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  • cat with crystals peeing blood?

    So a little over a week ago my male cat started peeing everywhere outside the litterbox. My cat dakota was a stray when i found him. the vet estimates his age at around 4-5, he was not neutered when i found him but i got him neutered. After he started having trouble with his bladder i took him to the vet.

    They did a urinalysis that showed he had crystals. So the vet prescribed pain meds for 4 days, and a urinary diet, the Royal Canin urinary so. He seemed to be doing much better. Now today he started peeing outside the litterbox again and this time he has blood in his urine? Why would this be.

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  • What is this song and who sings it?

    Don't hold your breath, dont hold your breath, no wait is worth it, no love is perfect. You can close your eyes but dont hold your breath.

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  • What food is best for my husky?

    I have a 7 year old male Siberian Husky. He is neutered and weighs 65lbs. He is pretty laid back but can be very energetic, He is occasionally constipated. Which food would be best for him:



    Wholesome blend grain free

    Blue buffalo


    Canadian naturals




    royal canin

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  • Engraving on lpn ring about dog?

    Hey so I just finished my lpn course and passed my licensing exam. I'm gonna get my lpn ring soon and I don't know what to engrave on it. I wanted to dedicate the engraving to my dog, he got me through my course, I couldnt have done it without him so, I would like to engrave something on it so I will never forget how much he helped me.

    I was thinking maybe to engrave, "Thanks Rex" can you give me some more suggestions?

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  • name for male rabbit?

    I have a female holland lop named honey, and am getting a male mini lop, what should I name him, Hope, or Hero, or Oliver?

    Or any other names that would go with Honey???

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  • neutered cats scrotum enlarged?

    So I have a 3 year old cat. He was neutered almost 1 year ago. And 2 days ago I noticed his scrotum was enlarged, and looked as though he had testicles again, it looked like before he had gotten neutered. Then today when he's been going in the litter box I've noticed a very bad smell, worse then normal, and when I hold his fur smells really bad too, which is weird cause he normally smells really good. What could be going on?

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  • What is this song entitled?

    What song are these lyrics from, "Sometimes we heal a little everyday, sometimes we feel like we're living a lie."

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  • What is this song entitled?

    It starts off with the lyrics, "You give me so little but a little goes a long way tonight"

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  • Pet Zoom Loungee and free barrier?

    So I'm looking into purchasing a petzoom loungee, and was just wondering if anyone else had any experience with this product, or the barrier, that comes free with it.

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  • Cat vomitting clear liquid?

    I recently rescued a stray feral cat, and socialized him. He had lots of infection in his suystem and after getting him neutered, and treated, he still had open wounds popping up. So I took him to another vet who tested him for FIV, luckily he didn't have it. They put him on a course of antibiotics to get rid of the infection in his system. We finished the antibiotics a few days ago, his wounds are healed, and his abscess is not refilling. But this morning he vomited a few times before I left for school, and the when I came home he vomitted again multiple times. In all he has vomitted 14 times today(at least). I am very worried about him, why does he keep vomitting like this. He is a shorthaired cat who has never since I have owned him(3 months) had problems with vomitting or hairballs.

    1 AnswerCats9 years ago
  • Is it cruel to shave a cat?

    I have a long haired cat who used to be an outdoor cat but is now an indoor cat(along with our other 2 cats that our now safely indoors). Ever since bringing her in I have noticed that she has been throwing up a lot of hairballs...She has been treated for worms, and I've been giving her some hairball remedy but it doesnt seem to be helping much. Her hair is not matted, but she does have a lot of dead hair in her coat. I want to get her shaved, so that her hair grows back all heathy. So is it cruel to have her shaved, it is warm down here so she wouldnt get too cold, and if she gets hot, one of my rooms have a window fan and a normal fan keeping it cool all day.

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  • Cat coughing up hairballs?

    I have 3 cats, 2 females, and 1 male. The male and one of the females are shorthaired but the other female is longhaired. They used to be indoor/outdoor cats but recently I took them inside for good, so now they are only indoor cats. I was wanting to get the longhaired cat groomed jus because her hair is tangly and there is a lot of dead hair on her. Also she started coughing these huge disgusting hairballs, and it really breaks my heart to hear her hack and cough like she does with her hairballs, as she seems to be in discomfort. Would it be alright to get her shaved(not totally bald, but like how people get brushcuts) just really short? Also then I thought it would be easier to care for her coat if it was all new healthy hair.

