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  • Can I report evidence of a possible crime after 10 yrs which may be a cold case?

    My details of an experience 13 yrs. ago might be clues to a cold case. I agreed to meet my friend in another state to spend a week vacationing together. He arrived 2 days before me, & came from a fishing trip he was just on for 2 wks. He had an abusive background & I kept my guard up around him. At the hotel, he handed me a large butcher knife covered with blood & asked me to clean it & take it home in my luggage on my return flight. He said it was from cutting up fish he caught on his trip. After washing it in the sink, I wrapped it in newspapers & a plastic bag then put it in my luggage. During the 5 days I was with him he started being physically abusive with me; choking & hitting me. I kept my distance until I returned home. One day he borrowed his friends small boat & fishing rod to take me fishing in a nearby lake. He bought bait & began to fish in different areas of the lake. I became nervous when he moved the boat to the back of the lake near the trees. He fished from there for about 20 min. & then moved the boat back to the car ramp and we left. I had a feeling he may have killed a female with the knife before I arrived, & put the body back in those trees. Is it possible he used the excuse to fish there to check & make sure the body was still there? I tried to report it to the police a few years later, when he re-located, but they wouldn't take any information saying I had to report it in the state I was living in. That didn't make sense to me since they wouldn't be familiar with the area. I feel this could still be a cold case in that state. I would like to know if I could try to speak with a detective in that small town to find out. There was a college about 10 min. from our hotel & he may have preyed on a student. I need to tell someone since it's been bothering me for 13 yrs. and it could solve a crime.

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