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I'm an agnostic moderate, middle of the road, guy with no political party affiliation whatsoever. I tend to be intolerant of intolerant people. And, I'm disgusted by willful ignorance. I dislike big corporate influence over government politics. This includes FOX News, Oil Lobbies, big agro (like Monsanto), big pharma, and big, outdated labor unions. If I added you, it's for one of several reasons: 1) I was impressed by your answers and, like your opinions. 2) I'm perplexed by your answers, think your opinions are completely off-base, and I'd like to try to understand WHY and HOW you've come to such absurd conclusions. I never report people. Folks should be free to say whatever they like. I may call you out if you seem to be one of those self-praising multiple account troll people. But, I don't report.

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