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  • What does someone who monitors traffic on a computer called? What's the jobs name?

    I'm talking about the ones who press a button and make the traffic lights change colors.

    Can you tell me as much as you can about this?



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  • Can someone explain the point of a summer session in university?

    Summer sessions are about 5 months, from May to August. I'm not really sure what exactly they are, what's the difference between this and the regular 8 month semester in college/university?

    Basically I'm not sure if it's a good thing to do or not.

  • In solitary confinement how does the prisoner/convict get their food?

    Like you know when we get mail, it may go through an envelope box, and the mail slides through? What is that thing which guards slide open and put in their food and drink?

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  • What are the rooms/places in a prison called?

    Like what is the "garden" like place where the prisoners lift weights/shoot hoops. And basically if you could tell me all the places in a prison, with a brief description that would be so helpful.

    Thank you all for your help. xxx

    U S A

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  • How do I find the PH on these two questions? Help me please.?

    1. What is the pH of a solution labeled 6 x 10^-5?

    2. What is the pH of a 500mL of solution containing 0.0124 grams of Ca(OH)2

    Can you explain to me step by step how to do this? Thanks to all helpers.

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  • TD Visa Debit Card help?

    I tried to but something on the web, (which is under my limit) but my card has been rejected twice.

    They say that they need "credit card authorization" , I put in everything correct, and my card is activated and there is no security hold from the bank. However the 3 digits on the back of my card, is something that I didn't put in. But they didn't mention it. BTW I was trying to buy plane tickets.

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  • How do i find the H30+ , pH and the concentration in Chem?

    8. What is the approximate pH of a solution labeled 6x10^-5 M HBr?

    9. What is the PH of 500 mL of solution containing 0.0124 grams of Ca(OH)2?

    10. The pH of a solution is 4.80 What is the concentration of hydroxide ions in this solution?

    Can you tell me how to do these questions step by step. Thank you helpers!

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  • How do I find the [H+] of a solution when i have the pOH?

    The pOH of a solution of NaOH is 11.3 What is the [H+] for this solution?

    I have no idea how to do this, if you could tell me step by step how to do this, along with any other fundamental parts in this part of chemistry I need to know I would be thankful.

    Thanks to all helpers!

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  • What are some of the greatest songs and artists when it comes to Jazz music?

    I'm researching about Jazz and I don't know a thing, so if you guys could tell me the basics I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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  • How do you find the range in a quadratic function?

    question a) y=-3x^2 + 12x - 16

    b) y+8= (x+1)^2

    c) y= -5(x-3)^2 + 1

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  • Microsoft Word Hellp?

    I want to number the pages of my microsoft word document (2010 version). However I want it to start on the second page, I have clicked on 'different first page' and put number one on the page where I want it to start but its just not working. I would appreciate it if any of you could help a brother out, who isn't so gifted when it comes to technology. If you could tell me what to do step by step I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks to all helpers.

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    A current television commercial for Advil Liquid Gel (liquid medicine) tablets promised faster relief than regular solid Tylenol tablets. Assuming that it is a chemical reaction between the medicine (in the products) and chemicals our body that leads to the pain relief, use your studies in this unit to propose why Advil's promise is a reasonable one.

    BTW I am studying rates of reactions in school. I just don't know the answer, normally I would say that there would be more collisions, a catalyst, but I would really really really appreciate it if anybody helps me out.

    Thanks to all helpers. Have a great Christmas!

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  • Why is this mechanism not reasonable?

    A + BC , turns into: D + E

    D + F turns into G + A

    E turns into: BC + F

    And by "turns into" I put this in there instead of the typical arrow you would see which points to the right which displays the products.

    Thanks to all helpers

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  • Rates of reaction questions please help?

    The destruction of ozne in the stratosphere by freons (chlorine containing hydrocarbons) is believed to take place according to the mechanism below.

    Step one Cl + 03 - CLO + 02 fast

    step two 03 - 0 + 02 slow

    Step 3 CLO + O - CL + O2 fast

    What is an intermediate?

    How many catalysts are in this mechanism?

    What is the product?

    By the way when I write for 03 - 0 + 02

    The 02 is meant to be oxygen. The 03 is the same with an extra bond. And bythe dash (-) I mean its the same as an arrow which faces right to show the products.

    Anyway I'm a rookie when it comes to chemistry so if you could explain why for each question I would be really thankful. Thanks to all helpers.

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  • In what other instances apart from speech are quotation marks used?

    I mean when I'm writing down a business do I need to use quotation marks?

    For Example: He reached into his pocket and was delighted when he found a packet of "Smarties"

    Can you please tell other instances where quotation marks are used? Thanks to all helpers.

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  • Roots of quadratic equations help please?!?

    1)A quadratic function has vertex (-5,-8) and opens upward. What is the nature of the roots?

    2) A quadratic function f (x) has a negative discriminant when f(x) = 0. If its graph opens downward , which is a possible vertex for f(x) ? (-5,0) , (0,-5) , (0,5) , (5,0)

    3) What is the value for K if the equation has real and equal roots? (Equation is x^2+Kx+7=0)

    I really appreciate all of you helpers and if you can tell me how you did each question I would be thankful. Thanks!

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  • Who would win in a fight The Joker or The Green Goblin?

    And who do you think is the better character? Thanks the more you write the better.

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  • How can I show that each table or graph represents a quadratic relationship?

    a) (I'm writing the table in coordinates)

    (0,3) , (2,5) (4,8) (6,12) (8,17)

    (These are the coordinates of a graph) (0,-6) (1,-3) (2,2) (3,9)

    So how do i do this? If you can tell me step by step how to do this I would be grateful.

    Thanks to all of you who help.

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  • How do I find heat change , after I have have Q , C ,delta T and the mass.?

    So in a really long question i have found out q by using q=C(delta)T

    C is 10.8

    T is 6.42 and the answer was 69.33 KJ

    The problem is I don't really understand the question basically I may as well right it out

    216 g of NH(little 4)NO(Little 3)(s) is dissolved in water in a styrofoam coffee cup. If the initial temperature is 18.75 degrees pf the calirometer and its final temperature is 12.33 degrees what is the heat change for this reaction per mole of NH(little 4)NO(little 3)(s) dissolving? The calorometer and contents has a collective heat capacity of 10.8 KJ/ degrees?

    When I write for example NH(little4)NO(little 3)(s) , I mean that there is a little at the bottom right of the letter to it's left.

    And I really thank you kind individuals who help. Thanks!

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