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  • Am I wrong for being friends with high school ex?

    I dated a guy when I was 18, just for a few months. We both didn’t feel a romantic connection so we ended it and stayed friends. It’s been 11 years and he’s been nothing but a friend. It’s weird to think we dated because he sees me like a sister and I see him like a brother. We are both in a relationship with other people, his fiancé isn’t bothered by our friendship, me and her get along very well. My boyfriend however gets very insecure about this and doesn’t want to even meet my friend. am I really wrong? 

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  • Am I too sensitive? ?

    My boyfriend confuses me in the way he talks. Sometimes he responds to a question or statement and just sounds aggressive and patronising in his tone... but he says he’s not angry. He will often point out things I say or do that are “stupid” or “annoying” it seriously makes my blood boil sometimes when he puts so much emphasis on the word “stupid”. I’ve told him it upsets me and he just says that he says it but he doesn’t mean I’m stupid or annoying. Over time I’ve started feeling self conscious around him, I feel like my self esteem us getting slowly destroyed. 

    Im 28 years old, am I too sensitive? I’ve thought about breaking up with him many times, but then I wonder if I need to toughen up. At my age I feel like I should be able to disregard these things and not let it do this to me

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