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  • Let's debate... what do y'all think about the whole R Kelly?

    I'm pretty sure everyone seen the documentary on Netflix or lifetime.. what do y'all really think.. i will say mine before it expires :)

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  • need cleaning hacks without chemicals!?

    as a mother of two kids.. i really don't like using chemicals around the house since my boys are under age of 3 and makes my apartment smells so much chemicals that we cant even breathe.. I've been looking at Pinterest but almost nothing works..if you guys have really good tips that doesn't need chemicals please let me know..whether it's for bathroom,room,carpet, and kitchen.. please type the indigents and directions... thank you

    7 AnswersCleaning & Laundry9 months ago
  • How do you get rid of stretch marks?

    I shoulda listen to my mom.. please help I have them terribly and I want to get rid of it natural

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions3 years ago
  • Why my son is fuzzy and doesn t want to go to sleep?

    For these past three days... My son hasn t slept well... Everytime when I put him in his crib he suddenly wakes up crying... And I always change his diaper before putting him to his crib and i try to burp him at least three times,I give him up to 6OZ .. I don t know what else to do with my son.. he was so calm until this week has been horrible for us... AND HE IS JUST TWO MONTHS .. did someone give him the eye or do I need to send him to the doctor...

    2 AnswersNewborn & Baby3 years ago
  • Why do i keep having UTI?

    Just FYI i have kidney transplant i take strong medications (Prograf,prograf zero, predisone this day,but cellcept from 2005-October 2016) since im cruently pregnant. They stop cellcept since it''s not safe to take while i'm pregnant..

    For the past two years I've been having UTIs and I'm starting to worry a lot more than i should...

    It started when i lost my virginity like a month after i did it.. so that was on January 25,2015 so i was hospitalized like a week after valentine's day.. Then came back around May,Sept. that same year. I had the symptoms of severe headaches,fever of over 102.3 degrees F,and frequent urination. Yes, we use condoms the first year.

    I believe in 2016, I went to Baylor hospital in January,May,July, and October. Same symptoms but we sometimes use condoms,plan b,, pull out method and check in cases i have sexual transmitted diseases....everything was okay in body.. I keep asking the doctors at Baylor like why i keep having them and seems to me they don't wanted to describe in details and i keep getting annoyed they just say the same thing over and over again.. Until i got pregnant they prescribe a medications in order to avoid but yet i still get them... i just want my son to be okay and myself as well..please help

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  • Why do My Upper Lips looks swollen after Kissing?

    When I got my First kiss it's soo awakrd but on that day My Upper lip look and feel so swollen and like an hour later it was complelty fine and Couple days me and my boyfriend were making out a lot that icouldnt feel My Lips at all It was like light brown and it was pretty So i dont know exactly since it was my first and im a first timer..

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions6 years ago
  • Does my Puppy has a parasite? emergency?

    I Have a 10 week old Male Puppy mix German shepherd and Labrador and He possibly have a rare parasite.

    Everything started His first day of his new home. Oso (Bear: Puppy's name) was in the front yard playing with the grass. I wipe all the dirt and grass. some how there was two weird odd strange thing in his Thigh and Look like grass. I starting to notice that it was getting smaller and smaller and was getting inside his body.

    Second was with my brother who witness the strange two objects. He said that he was playing with him in the patio . he wanted to rub his tummy and suddenly in Oso's left armpit, he had those weird leaves and he tried to remove but they did same as the first time..... hey went inside Oso's body....

    Today I was playing with oso near my garage and his front right left, the parasite or leave appear again. I wasn't poking I was trying to touch around the area but not the object and did the same thing as I saw the first time.

    THE WEIRD PART THEY DONT LEAVE HIM LIKE A BITE MARK OR ANY TRACE...... It's to worry me a lot I'm scared for my puppy PLEASE I NEED A LOT OF HELP FOR THIS BEFORE I VISIT THE VET It will help me cause this problems scared me .. I have two other big dogs (SHIH TZU AND BORDER) and they never exprince this before....

    4 AnswersDogs6 years ago
  • how my V should to suppose look like & the color where female urine?

    Today in my health class we were takking about vaginas and penis of how we get dieseas etc and i was wonderi g of how a healthy good condition should a female's private part should look likr and color . Also is it a good idea to use products to "keep our V clean" because i am extremly picky when comed to "clean products". Thankd

    1 AnswerWomen's Health6 years ago
  • What song is this from the 80s?

    so i heard this song from the 80s in vh1 classic and i thought it was good cause of the beats but i don't know who sings it but it was the music video it was a guy playing piano and the camera and him were spinning and it was those glass of pyramid that expose the rainbow and the guy had Blonde hair and that weird crazy hair in top of his head but it's not a mulllet is the one the girl in full house had when she was a teenager... So please answer my question soon and Like always i will chose the best answer after seeing or hearing the song i'm talking about Thanks

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  • Why My iphone 4S Battery dies so fast?

    So the Past Month My Iphone has been acting weird. The Battery runs out quickly. I ask my sister what's wrong with my phone.. and she told me to remove junks so I did but nothing changed also somehow when I use it at night and when i wake up goes to 87% to 28% I check If any app is still on but they were any app I always clear the thing that shows me if any app is on almost every night before i go to bed and also I sometimes turn off all the way and goes from 87% to 28% too . I always charge my Iphone before goes to 30% . Please help me to solve this weird phone... Hope I give enough information Thanks!

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • how do you post 4 pictures at one Post in instagram?

    Okay so I don't know how to post 4 picture at one post so Help me please and I'll chose the best answer as quickly I can Thanks (:

    3 AnswersOther - Internet7 years ago
  • why my webcam doesn't work?

    Okay like my Webcam a lot when i got it then like somehow right now doesn't work please help me oh i have Hp laptop

    2 AnswersOther - Hardware8 years ago
  • Songlist of forever 21 9.4.12?

    Sooo in labor i heard really good songs played in Forever 21 but i don't know the song so can anyone give me like a list of songs played in forever 21 from January 2012 through today Please Thanks i choose the best answer but please don't pick rhapsody Thanks Again

    1 AnswerLas Vegas8 years ago
  • Hurry! Before May 15 WHy did they Pass the 27 amendent?

    Okay i need to know this for a Grade and it due on may 15 so please hurry For the answer tell why did the each amendment pass This is for history and i choose which is the best answer i just need for each amendment Thanks! Hurry before may 15

    2 AnswersHistory8 years ago
  • what are the songs of american eagle playlist2012 for Feburary?

    i when i went to the mall i listen to Good song that i like but i don't remember them :( can someone please listed all like this:


    Thanks the one who gives the most i choose as the best answer Promise

    1 AnswerOther - Entertainment9 years ago
  • What does ot mean when you dream bout bad mimes?

    somehow when i was little i always dream about mimes like more than a month it a male mine he had this kid idk if was a little girl or little boy he always turn and when he turns around i wake up then go back to sleep a week later i still dream it & everytime i go to bed im scared he will do something or it bad sign now i dont dream bout but this whole time i wanna know why is it sign or what????

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay9 years ago
  • I need help for a laptop charger?

    since thursday something is wrong with the charger when i pulg the blue light doesnt turn on i tried everything but i didnt broke the last person who use was my sister it was working fine but when i tried to use it it didnt work sooo help me

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • remember this movie anyone?

    okay... so it a Peter Pan Movie but it NOT Animated movie in like real life one i just can't remember the movie is called peter pan had blond hair wendy had red hair i think she speaks British or English I don't know thnx i will choose yours as best answer

    4 AnswersMovies9 years ago