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  • Is this a Christian name?

    "samaam" ?

    5 AnswersBaby Names7 years ago
  • Muslims, What do you think about backbiting?

    I just came across this research. Dr.Bilal Philips says "Backbiting is "Haraam" because it is an attack on a Muslim’s honor."

    11 AnswersRamadan7 years ago
  • How do you bring up the Islamic topic?

    I want my each conversation with friends to be counted as a deed. I often try to seek a chance to bring up a hadis, Quranic verse or Islamic info... in my conversations.

    3 AnswersRamadan7 years ago
  • How to know if Allah is pleased with you?

    There are millions of Muslims who are more pious and cry in front of Him only. Their tongues are wet with the regular dikr. they have strong faith and are even ready for Jiahd. And i am nothing in front of them. I am upset that i don't worship Him fully.

    Is there a way to know that you have your Creator pleased?

    7 AnswersRamadan7 years ago
  • Muslims do you feel heavy,loaded while reciting Quran?

    I sometimes feel "loaded" while reciting Quran. It feels like someone had clutched my heart and i often get breathless or start inhaling heavy long breaths. Don't know what does that indicate.

    Do you feel the same?

    6 AnswersRamadan7 years ago
  • Muslims: How and what do you teach your kids or siblings about Islam?

    It is important to have a great influence of Islam on kids.

    I sometimes notice that teens have stronger faith than us, though they are still innocent. How do you make the teachings of Islam interesting for a kid?

    4 AnswersRamadan7 years ago
  • Muslims: How are you connected?

    I heard several hadis and lectures on how it is important for a Muslim to be connected to a Muslim group. They said that if you are alone you are weak and vulnerable to attack by Satan just like the danger increases when an animal moves out from its herd.

    I am quite interested in Islam nowadays. I like being acknowledge about the Islam. I want to be indulge in real time discussion on Islam. I begged my mother to give me some knowledge or have Islamic discussion with me. But she just answers that she wants me to move according to my age. She is though high in spirituality. But i hate it! I had several fights with her to indulge me with her discussion but she will not.

    I seriously want to be a part of a group. I always seek knowledge here at yahoo about Islam. I love discussing Islam and fear that if i moved along with "my age" i may go astray. I have a hunger, thirst for the knowledge about Islam that never dies, it is always rising.

    Islam is for all age group, right? What should i do then? I want to reach the highest level and be closest to Allah.

    3 AnswersRamadan7 years ago
  • How can I be a freind of Allah?

    What are the stages for becoming His friend?

    6 AnswersRamadan7 years ago
  • What should you add as a Muslim in your resolution list?

    Since a new year is starting i planed to write down what qualities to improve and what dikhr to do more often.I want to improve myself and be more pious.

    We all know that our aim for this world is to please Allah.So i wanted to know what dikhr is best and how can you be a better Muslim. Any hadis related to a best Muslim or best dikhr may help too.

    Also tell me about your aims.

    6 AnswersRamadan7 years ago
  • How do you practice Tahajud?

    For me Tahajud is doing ibadat and worshipping Allah at night.

    In what ways can we offer Tahajud? Is it only performed by salah and reciting Quran? What other way is there to practice it other then prayer and reciting Quran? 'cus i don't won't my family to be aware of that as they are always awake late at night.

    2 AnswersReligion & Spirituality7 years ago
  • How salah is a spiritual activity?

    I heard a hadis something like this,don't remember the exact words: one who gave up prayer is spiritually dead...

    In what ways salah is spiritual? tell me the exact meaning of "spiritual".


    7 AnswersRamadan7 years ago
  • Any dua for this pain? Muslims?

    My back is aching for no reason i know of. I can not move my neck freely in every direction. Any verse from Quran may help.

    6 AnswersRamadan7 years ago
  • How should a Muslim utilize his/her free time?


    What should I do in these winter vacations. I don't want to join any centers or any institution. i need a break and want to rest as well as get busy with something. I don't want to have any tiring activities and at the same time i want to benefit from these vacations and get close to Allah.

    Any interesting ways?

    Jazakallah in advance :)

    5 AnswersRamadan7 years ago
  • How to get rid of anger in Islamic way?

    I get angry very quickly, i know its Satan's work.

    Controlling it have opposite effects on me. I get frustrated, emotional and start crying and that's what Satan wants.

    9 AnswersRamadan7 years ago
  • Ramadan: How to be focused in salaat?

    While praying i'm afraid my mind wanders over the worldly things. I sometimes even forget which rakaat i'm offering. I heard that some people are so much focused in their Prayer/Salaat that they forget their surroundings and meditate. They meditate like they are praying in front of Kabah or Prophet Muhammad is leading the prayer.

    4 AnswersReligion & Spirituality7 years ago