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  • How many calories does a 'ten' burn?

    How many calories does a 'ten' burn?

    in case you dont know a 'ten' is when you do 10 jumping jack,10 crunches, 10 squats then 9 jumping jacks, 9 crunches, 9 squats then 8 jumping jacks,8 crunches, 8 squats etc...

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  • how many calories does a 'ten' burn?

    in case you dont know a 'ten' is when you do 10 jumping jack,10 crunches, 10 squats then 9 jumping jacks, 9 crunches, 9 squats then 8 jumping jacks,8 crunches, 8 squats etc...

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  • i got the surgerie for ingrown toenails but my toe is now falling off?

    so for at least six years ive had severe ingrown toe nails my doctor finally reffered me to a podiatrist and he understood and he i beleive its called wedge resection? thye cut off both sides of the nail with a scalpol(or whatever) and put phenol around it to kill the cells to keep gorwing on the edges he told me there was the slightest chance of my nail falling off hes never seen it though. and they were pretty sore and then they got infected and i went in but they werent exactly pussing aat that time so he said no its normal for them to look like that but i know my body i knows what what clearish/yelish fluid and green/yellow puss looks like ... do you think thats antibiotic worthy? the other thing is what are the chances of it completely falling off? thanks guys :)

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  • vagina smells kind of odd why?

    so i stopped my period at some point in the past few days... i use a mensttrual cup and i forgot it was in there for like 3-4 days.... then i felt it and i was like oh ****! so i took it out and the fluid was very very thin and really dark do you know why that is? it also stunk horribly.... now my menstrual cup stink so im going to boil it with baking soda (it gets ris of smellyness) but now i was just masturbating using my 'dildo' when i took it out i smelled something very sweet so i smelled the 'dildo'(i know it sounds gross but please dont be mean) and it smelled very sweet like apples that are on there way to rotting but but just smell really sweet... why? i dont eat alot of meat, i do eat alot of carbs, and alooooott of fruit and fair amount of veggies does that have anything to do with it?

    thanks and please dont be mean ill just report you :)

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  • please help my hamsters always die! i dont know why?

    first offf i have done ALOT of research and learned everything i can i am not some dumb teen who thinks they know everything!

    so i hae 3 hamsters with like six months and the all died :( i have NO idea why.

    i had a habitrail

    i used the recycled(i think its called care free) almost paper bedding

    they always had fresh water and food

    they always had the salt lick things

    they had a wheel

    they had a ball

    i made sure they were not near the windows or heat vents(incase of over heating or something)

    i left them alone in there cage for 24 hours like they said to do

    i did everything i was supposed to and they kept dieing


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  • okay sever graphics about diva cups but i want know if im normal?

    so i got a divacup and this is my first period using it so when i remove it once it gets closer to the opening it kinda hurts like excruciating just a little hurting almost like it shouldnt be coming out i dont if that make sense and no i dont have a hymen i popped it while inserting the diva cup anyways.... does anyone else find it a little painful when removing it?

    when i dump it in to the toilet (theres a tiny section that the water doesnt touch so it sticks in that spot but at the bottem it take two or three flushes for it to go down even then theres a spot so i put a square of tp there is that normal?

    sorry one last thing

    the diva cup is supposed to be more eco friendly but we use like 4 times the water then with tampons and personally use more tp

    does any one else have an oppiion on that?

    thanks sorry for rambling!

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  • contacting everyone who has been to mongolia!?

    hiy so i will be travelling there in may! and im just curious(i relize things will change a bit) about somethings so if you could answer as much as you could please?!

    -how much does something cost like if ur gonna but a t-shirt or a little key chain or jewlery you know just somethings as souvineers how much in dollars do they cost?

    -is there people who speak english around?

    -what can/will offend them?

    -would they take my debit card?

    -what are the portions(of food) like there?

    thank you very much!

    ps: if there is any other tips or anything youd like to tell me would be great!

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  • help i think i might start a fire?!?

    so i was reading on the internet on how to take the safety off a lighter and i thought i had it figured but then i was taking it off and it wouldt go any farther and i heard the lighter fluid thing come out and it kept going so i tried shoving it back in and im going to bed if i leave it will it start a fire(i'll get rid of it in the morning?) pleaaassee answer asap im scared!

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  • so umm.. im not sure how to say this but im having a period from a weird plc?

    so i was riding my bike home from school today and i started having awful cramps like period cramps but my period ended on the 4th so 13 days ago then i thought oh i dont feel good then it just went back to pain i was crying it hurt so bad then i got home and laid down with a hot water botle ate dunner etc.. then i thought i had to poop so i went and tried but it hurt to even sit on that toilet! and worse to push so eventually i pooped but it was bloody when i wiped so i thought that got my period so i wiped my vag a bunch and no blood so i went back to wipe my *** and it was bloody and clots and it was dripping down my but cheeks so i cleaned up and i continued to bleed and stain my pantys and i went poop again a lil while ago and the same thing happend... so it is deffs coming out my anus... and it feels like intense period cramps and it looks like a period.. what is it? im actually gtting scared!

