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  • Are Hookah Pens harmful?

    Hookah pens without tar,nicotine,and tabbaco. Basically only the water and flavoring. Is it dangerous for our health? I'm getting one soon but I want to research about it. Please state your source when you answer.

    1 AnswerOther - Health6 years ago
  • why my mom get mad easily?

    She just came back from work. Then she started to yell at my dad for nor drying the fish outside. Then My Dad Slam The Door Apparently From My story. Then she started throwing things around my room. Will they make up soon? I Don't Want A divorce .

    1 AnswerFamily6 years ago
  • is the sea level really rising?

    I am a young teenager and amore quite scares of sinking cities and state. Is global warming real? And is the sea level really rising? Please state your source when answering. Thank you.

    8 AnswersGeography6 years ago
  • Which Phone should I get?

    I don't know which one to get.

    -The I Phone 5s

    -The I Phone 5c

    -The LG G3

    -Samsung Galaxy S4


    Long lasting battery

    Can fit in my pocket

    Easy to use

    Runs fast

    Long lasting


    Good Camera

    -Also with your suggestion give me a suggestion of a case also- Thanks!

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans6 years ago
  • I'm afraid that I will get hate for this?

    -NO Racism intended-

    I'm an Asian and well there's a lot of black people at my school. I just bought the KD 6 vulcs and most people at my school they wear kds are black. I was hoping that I will not get hate. I also have a pair of converses. I do get criticized/bullied sometimes. Wat do I do. I can't return the shoes back so.

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories6 years ago
  • Runescape Account for sale?

    I have a Runescape 3 F2P Account. It used to be Level 104 then the RS Update came today so now it's Level 61. It is mostly a mage.



    Game EXP/Combat-




    Offers- Trading or Selling

    Min. Price-$20

    For bidding or wanting to contact-

    In Game meeting simply contact the

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games6 years ago
  • Buying TF2 hats?

    It's my first time buying and I have a prepaid card. But do they send you a mail home? I want to buy the hats secretly :3

    1 AnswerPC7 years ago
  • Can I trade in an Xbox360 for a PS3?

    1 original xbox 360

    GTA IV

    DBZ Raging blast (2 or 3 forgot)

    1 controller wired

    All cords

    1 psp 3001

    NFS Most wanted original

    1gb memory card




    PS3 40gb (GameStop)

    Battlefield 4 (preowned)

    Minecraft for ps3

    GTA IV Complete Edition (preowned)

    Call of Duty Black Ops (preowned )

    2 AnswersPlayStation7 years ago
  • Can A Indoor Baby Rabbit eat this only?

    My baby rabbit is about 3 months old. I do not have any hay or pellets. My rabbits has been eating romaine heart lettuce today and few dried grass. I just got it yesterday night. Can it live off untreated green and dried grass and some romaine lettuce?

    2 AnswersOther - Pets7 years ago
  • Should I do TaeKwonDo or Karate?

    Well basically I want to learn self defense as I'm quite short and some people will like push me and other things similar. Also at my school there are many people who basically pick a fight. Also I want to be fit and healthy. Also doing flips looks cool :)

    5 AnswersMartial Arts7 years ago
  • Is Rising Sea Level Real?

    Many people had said sea levels are rising. Some said it is a hoax. So what is truly the right answer? Real or a hoax?

    Please include your source along with your answer(s).

    25 AnswersGlobal Warming7 years ago
  • A cool roblox group name?

    Any name?

    The clan I'm going to make is a Moderized Military. A sword only group.

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games7 years ago
  • Bullying Problem, help?

    Okay I'm being bullied. Let 's name them Jayde, Jasmine,and Maria. Jayde had said, "Shut the F*** up" and "You sound like a retarded dog" I told the principle bt they started doing this: "Shhh you better stop before her feeling are hurt", sarcastically. Or "She'll tell Mr.Jabs" It been going since the begining of the school year. I feel suicidal sometimes. What should I do?

    3 AnswersMental Health7 years ago
  • Is this still dangerous?

    Okay, I bought Nestle Nequik Chocolate Powder like maybe July-Oct 2013.

    Now I just heard about something about a recall about having a bacteria.

    AM I GONNA GET IT?????

    I am scared.

    2 AnswersRespiratory Diseases7 years ago
  • Is the Illuminati real?

    Rumors all around saying real and fake.

    5 AnswersMythology & Folklore7 years ago
  • Is Earth's Poles shifting?

    I heard something about a Pole Shift on Earth from a website.

    Is this true? ._.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Heard about this in 2012.

    I heard Compass and GPS will give you wrong signals, etc.

    Is this true? e.e

    6 AnswersAstronomy & Space7 years ago
  • Does Gamestop still take PS2?

    I wanna sell my PS2 Sliver Slim to Gamestop.

    Do they still get it?

    3 AnswersPlayStation7 years ago
  • Can I trade this for a PS3?

    1 original Xbox 360 Console

    1 Wired Controller.

    1 Grand Theft Auto IV

    1 DragonballZ Raging blast 2

    1 Power supply

    1 Playstation 2 slim Silver/white

    2 Wired Controller

    3 Games (Star War Battlefront, Guitar Hero,Ninja Turtles)

    With all wires for Ps2.


    Can this all pay/trade for PS3 12GB and the games I will listed:

    Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition.

    Grand Theft Auto V

    NBA K13

    Battlefield 4

    Call of Duty Black Ops

    2 AnswersPlayStation7 years ago
  • Can Gamestop trade my Xbox 360 for a PS3?

    I have the Original Xbox 360 Console.

    It is not broken.

    I have DragonBallz Raging Blast 2


    Wired Controller.

    Power Supply is good.

    Grand Theft Auto IV.

    So can I trade this in for a good and working PS3?

    7 AnswersXbox7 years ago