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  • Is lots of loose cat hair good for chickens?

    We shaved our long haired cat for the summer and my son put the hair in with the chickens. Is that safe for the chickens or will the hairs get ingested and cause the chickens trouble?

    1 AnswerBirds8 years ago
  • How to Recover from deleting the MBR in Windows 7.?

    I was trying to create a multiboot disk where I could boot into XP. Already had Win 7 installed so I partioned 50gb free and the multiboot software said to restore a disk image to that partition. The disk image software would not restore to the extended partition but seemed to try to restore to the main C: master boot record. And after that I have nothing that works on the computer. I can't reinstall the Win 7 because the harddisk is not seen. I can't install Win XP cause it cannot see the harddisk. I tried loading the harddisk as a USB drive and I can see it on another computer as an external drive but I cannot seem to get my Dell Vostro to see it. I tried loading the Intel Matrix Driver for mass storage on the Vostro and still it does not see the harddisk. When I explore for drivers it does show the C: drive on the places to explore for drivers but nothing is accessable there.

    I know this is very technicle - any knowledgeable help will be appreciated for my husband.

    2 AnswersSoftware8 years ago
  • Which is more important? Honoring Parents or Keeping Family in tact?

    I've been caring for my aging parents but to do so must live separate from my husband. Is it more important to live with my husband or care for my parents.

    5 AnswersFamily10 years ago