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  • how to donate to mumbai police?

    i would like to paypal or wire or send a cheque to Mumbai Police Welfare Fund, the Navi Mumbai Koparkhairane PD especially, i called Navi Mumbai PDabout an enquiry and they very courteously gave me Koparkhairane PD number, where someone listened to my complaint about a client who was not paying me my fee since 2 months (i had done a writing assignment for them). I don't know if the police called the person against whom i complained on the telephone but i mentioned about the call with the Koparkhairane PD yesterday to the client and he paid me today. So i am happy and i would like to donate to the Mumbai Police PD simply because they gave their 2 minutes of time to listen to my complaint and note down the details even though monetary default cases are not police matters

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  • Are all people with the surname "Maino" jews?

    Or do Roman Catholics also have the surname "Maino"? Even if they are other religions do they still act like the jews with group-ism and favoritism things techniques for self-promotion through any means? All Israeli paid-talkbackers are requested to get the **** out of this page and not put an answer here.

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  • Is it true that the holiest books of judaism like torah and talmud preach cheating and killing of now-jews?

    No other religious book in the world talks anything apart from being righteous, i think even the Koran does not preach anything about cheating or killing. all religious books, Bible, Koran, Bhagvad Gita etc preach goodness and righteousness even though every religious book is basically human written literature that leads people to righteousness. Then why the hell does the torah and talmud have to pretend as if God wrote it, and that false claim is besides the point though, how can the book preach that it is okay to steal from now-jews, does it really call names to non-jew women?

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  • Why do Guy Ritchie movies forcefully include references to jews?

    Like Lock Stock, Snatch and Sherlock Holmes. In Lock Stock 1) Vinnie Jones says "and that includes Blasphemy" when the guy he is beating up says "Jesus Christ" in pain 2) Tom says something about Kosher, jews, Christmas when trying to buy guns from Nick the Greek 3) Dog says "It's Hanukka" when they find shitloads of cash at the Grass Growers place. 4) Jason Statham's character says "It hasn't seen daylight, moonlight, israelite" at the start of the film when selling stolen goods 5) there were some other references also in Lock Stock.

    Now about Snatch 1) The rich person, also the ruthlessly swine person is shown as Avi the diamond dealer, which i don't know is a dig at jews or is an ad promoting them 2) Doug the Head a goyim is shown as being a wanna-be jew because it helps in the diamond business 3) Avi says got a toothbrush? we're going to England 4) The intro credits of the film take a huge dig at Christianity and the whole Adam-Eve thing, also the whole Jesus being born of Virgin Mother Mary thing, at the opening credits 4 guys (3 Russians and 1 jew) are about to rob another jew's diamond shop 5) There were some other references to jews as well in this movie, hopefully if some of you cannot answer the question, you could still help by listing the other references made to jews in Guy Ritchie movies

    Now about Sherlock Holmes. Well it was a **** all movie. And Sherlock Holmes 2 is coming out which makes no sense. Guy Ritchie married that ugly as hell Madonna, who claims to be a shameless 'material girl' then this so called-woman joined a jewish sect of Kabbala, which either Guy Ritchie joined due to 1) genuine interest 2) just to earn brownie points from the mad madonna 3) to get some jews to finance his movies (if they were not doing so already, as the points mentioned above for Lock Stock and Snatch do give an indication that even Guy Ritchie's earlier movies must have had jewish propaganda producers anyway back to the **** all film Sherlock Holmes. The great character of Sherlock Holmes, a top notch detective has been fed to the dogs i think less because of Guy Ritchie's mistake but more because of the stupid actor who played the character. This stupid actor has got some other big roles as well even though he did not act that well in any - Ironman, another question is this actor jewish too? like Shia Leboof? Anyway so in the movie jews are shown as having magical powers etc (even though it is all discarded in the end as being just scientific tricks) and a lot of bull-crap that is actually thrown around as propaganda in anti-zionist and anti-neocon circles is shown in the movie.

    So the bottom line is, is Guy Ritchie working for the jews or against them? In any case why does he have to forcefully fit a jew character or jew reference in his movie where none is needed.

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