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  • Haven't gotten my period it possible.?

    My period is almost a week late but I haven't had any early signs of pregnancy (nausea, tender breasts, etc). Without symptoms but a missed period, could I be pregnant?

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  • losing weight in 7 days?

    im leaving for the military in about 8 days and i need to drop weight and fast!!! what is the best way??

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  • writing an essay about what "emo" is...pls critique!! kinda long...sry!!?

    Finding Emo

    Throughout history, people have tried to classify things into groups to better understand. These groups contain things that share a certain quality. One thing people have difficulties grouping together is genres of music. Obviously, some music falls under multiple genres or forms its own genre because it is so different. But one genre, which has been incredibly problematic for me to grasp, is the genre known as “emo”.

    “Emo” is short for the word “emotional”, but both words are far from sharing the same definition. Things considered emotional portray significant emotions like anger, happiness, sadness, etc. Therefore, all music could be considered “emotional” music. Emo, however, is usually associated with the music, fashion and photography styles of typical “emo” kids, who are commonly identified as teenagers who have not discovered how to deal with issues life throws at them (like anyone really knows how). “Emo” kids tend to resort to avoiding social interaction, exclusion from society and, in extreme cases, self-mutilation in a masochistic way. Regardless of the ideas that an “emo” lifestyle is nothing more than another way of living, and because of these unusual behaviors, society has excluded “emo” kids by making them outcasts and avoiding them (kind of like how they avoid society already). This avoidance has lead to a general hatred towards all things considered “emo”. It has also allowed the general population to ignore a music style that combines several of the most popular forms of music such as the generic band (lead, rhythmic, and bass guitar and percussion) acoustic (acoustic guitar, and piano), a taste of a big band sound (brass) and power-driven vocals with captivating and significant lyrics.

    Before getting into the way most people just ignore “emo” music, perhaps its success in gaining mainstream recognition should be brought up. The year of 2006 saw a few bands gain a popularity that was once reserved for rock and hip-hop groups, and those are “Fall Out Boy” and “PANIC! At the Disco”, among others less familiar. Now, what is it that makes these bands so prosperous? Not much really, someone liked the way they sounded and put their music on the radio. When these groups became “big”, you wouldn’t be able to go half and hour without hearing “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” on some of the most popular radio stations in the area. It used to be “Sugar, We’re Going Down” was a frequently played song on popular stations (its playing has been reduced since the song is a few years old). However, for those who are devoted “emo” listeners, we know how difficult it may be to convince a friend who doesn’t listen to “emo” music to give it a chance. Some people have to get past the fact that the music they are listening to is in fact considered “emo”.

    “Emo” music consists of many different music styles combined that are often deemed inappropriate by listening to some of the more intense members of the group. It appears to some that there are three sub-groups of “emo” music. The first is the generic band, often overlooked because the music is very similar (but then again, rap is, more or less, all the same, so why do people have to ignore an “emo” band?). The lyrics may contain anything from upbeat and peppy broadcasts, to God even (Relient K is a well known Christian Rock/”Emo” band), to depressing and saddening ballads about things like lost love, life or hope (Dashboard Confessionals, Fall Out Boy or Jimmy Eat World). The second sub-group is aptly referred to as “screamo”, where the vocalist proceeds to scream the lyrics rather than sing them or do both. The final sub-group is “acoustic emo”, with music centering on fascinating piano and acoustic guitars and influential vocals that are capable of inspiring someone to create amazing art or put one to sleep like a lullaby, and even to dance to. This is the emo music most often brushed off by society and yet is the most rewarding.

    By writing this essay, I am moving to break down “emo” as a genre of music, because the majority of “emo” kids do not aspire others to listen to their music in apprehension of it becoming “mainstream”. However, I cannot sit idly by and watch as good music is overlooked and even despised because of its relation to “emo” kids. Therefore, I encourage everybody to try some “emo”, search for some demos on the internet, because you shouldn’t download songs illegally, right? You never know what you might find, or like for that matter.

