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    Knitting with a hook is a thrilling action. In the background of knitting having a hook, nobody will tell the exact time as it seemed. The oldest finds direct to Egypt. I knit based on strategies, when knitting I break and revel in the process and the end result of work. I use ready-made items to decorate my home, a few I give friends. Each of the features I have searched for and picked up by mention, on the web site .

     I first graduated from a technical school at accounting, and continued my research at the institute through correspondence. I graduated from the two areas with a red diploma. At precisely the same time, I worked for about a year as an accountant in a factory. Then I chose to quit - I had to write my diploma. After I also wrote my buddy a diploma, I was able to function as an accountant . Following the next decree, I chose not to take up a permanent job - I could not take action in time. And now I work at home, accounting for several businesses. I know that many people do not like accountants. My husband says :"I hate accountants! You come to them, you ask them, but nothing is apparent anyhow". But think, it looks like what's straightforward!

    With the birth of my daughter, I discovered how to knit with a hook. But I believe that it's more interesting to become hooked, there are many unique ways of knitting. And it is simply more convenient. I take thoughts, such as most needlewomen, on the internet.