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truth is easy to see...but a million suns can't be seen with closed eyes. if the stakes are too eternal hell or heaven..then the mission of finding the truth requires a few years of hard work and research..and to be honest..i aint taking any chances

  • I want to study medicine?


    i am a high school graduate and i will hopefully attend university in two months to study medicine.

    i should note that in the middle east (where i live) it isn't like the west..we don't study science for 4 years then apply to medical school..instead, we simply apply to medical school directly but we take a foundation year in science before going into the MBBS degree.

    there isn't really any problem..i am a straight A+ student (typical for a med wannabe) and i am really excited

    but i need a few tips from the fellow veterans for my years in med like the following :

    -what can i do to be more study/time efficient ?

    -how should i take notes? laptop? notebook? or just study from textbooks?

    -how should i study on an everyday basis?

    and please give me anything you can help with to make my experience more fun and easier

    i also want to know how is social life and leisure time in medical school?

    is there anytime to hangout, have fun and play sports ?

    sorry for the long story..thank you for the answers in advance

  • how do i improve my basketball shooting skills?


    i am a highschool graduate who is just about to enter college.

    i barely played basketball in high school but i wanna start now so i could have some fun playing basketball in college.

    i am definitely one of the best players in my class but that's just because i live in the middle east and basketball is not that popular (unlike football)

    my dribbling, defense and rebounding skills are good but my shooting skills are poor.

    i have been practicing shooting from the end of the free-shooting circle (the end closer to the basket and closer than the free shooting line) for a few hundred times now and my ratio is about 3-4 out of 10 (and thats my best)

    are there any tips for higher ratios?

    are there any drills you could recommend?

    how many shots (number) should i do before i see some clear results

    should i do a swish or a bank shot ?????????????????????????

    btw. i am only 5 foot and 8.5 inches

    thanks :D

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  • islamophobes...check this out :D?

    Arnoud Van Doorn...the guy who made that horrible movie that displayed his hate towards islam converted to islam....

    it was a movie which you (islamophobes) were proud of..and now his SON converted to islam too...

    it was in dubai in the international peace convention...check these two vids..

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    he made many of the attacks that you use on he is a muslim...MEANING THAT HE KNEW THAT HIS CLAIMS WERE FALSE...

    so please give it up..

    peace out

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  • CHRISTIANS..i found this in the bible !?

    read this in proverbs 31

    4-t is not for kings, Lemuel—

    it is not for kings to drink wine,

    not for rulers to crave beer,

    5-lest they drink and forget what has been decreed,

    and deprive all the oppressed of their rights.

    these are very good advices that were given to king lemuel by his inspired mother....

    but read further more..

    6-Let beer be for those who are perishing,

    wine for those who are in anguish!

    7-Let them drink and forget their poverty

    and remember their misery no more.

    is this really a guidance from GOD?

    to give the poor and needy beer and wine so they could forget their misery and sink even deeper in their poverty and never manage to face their problems?

    this will cause the society to have a big differentiation ....


    and not to forget the diseases that alcohol causes like cirrhosis and fatty liver etc..

    there in no place in the house of islam for a nip or a tot...the quran says so in 5:90

    the source of these advices cannot be from GOD...

    please..i dont want to bash...but i am arguing with reason that the bible cant be from GOD..

    what do you think?

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  • URGENT question about cloning?

    please help me with this...

    why are cells from mammary glands the best to be used for cloning?

    what is so special about them?

    please make it simple and easy as possible..

    THANKS :)

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  • is extremely important !!!?

    i know that not all Christians believe that jesus pbuh is GOD..

    but for those who do...

    i have been reading the bible...and i found this:

    john 20:17 (Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God) MY GOD AND YOUR GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    people should read the bible and analyze it... not just follow what the church says...

    so what do you guys there any reason to believe that jesus pbuh is GOD after this?

    you should worship the his is the most offensive thing to do to GOD..

    i hope i get logical and reasonable replies..not useless curses and swears

    peace :)

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  • PLEASE help with english litreature?

    i am doing a presentation on leo telstoy...

    i know a lot about him..

    but i have no clue about his "anna karenin"

    so can anyone please give me a summary about the entire thing..

    i dont want it about the story..

    just the setup and the concept of the story...

    only a few 20-30 lines max..

    thx.. :)

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  • muslims..or others..what do you think of this?

    prophet moahmmed pbuh gave us in his hadeeths many signs of the day of judgement..

    the more the signs that show..the closer the day of judgement..

    there are hundreds...ALMOST ALL have been seen..only a few dozen..about 15 signs are left

    the signs which are seen like :

    -loss of shame.