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  • how can i help my cat lose weight???

    i have a 5 yr old cat who is about 16lb (maybe bigger). i want to find a way to help her lose weight. I have another cat who is about the same age and he doesnt need to lose weight. what are ways i can help my cat lose weight w/o affecting the other cat?

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  • vaginal/rectum cancers?

    what are the different cancers that can occur inbetween the vagina and rectum?

    3 AnswersCancer1 decade ago
  • lip blisters????

    i got these weird blisters on the right side of my bottom lip and on the inside. i dont know what its from and they just popped up the other day after i bit and cut open my lip. what could be causing it???

    5 AnswersSkin Conditions1 decade ago
  • graphing the alphabet?

    i need to spell JOHANNA on graphs!! i cant figure out how to do it!!! do you know of any functions that could work???

    2 AnswersHomework Help1 decade ago
  • home acne remedies???

    what are good ways to help acne??? it would be nice to get rid of it!!!

    6 AnswersSkin Conditions1 decade ago
  • belly fat???

    ive been getting lazier in the past couple of months and have put on significant belly fat. i like to eat food in the evening but not in the morning (i dont eat until about 4pm everyday(is this bad???))

    is there anything that i can eat or do (that will be easy and simple) to help reduce belly fat to get ready for swimsuit season???

    anything will help just as long as it really helps!!!



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  • weight loss and exercise?

    what is the best way to loose weight and exercise for someone who is almost 18, 5'7" and 160lb? i want to be in better shapre.

    i am looking for "work outs" that i can do at home and that doesnt take up a lot of time!!

    please tell of your routines if you think it would be helpful!!

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  • fashion newspaper article (1920s)?

    i need to write a newspaper article about 1920s fashion by tomorrow but idk how!! can anyone help me??

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  • songs for a cd???

    i am making a mix cd and i have lots of time left on the disk. i am looking for country music to put on it but i cant think of anything!! something by toby keith, tim mcgraw, rascall flatts, sugarland, taylor swift, kelly pickler, or kenny chesney would be perfect. any other suggestions will be nice!!

    i would also like to know the name of the song by sugarland where in the video the girl is crying while singing!!

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  • how to install my printer???

    i just got a laptop (an older sony vaio). with it, i got an HP PhotoSmart P1000 printer. i tried to install it but i dont have the disks and my laptop doesnt show the model under whatever it would be. i was told that i would be able to go online and get everything i needed to install the printer. my question is: how do i get the info to install the printer???

    3 AnswersPrinters1 decade ago
  • name of song???

    what is the name of the song with the lyrics:

    L is for the way you look at me.

    O is for ... (i dont remember the words)

    V if very very extraordinary.

    E is for (i dont remember again).

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  • Phillipenes and Filipino?

    why is it that the name of the counrty is spelled differently than when you spell the name of the language or nationallity?

    7 AnswersPhilippines1 decade ago
  • givin me the most beautiful set of wings?

    what is the name of the song with the lyrics "givin me the most beautiful set of wings"???

    in parts of the song there are little kids singing! and its a country song!!

    6 AnswersLyrics1 decade ago
  • losing weight?

    what are good work out activities to lose about 20lbs? something that can be done in a few minutes at home!!

    5 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • powerpoint 2007 (the newest version)?

    i have to put 4 different powerpoints together into one presentation. does anyone know how to do that??

    need help asap!!!

    2 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • itunes and vista???

    some one told me that itunes is not "usable" if you have windows vista (the newest version of windows). I am supposed to get a new laptop but i want to make sure that i can still use itunes even if i have vista.

    does any one know if you can or not???

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  • hair color??

    i would like to have reddish colored hair ( i have had it before (when i was younger)). but now after dying my hair multiple times and getting older my hair color has changed and now my natural color is brown (i dont like it!!!). i want to dye it again but since my hair is so dark store bought dyes dont work.

    i want to cheap way to get the color that i want...any advice??

    3 AnswersHair1 decade ago