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  • Which of these courses are most demanded?

    Rank from most demanded to least demanded:

    1) Data Mining

    2) Python

    3) Cloud Computing

    4) Mobile App Development

    5) Visual Programming

    6) Digital Logic & Design

    7) Assembly Language

    8) 3D Game Development

    9) Machine Language

    10) Data Science

    11) Deep Learning

    12) Artificial Intelligence

    13) Certified White-Collar Crime Course

    14) Cyber Security

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  • Which one of these subjects/courses are most in demand?

    I'm in charge of sorting out courses to be developed for our technical education institute. We've short listed the following courses/subjects. Please help in ranking them from the most marketable/highest selling/most demanded courses to the least marketable..../ ones:

    1) Data Mining2) Python3) Cloud Computing4) Mobile App Development5) Visual Programming6) Digital Logic & Design7) Assembly Language8) 3D Game Development9) Machine Language10) Data Science11) Deep Learning12) Artificial Intelligence13) Certified White-Collar Crime Course14) Cyber Security 

  • What will be the journal entries for these two transactions, in accounting?

    These are the transactions for a hypothetical business called PS Music from July 1st till 31st:

    1. During July, PS Music provided guest Disc Jockeys for KXMD for a total of 115 hours; The contact requires PS music to provide for 80hrs per month for a monthly fee of $3600. Beyond 80, $40 per hour will be charged and the patent received $7200 as advance payment for two months

    2. Paid a premium of 2700 for insurance policy covering 1 year period

    What will be the corresponding journal entries in terms of financial accounting to these transactions?

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  • Can someone majorly help me in starting DC comics?

    Okay, so basically, I recently got into DC comics. Complete newcomer. Currently just finished Rebirth. Need to know all the story arcs and the series which contain them that I should read in order to catch up and get to know most if not all the characters and have a grasp on all the references. Just mention series and titles and individual comics if there's anything in-between.

    I'll be SUPER GRATEFUL. Please help another fan finally embrace the comic world. Thanks in advance

    Also try and give me comics and arcs in order if there is one. And moreover, I'm not looking to read EVERY DC comic or anything as old as the 70s-80 that's become irrelevant. Just recommend whatever is RELEVANT and WORTH READING.

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  • What is the IUPAC name of this organic compound?

    The compound is (C6H5)3CH.

    Kindly tell the name with explaination.

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  • Which sentence is correct?

    Which sentence is correct?

    1. His hair is black.

    2. His hair are black

    3. His hairs are black.

    Please answer this too or BQ:

    1. The color of his hair is black.

    2. The color of his hair are black.

    3. The color of his hairs is black.

    4. The colors of his hairs are black.

    Note: We are refering to the hair on his head.

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  • What are the tenses of these sentences?

    1. We would play in the evening.

    2. We would go to school.

    3. We would have played in the eveningm

    4. We would have gone to school.

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  • Poll: How many songs do you currently have in your main listening device?

    How many songs do you currently have in your main listening device? It may be your PC, iPod or phone or even real albums etc. (Note: you must actually listen to this music)

    BQ: What genre do they cover?

    I have 6567. From all genres. Mostly metal, power metal, heavy metal, gothic metal etc. hard rock. Some blues, country, classical, psychedelic, jazz, progressive rock, old pop, jam bands, indie etc

    Japanese music includes (even though I'm not Japanese): Visual kei, rock, J-pop and anime music.

    Soundtracks and Instrumentals too.

    10 AnswersPolls & Surveys6 years ago
  • What song chord progression is this?

    Which song has the chord progression : Bm-A-E?

    It's somewhere in the intro or verse. Played on guitar i think.

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  • Do you know any good teacher-student romamce novels?

    Basically I want a good teacher-student romance novel. But please take note of some of the aspects I want your suggestions to have:

    1. The teacher should be female and the student should be a guy. Most novels are female student/male teacher. I've read a lot of those already and I want a novel with the roles swapped.

    2. Must be a happy ending. Preferrably with no huge drama with the main characters remaining faithful to eacher through out the story.

    3. Erotica is fine but nothing too rape-like. Just as long as there is romance it's fine.

    4.And finally no cheating novels, please.

    Well thats it. Thanks in advance for any good suggestions.

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors6 years ago
  • Do you know any book similar to "When Summer Ends"?

    "When Summer Ends" was a pretty good book. I was wondering if there were any similar books but with the roles reversed. What I mean is a romance novel about the relationship between a female teacher and a male student. Or you could just suggest me any other romance novel that you really liked. Please just don't leave entire lists. Just suggest one or two novels that you read and like and think worth reading. Oh and please take note of the following points:

    1. Erotica is fine but nothing gruesome. Romance is a must. Bdsm or whatever but there must be romance to balance it out.

    2. Must have a good happy ending and perferably no cheating or deaths.

    3. Preferably from the guys percpective but if the novel is good I don't mind reading from a girl's point of view.

    4. Something light and not all problems and drama.

    Oh and 10 points of course. Sorry if my requirements are too much. Just leave male student with female teacher novel with good ending if not anything else. Thanks in advance for answering.

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors6 years ago
  • What is the name of this batman character?

    I used to watch batman and the other marvel shows a lot when I was a kid. I seem to remember some stuff about this character but can't remember the name. I think i saw her in batman, the animated series.

    So basically she's a girl. She had short hair and was drawn a bit like black and white. I remember she was mentally disturbed and i think the joker was controlling her, while batman was trying to save her. She had psychic powers too, i think. She had a traumatized past. To be honest I don't remember much about her at all.

    I know it's not a lot but if you remember any similar character from the show please tell. Also she wasn't a series regular at all. I saw her in like one episode. Plus during the whole episode she was sitting on a chair and I remember something about her being broadcasted on TVs all over the city.

    That's about it I guess. Thanks for reading and 10 points if someone gives the correct answer of course.

    2 AnswersComics & Animation7 years ago
  • Can anyone please identify this piece of background music?

    Can anyone please identify this unknown piece of background music. It's been stuck in my head for days and I just can't figure out where I might have heard it. So I've recorded it with my guitar and perhaps, maybe you could identify it. I think it's from some really old TV show or anime that i watched when I was little. I can't remember the exact progression so I recorded in some different ways that I think that might be it. Also it might in another harmonic key. But leave technical stuff, just tell if you've possibly heard it somewhere.

    Here's the link:

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  • What's a good song like this one?

    I just listened to broken wings by alter bridge and I absolutely loved it. I heard it in a Sims 2 video and the reason why I loved it is because the second part of the intro really sounds awesome and actually seems like it's a part of the Sims 2 soundtrack. Basically I love the feel of the song that captures you almost immediately when you hear it. Once again, I mostly love the second part of the intro that goes into the verses. Another song similar to this in my opinion is The Real Life by 3 Doors Down but not much. So could you suggest some song that sounds similar to this one?

    1 AnswerRock and Pop7 years ago
  • What is the name of this Manga?

    I read this manga not so long ago but forgot the name. It's a romance manga I think. It's about a guy who's living alone. And suddenly her sister turns up to live with him because she was caught with her girlfriend at home. (they're lesbians i guess.) But later on his sister leaves her girlfriend and the guy cheats on his girlfriend to be with his sisters old ex-girlfriend. Basically, i remember in the description of the manga it was about the two girls living with the guy.

    1 AnswerComics & Animation7 years ago