    -lying becomes normal

    -liars are believed and truthful people will be called lairs.

    -the people turn away from religion

    -lots of killing to the degree that the killer doesn't know why he is killing and the victim doesn't know why is he being killed (obviously..syria)

    -rulers become cowards

    -wine.. drinking spreads.

    -a man does adultery in the middle of the street and no one says anything to him ( the supermarkets..and there are specialized shops!!)

    -the word of allah and his prophet becomes a joke to tell

    -the people racing to get their buildings higher and higher..

    -the children would stop respecting their parents

    -the amana (Secretariat) would no more be kept

    -the dancers and stripper and singers would be an attraction site


    dont you think you should consider this if not a muslim..

    and be deeds if you are ?

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  • atheists..have you heard of ota banga? all this first

    Youtube thumbnail

    ota benga is a african one who was married and a father of two daughters...he was hunted like an animal, thrown into a cage in the new york zoo because he was said to be the lost link by an evolutionist..

    he eventually killed himself..

    evolution is no more than a lie fabricated by the atheists to justify their arguments of the absence of the creator..

    evolution is a says that african people are the closest to apes..

    have a look at this picture******-evolution/

    you say that you want equality between people...

    while doing these things...there are tons and tons and dozens of evolutionists who fabricated lies and fossils to justify their believes..

    i made a man enough to answer respectfully..

    if you dont have any good to say then keep it..i dont want people saying "well...moahmmed married a 9 year old girl"

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  • christians..why only muslims?

    the christians keep attacking the muslims with all what they have...books,websites,lectures,videos,jokes..

    Youtube thumbnail

    i am very fine with that cuz it is not my question..

    the jews killed jesus pbuh on the cross (according to you not me as a muslim)

    they stoned him,stripped him naked,cursed him..and they say that mary may allah be pleased with her committed adultery

    they did all this to your GOD..and you still leave them and fight muslims?


    at least we say pbuh after his name (which even the christians dont do!)..we dont curse him..nor make images of him naked..we believe that he is one of the mightiest messengers of GOD...

    i want logic.which is more important?

    attack a false prophet (which is mohammed ..according to you not me)

    or defend your GOD?


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  • please need help with bodybuilding.?

    hey..i have been training with bodybuilding..

    and i trained in two ways..i started with one set exercises with a maximum all out reps in each exercise and i was able to do do 50 push ups at once (as an example) but now i train with 3 sets per exercise and now i can only do 30 reps at once..i don't wan't muscle mass or bulky looks.. i just wan't pure muscle strength and endurance..

    can anyone please explain this and tell me what to do to get what i wan't (endurance and strength) and what type of training..


    peace :D

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  • a question about body building?


    i am a teenager and i have a very good background in bodybuilding (i dont have a bulky big body.. just lean and fit)

    i want to gain muscle just like the parkour and gymnastics people (fit and lean without weird balloon muscles)

    but i am not reaching my target..(note:i only do body weight exercises like push ups,pull and chin ups,crunches and set ups)

    so please i want your tips..(note:i am not fat at all nor skinny)

    does it have anything to do with the number of sets or the number of reps or sessions per week (i train the legs and abs and some cardio in one day and the next day is only upper body.. and then the next day i go back to the legs and so the cycle continues)i train 5 days a week and 2 days for rest and recovery..

    please give me any notes or advises about the routine and the program if they are good or not and if they need any change..

    peace :D

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  • for assassin's creed fans :)?

    hello..i have played assassin's creed brotherhood,revelation and 3 as well..

    the game seems to be a little short so i wondered: is it because i am not making a complete sync in my missions?

    are there any more extended stuff if i do a complete sync?

    thx :)

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  • a question about the bible?

    i read the bible and i have a few questions..i hope that christians can answer.

    why is GOD:

    1.shaving private parts in isaiah 7:20 NIV

    2.getting tired in exodus 31:17 KJV

    3.riding upon a chirub in 2 samuel 22:11

    i dont mean to offend anyone or their belief.. i just want the answers for these conflicts..

    thanks :D

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  • A question to my christian brothers?

    it is mentioned in the bible.. john 16:7-12 that a comforter will come and he will glorify jesus (pbuh). this comforter is mohammad (pbuh) (dont tell me that the comforter is the holy spirit,because "he" is mentioned 8 times in these verses and "he" can't refer to the holy spirit) so why are you not following what jesus peace be upon him told u about ??!

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