much but I'm so mad that I'm shaking. I'm sitting outside of the music room right now listening to them play together while I eat my lunch alone because he freaking ditched me!

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