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  • What tablet I should get for my girlfriend ?

    I'm trying find a tablet under $700 thats very good on battery life, great functionality(with no or little delay when typing or scrolling),has a kickstand and  between 10 to 13 inches in size . Its for my girlfriend that loves to look up recipes online. Just looking for recommendations. 

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  • Shoguns japanese steakhouse's sweet and spicy wings recipe?

    I've been looking up the recipe online but I can't seem to find it.I would ask them how they make it but I don't think they would just tell me.So if anyone knows the recipe or if you have a recipe for me that I should try,I would greatly appreciate it.If not I probably just have to experiment until I get.

    1 AnswerCooking & Recipes9 years ago
  • Does this persuasive speech outline seem right to you?

    Specific purpose: To persuade my audience that its important to drink water daily


    Water plays an important role for the body to function properly. According to the Nutrition Almanac, the adult body is between 45 percent and 65 percent of water. This includes water in blood,kidneys, muscles, and bones. We need water as we lose water everday from sweating, urinating, and breathing. I'm going to talk about why water is important, why drink water instead of soda, and how much water should you consume a day.


    A. There are many reason why water should be consume daily.

    1.Health benefits of water

    2.Why we lose water

    3. Health problems that can occur if lack of water

    B. It's best that water should be consumed instead of soda/pop

    1.soda/pop vs water

    2. Soda should be moderant

    C. Although water is good for you it also can be bad for you especially if you drink too much in a short period time.

    1. The risk of water intoxication

    2.How to determined how much water is enough

    3. Other sources of water

    Is there anything that seems out of place or to add.I'm not really good at this speech stuff,haven't done speech outlines in like 6 years so if you could give me some advice I would appreciated

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  • Is there a program similar to Tae Bo?

    I had seen it before but I totally forgot the name its like Tae Bo but had specific fighting style.

    2 AnswersMartial Arts1 decade ago
  • Is it possible to be really strong without being so buffed up?

    I've been competing with...I guess you could say a rival in lifting weights.We're about the same age(age 20). I'm 154lb and 5'8"tall,he is 197lb and 6'0"tall.

    I'm trying to out lift him for 7 months now.He is able to out bench,out deadlift,out squat and even out military press me.I'm getting close to his deadlift and squats,but I'm so far in benching.For me I started my max bench at 175lb and now I just barely tap 225lb.I'm not sure where my rival started at but I know wasn't less than 260lb and now he is at 330lb.Hes telling me the reason why I'm not in his level because I'm small and very light weight.I want to prove to him that I can beat him without looking buff up like him before the next summer

    Is there a routine I could do that can make me stronger without making me buffed up?

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  • Is it ok to exercise while still just a little sore?

    I've just started to change my exercise routine and after giving a day rest I'm still a little sore,so I'm just wondering could I still workout?

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  • Lessons for men?

    Just wondering if you all could give me an important lessons on what a "man" should be?The reason why I asked this is because my father never raised me and just want to make sure I got everything down.

    4 AnswersFamily1 decade ago
  • What's so good about drinking beer?

    I'm 19 year old male ,never had drank beer except I only tried a sip when I was a little kid and thought it taste bad.Just wondering because would it seems alot of people drink that stuff and would it effect my social life in making new friends just because I don't drink?

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