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  • 1980 Corolla (TE72), No spark. What suggestions?

    So I was driving the Corolla when I lost all power immediately. It wasn't power loss like when fuel quits, it was instant ignition loss. Car turns over fine, power is getting to the coil. Just spark is not exiting the coil wire to distributor.

    Picture of coil. -->

    Picture of Control Module -->

    I have a spare coil that I swapped out, did not change anything. Would it be the igniter? It had multiple wires, some of which had power. All I had was a little Chinese test light to use though. Relay? Throw some ideas out there for me to inspect in the daylight.

    Oh and if anybody has a diagram of what is needed to convert it to a basic GM coil and ballast set up please shoot me the link.


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  • Can anyone gift me a truck for Gran Turismo 5 PS3?

    I haven't seen a truck in the Used car dealership since I've owned the game. Much Appreciated.

    ShterfenShteif is my PSN name.

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  • What would be causing a long crank on a 1992 Toyota Previa?

    Looking for ideas on what may be causing the following problem,

    Van is hard to start at any point in the day, the odd time it will fire right up after making a quick stop for a pack of smokes or a drink, etc. The van usually cranks over for 5-10 seconds before starting, I also notice a smell of gas once it starts up, which leads me to believe it is loading up on fuel. Only thing I have changed thus far is the Cold Start Injector. Once driving the van functions fine, idle is fine, power is fine.

    I have noticed that the issue does not become more or less apparent with the weather.

    Any suggestions or words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.


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  • Do dogs get ill when they ingest a poisonous spider? Say a Brown Recluse?

    Any small venomous spider for that matter.

    If yes, what would I do?

    If no, why?

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  • Drug dealer sued for selling meth to user that overdosed. Right or Wrong?

    Read the article please, then state your educated answer. I have my opinion but will not harp in until the end of answers. Thanks

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  • What are some songs that remind you of the one you love?

    Need some more songs for a Christmas gift I am making. Thanks

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  • Who wants a free shiny Arceus?

    The funniest answer within about half an hour will win a free Shiny Arceus or Darkrai. Leave your Friend Code.


    3522 9147 8692

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  • Action Replay Code Input?

    Alright I've updated my Firmware to Version 1.52, Now my question is does it matter whether I input the code in the Software Applet provided on the CD or is it better to Input the code in the DS's interface?

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  • Should I quit my job before I get in too deep?

    I need peoples opinions here. I'm 20 years old and have worked at a different auto shop for 6 months prior to the job you're going to hear about. I just started at this new job where I was supposed to be a Automotive Apprentice (Mechanics Helper). I've worked there 2 days and am horribly stressed! The first day is the day I dropped of my resume, I was hired instantly and went to work immediately did some typical work at firs. At the end of the day I was told to bring in an Astro van for a " No Start " so I diagnosed it as needing a fuel pump and it could use a tune up, so I ordered the parts then went home. The next day I go to work and start that job immediately. There is 1 other "mechanic" , he was given a water pump on a 350CI Van and a Power steering hose. I finished my crappy van job way before he finished his and I was thinking in my head o my lord. After that job the service writer comes back and says theres a work order for a Bronco in need of front pump seal. Continued.....

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  • How comfortable are you with your significant other? Am I too comfy? Lol?

    I've been with my hotness for over a year and a half, and man do I ever feel comfortable with her. I think a little maybe too comfortable, you be the judge. I'm going to give you some scenarios from our relationship. Alright we are both 20 and own our own house. (1) I fart in front of her and occasionally on her and she returns the favor if not worse and more often, nothing worse than playing 360 and having a tight little toot ripped on your shoulder..(2) I was showering once after a hard run and I got a NASTY nose bleed out of nowhere, so I proceeded to let the blood drip onto my penis, then called my girlfriend and said "Come quick you have to see this!" she comes and is like OMG. I said, "Look hun I had my first period" She cried laughing. (3) Sometimes I have weird looking feces you know misshapen and oddly colored I like to call her to inspect them, lol she never learns. (4) I shave her hard to reach areas, it's fun but nerve racking one slip and I won't be doing any slipping.

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  • Whas this to direct?

    Yesterday I went and got a haircut in one of our local malls and after I felt really handsome and upbeat more than usual so I had a massive smile glued on. I was just going to browse through the mall and a girl working at a coffee shop caught my eye, she had the most amazing smile. As I was looking around I thought to myself I need to tell her what I think there's nothing to lose. So when I was ready to leave the mall I went up to her and said, " I just feel the need to tell you something, may I?" She's like "Ok sure." I said "Just so you know I think you are absolutely gorgeous and your smile is amazing" Well first she smiled huge then turned beat red. Then I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said Sorry she did. Then she told me that it took a lot of courage and it made her day, that was enough for me I did not feel bad at all being said no to because I know I made her feel good about herself. Was that to direct?

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  • Is it alright to approach a girl like this?

    I just came out of a terrible relationship where I was trying so hard to make the girl I was with feel happy and good about herself that I ended up putting all of my willpower and energy into her and ended up falling into I horrible bout with depression. I loved her so much at first but once she got comfortable with me and my family that's when I got to see how weak and needy she truly is, her sadness and lack of life rubbed off on me. I was still so madly in love with her because I had seen what an awesome person she could be I just didn't want to let her go.

    But now I let her go, I was so sick of failure and I have never felt so strong or confident in my life. Now for my question is it alright to go up to a girl that you think is gorgeous, happy and confident and just tell her that straight up to her face what you think of her, then ask her on a date? Do girls respect that in a guy? or does it creep them out?

    Guys or Girls Let me know what you think.

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