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  • what do you think of my prom dress?

    its my senior year, i wore a long dress last year. so this year i decided to buy a short dress. tell me what you think, is it wrong to wear a short dress? im 5'2, tan (from florida),long dark brown hair with brown eyes. its the blush colored one

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  • helpp omg im going to go crazy?

    there is four people in my house. me(18) my brother (17) my stepdad and mom. my mom works two jobs. my stepdad workds. and i work 40 hours a week and go to school full time. so i go to school 7;30 to 2;30 then straight to work 3pm-12am everyday including weekends. and ALL my brother has to do is go to school. he's lucky if he works ten hours a week. and he wont help clean the house at all. i dont know what to do. it makes me so depressed. our house is such a mess. im embarrased to bring people over. but he always brings people over. and its embarrasing. if he spills something. he'll leave it there. if the garbage is overflowing he wont take it out. im the only one who legit cleans the house. but im so worndown half the time and dont want to. and then when i do clean the house. they all mess it up within a day or too due to their carelessness

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  • i dont know what to doooo :( help?

    ive been with my boyfriend on and off since 9th grade, we are now seniors and when we broke up over the summer he went out with this girl,had sex with her. and then asked for forgivness,which i gave to him. but it keeps eating at me. i constantly have resentment and hate in my heart even though i love him so much.

    i dont know how to overcome this feeling. i dont want to leave him :/ he is my first love. he is the one i feel the most comfortable with but it just keeps eating at me

    please give me your advice, your stories. does it get easier?'

    i just dont understand why i deserved what i got from him i have always been the best girlfriend to him

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  • i am taking my first road test in a few weeks. tips! pleaseeee!?

    i got my permit when i was 16. now im 17. i live in new york state

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  • another question about my sweet 16?

    okay so this whole week i have been trying to figure out if my family is throwing me a surprise party.. im pretty sure there going to because everytime i bring up the topic my mom says "i dont want to talk about it right now" my moms not the type to wait untill last minute. shes a planner. espesially since my birthdays in 3 days!!... so what do you think? is there a surprise party? lol

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  • its about my sweet sixteen?

    my birthday is on january 24 and i wanted to know if theres any way i can figure out if my family is trying to throw me a surprise party.. signs???

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