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  • Stray cats abcsess came back?

    I recently rescued a stray cat. Took him to the vet got him neutered and looked at. They said he has multiple puncture wounds, they gave him a shot of convenia(never even told me about it, I read it on the receipt when I was at home later) and it didn't work because later when I was feeling his neck I felt a lump with fluid in it. About a week ago it burst and is scabbed over and healing. But today when I was trying to clean and dress his other wounds(he has a lot of them on his legs and paws), I noticed that his neck where the abcess was, it is filling back up with puss. What do I do, the vet down here will do nothing for him, and I don't want to take him back there again. As they wouldn't accept the help I was getting from some homeless cat groups down here, and when I told them I didn't have the money as it was 72$ more expensive then I was told it would be, they told me they wouldn't give me my cat back. So I had to use money from my student loan(there was no way I was leaving my poor cat with them!) so I really dont wanna go back to them. I'm gonna have to start travelling an hour to get to a different vet.

    Please help what can I do?

    2 AnswersCats9 years ago
  • What is the title of this song?

    What is the title of the song that goes like this, "I don't hang around that place no more, tired of walking circles through the floor."

    3 AnswersLyrics9 years ago
  • Why has my turtle stopped eating?

    Hey, I have 2 Red eared sliders. 1 male(4inch shell) and 1 female(5 1/2 inch shell). About 1-2 weeks ago my female slider just stopped eating. She also started basking a lot and sleeping all day...Is she sick?

    3 AnswersReptiles10 years ago
  • Red eared sliders-gender?

    How do I tell the genders of my red eared sliders. They are both supposed to be a year old, one is bigger(which I always thought was the female), and one is smaller(thought it was the male). A few times a day I would witness the smaller one doing the mating dance, you know fluttering his hands in the big turtles face. However tonight I noticed that the big one went up to the small one and fluttered her(or so I thought) nails...I'm confused, do I have 2 male turtles or do females do this also???

    4 AnswersReptiles10 years ago
  • Crayfish not moving(Is he dead)?

    I woke up this morning to my crayfish on his side and his claw had fell off and it is in my tank right next to him. I took him out of the water and put him in a bucket with a bit of water and now he isn't moving at all...Is Danno dead???

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  • How to track a cat please help?

    So someone I know has a cat and the cat is not being fed, and the cat is very skinny. So I asked if I could have the cat, luckily they agreed. However the cat is indoor/outdoor and the previous owner said that the cat goes away and they dont see it for days or even weeks sometimes. I walked around the property calling th cat trying to find it but there is just so many hiding spots...I could never find th cat. The cat has been gone for a week and a half, and I'm really getting anxious to take him home.

    How can I find the cat? Is there ways that I can "track" the cat?

    Please help.

    3 AnswersCats10 years ago
  • What do I do(please help)?

    Today my brothers came down to visit me and my parents. They live out with my cousin about 30mins away. Anyway my bros each have a dog and cat and my cousin who its his house also has a dog and cat. But when my brothers moved in my cousin's cat became scared of the two new dogs(my brothers dogs are not good with cats as they chase them), anyway my brothers told me that the cat is in very poor condition. They said he is getting very skinny and is staring to lose his hair and he is becoming lethargic. They said my cousin locks the cat in his room all day and sometimes forgets to feed him.

    Even as I write this it breaks my heart. I myself own a dog and 2 cats and I can't stand when animals are being neglected. My brothers try to feed the cat but he is just so scared that he wont eat. They said he doesn't have much life left in him. I can't sit around and do nothing. I know that my cousin isn't trying to abuse the cat, or neglect it but he cant take care of himself let alone a cat. I asked my mom if we could take the cat in, but she says it will just fight with our cats. I think that although they might fight at first they will be alright after some getting to know each other. My cousin wouldn't give the cat away to just anyone. When I try to talk to my mom about it she wont listen to me. But how am I any better then my cousin if I just sit around do nothing? I mean what am I supposed to do when I know something thats going on is wrong. If this thing going on goes against everything I believe in? If every fiber in my body is yelling at me to do something about it, to go and get that cat? What do I do?

    How do I convince my mom to let me take in the cat. I am a responsible 18 yr old. Living with my parents while I'm going to college.

    6 AnswersCats1 decade ago