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  • World of warcraft - cancel your account?

    I am just a new to WoW. I have read about cancel account on Blizzard website. But I have some confusion.

    Can I cancel a prepaid time ? It means when you add the time card, the account will be credited with a period of time, but when you don't have time to play, can you spare the time, you already bought, by cancel your account : I have 60 days in my account, I played 15 days and had work, so can I cancel my account and spare 45 days for another time to play ?

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  • world of warcraft online gold?

    I have some sites that sell gold for WoW online. I just don't know how reliable they are, and wether they scam you or not.

    If anyone ever bought from them, plz tell me your ideas ... thanks.

    I also know about the risk of buying gold but now I really need a large amount of gold to use !!!

    These ar the websites :

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  • World of Warcraft CD key resell !!! very cheap?

    I have an CD key for WoW EU, but I play WoW US, so I cannot use this spare CD key.

    Looking for buyer, I will resell this CD key for 16 USD. If anyone is interested in, please contact my YM, thanks a lots.

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  • HELP with my NETWORK card?

    I'm having problems with my internet, my desktop has the internal network card. My mainboard is GIGABYTE 945 & the network card is "Realtek RTL8168/8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC".

    Sometimes when I resume my PC from hibernation, it says i'm connected, its sending packets but not recieving any, and the signal strength is good and its connected at 54mbps. I try to disable & re-enable the card, also unplug & replug the cable. After that, sometimes it work back, sometimes not. When that way doesnt work, I have to reboot ....

    How can I make my connection work, I want to recieve packets and re-surf the net, withput always have to do such things like that, it really "suppressed" me.

    Do not tell me to take it back to the vendor for guarranty, I'd rather do my ways than that

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  • what happen to the Yahoo sign-up ???

    My friend has tried to sign up for a new Yahoo free mail account. But after filling all request parts, and click on the "Create account" button, the web browser do not go on. And we are stuck at that point of process !!! Help me, Yahoo staff and everyone!!!

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