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  • How to heal a fungal conditionthat grows back from the roots? Tried many medications. They affected my liver. And i dnt want to remove it?

    I have a fungal condition for 2 years now and I went to 5 doctors in total. I took so many medications. it disappears by taking my pills,but once I finish my treatments that actually took me 4 months in(total for each doctor,) the infection develops (from the roots)

    I also had 2 surgeries to eliminate it a bit(because they cant remove the root of the nail, it will never grow back as they told me).

    my last doc told me that i cant take more medications cause it affected my liver .i should remove it or implant one from my toenails. I dont wanna lose my fingernail.

    What should i do to heal it?? I dont wanna lose my fingernail

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions2 years ago