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  • what makes a bandwagoner?

    Ok so we are going to see some people changing teams beacause of the free agent signings that are happening. But my question is what makes a bandwagoner? why should we show any loyalty to a logo when it is the players that draw us to the teams? Alot of you say you are laker fans because they are the home team but arent the clippers the home team as well? I am a fan of players but as you all have heard " the NBA is a business.". the owners do right by them the players do right by them and we as fans should be able to do right by us and not be crucified when our favorite player leaves. My fav player is Garnett and will be til he retires. then what if my fav player is Derrick Rose? or kevin durant? then what? am I a bandwagoner? Let me remind all of you "diehard" fans: the logo doesnt make the player. and the logo shouldnt make you a fan either.

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  • help with this anti-meta deck.?

    Ok this is what i'm running so far. I have a couple cards i would like to add but just haven't been able to find for trade or purchase at my local shop. Im open to suggestions. Thanks.


    3x exiled force

    2x Marauding Captain

    2x D.D. Assailant

    3x D.D. Survivor

    3x D.D. Warrior Lady

    2x Banisher of the radiance

    1x turret warrior

    1x golden homunculus

    1x freed the matchless general

    1x gorz

    1x gren maju da eiza

    1xmystic swordsman lv 2


    3x fusion sword murasame blade

    1x d.d.r.

    2x the warrior returning alive

    2x dimensional fissure

    1x mage power

    1x m.s.t

    1x reinforcement of the army


    2x royal oppression

    1x return from the different dimension

    1x torrential tribute

    1x macro cosmos

    1x grave of the super ancient organism

    1x royal decree

    1x royal command

    So there it is. Help me out if you can. Thanks

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  • rate my k.o.s.s. zombie deck please!?

    I built this deck around King of the skull servants but I feel that it doesn't have to rely solely on that. Feel free to rate/fix. Thanks!


    3x skull servant

    3x lady in wight

    3x king of skull servants

    2x Il blud

    2x ryu Kokki

    1x Spirit reaper

    1x plaguspreader zombie

    1x despair from the dark

    3x pyramid turtle

    3x Goka, the pyre of malice

    1x Dark dust spirit


    3x call of the mummy

    3x book of life

    1x lightening vortex

    1x foolish burial

    1x heavy storm

    1x one for one


    1x call of the haunted

    1x mirror force

    3x scrap iron scarecrow

    1x cyber shield gardna

    1 graceful revival

    Synchro monsters

    1x revived king ha des

    1x archfiend zombie skull

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