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  • How to disable iPhone features?

    I want to disable texting on the lock screen on my iPhone 6S. I also want to disable camera on lock screen

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans8 months ago
  • MyQhfjsbf?

    Help! MyQ is giving me an error. “invalid registration code 105”

  • Grass Removal?

    I had some grass grow in a area where there isn’t supposed to be grass. The grass is naturally growing meaning deep roots. Because of that I can’t use a sod cutter. There are irrigation tubes in the area so don’t tell me I should cut the grass short then remove it. I already killed the grass. I removed part of the grass manually with a pickaxe and shovel which took hours. Are there any quick ways of removing the grass? I looked up methods of removing grass and they gave me how to kill grass and how to remove sod.

    3 AnswersGarden & Landscape9 months ago
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    Type of advertising?

    what Is it called when ads do this? I was too lazy to find an ad that does this so I made one of these comparisons myself. If picture doesn’t show up, it’s where they have a picture of their products (Normally detergent), put an equal sign next to it and put about 20 of generic brand detergent.

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    Random pipe?

    I found a copper pipe in my garage sticking out of the wall. It was above the pipes that are used for water softener. I looked through it with a flash light and it was moving up. I don’t think it was a drain for a water softener because it was going upward and if it was a drain it would have been ventilated. The pipe on the bottom that’s going in and out of the wall is the main water supply for the water softener. Above that I don’t know. (Don’t ask about the water softener, we are working on it).

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs10 months ago
  • Right speakers not working?

    When I connect my iPhone to the surround sound consisting of 9 in ceiling front speakers, 2 surround speakers and 1 center just the left speakers work. When I connect the sound system to the tv all speakers work properly. But when my phone is connected to BT audio just one side of speakers work. Note that I use YouTube. Also the same thing with my car audio BT

    1 AnswerHome Theater10 months ago
  • Unfertilize soil?

    I removed some grass and I want to un fertilize the soil. Is it possible? I tried to look up how to un fertilize it but the search results gave me how to fertilize soil. Once again I am trying to un fertilize it. Is this possible?

    8 AnswersGarden & Landscape10 months ago