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  • if you were writing something and they asked...?

    so i know the top isnt very easy to understand so...

    if you were writing an essay on an application and its EXACT words were: 'in 400 words or less answer...'

    how many words would you write approximitley this essay is extremely important like one of the biggest things in my life(literally) it would completely change my life forever in an amazing way... so i CANNOT screw this up!

    thank you i REALLY appreciate this everyone who answers!

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  • if you were going to babysit ur brothers kid and he wanted to pay would you let him?

    so im babysittin my brothers 7 1/2 month old baby next weekend just for the day i dont do it all the time and hes trying to let me let him pay me i say he doesnt need to because i love his baby but he thinks he should and feels bad...

    so have you been paid for babysitting your neice/nephew?


    have you ever paid your borther or sister to babysit your baby?

    thanks :P

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  • is this self harm? !!!!!possibly triggering!!!!!?

    so i have never admitted this to anyone...

    but is it considered self harm when i bruise myself quite often with pens or pencils i find more of a rush well a different rush then cutting i hold it there so long while i watch the blood rise ti the surface... i dont know how to explain i t but its a shiit load less noticable then cutting

    i also take like broken bobby pins and 'cut' myself its usually not to the point of actually bleeding but scratching hard.... is that cinsidered self harm?? like.. would a dr cinsider it self harm?

    i try to stop but its hard...

    i dont know why i feel this way i just feel like im not good enough for anyone and im a failure of a daughter...

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  • are people really that disgusting?(read below)?

    okay so i was cruising yahoo yesterday and i came across this qestion which was " im gonna have my period and heavy on halloween.... do you think i should not weara pad and bleed through my clothes to be scary?"

    there were answers like ya totally why spend money on fake blood and id be scared!

    so are some people really that disgusting or are they just trolls gross enough to think of it...?

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  • i have a theory! about periods please no mean answers!?

    so my theory is about periods... sooo alot of people say dont take tylenol for cramps it will make youre period heavy because its a blood thinner which it is technically i looked it up and asked my dr she said yes it will probablt make it heavier and possibly end a little quicker so if you dont want to have ur period on a certain day and its on like the endish if the second you felt cramps you started taking tylenol do you think that would start and maybe end the bleeding faster?

    ***please no rude comments my friend and i were talking on the phone about it!***

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  • how do i apply for the next star?

    so im interested in the next star does anyone know how to apply ? please dont just give me a link to the website i need specifics like the actually forms and wwhere in vancouver the auditions are?(information about the online part would be nice!)

    1 AnswerTheatre & Acting9 years ago
  • really painful gum....why? read info?

    so on the left bottom gum for about 4 days its been hurting and its getting worse and worse its now started to bleed at least once an hour also my tooth feels loose ive had a fever and i think my face is swollen now to even touch the outside of my mouth it hurts alot like under where your glands are when the dr feels undder ur chiun for a cold that hurts soooo bad it also hurts to have my mouth closed but if my mouth is open there hurts it and it hurts to talk its so swollen i went to the dentist he told me brush ur teeth better and rinse with salt water which ive been doing sooooooooooo much like every two hours so do you have any idea what it could be?? im getting a second oppinion today ?

    please help!

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  • please help ASAP with tv and remote praggramming?!?

    i have a shaw remote and a shaw cable box and a 'SHARP' tv im trying to connect the tv and remote please help?(with steps)

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  • is the book crank okay for a 14 year old to read?

    im very mature for my age but my dad was concerned lol so if you could give me your oppinion


    *by Ellen Hopkins*


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  • why does it hurt to sweat?

    why does it hurt to sweat? it stings and burns and itches when i start to sweat all the time can u be like allergic to ur own sweat? im sick of it

    i know it sounds stupid and fake its totally not

    ps. im an extremely clean person :P

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  • why is my tummy like this?

    i get these waves of nausea like im gonna throw up an my mum knows what to do now because i happens so often... i wait it out for a couple minutes then it gets worse so i say i dont feel well my mum gets me a gravol water and 2 crackers... it happens about 3-4 times a week and i actually puke about 1-2 times during a two week time frame.... but it gets alot worse when i am on my period on the third day i get hard core cramps then puke so why am i like this? its been going on for about 5 months

    also for about 2 weeks ive had really bad diarreah like every couple hours i would just sit on the toilet for about 20-30 minutes cuz i felt so bad for about a day and a half ive been feeling a little better what could be the causes?

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