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  • Why have I suddenly got loads of spot and zits?

    I am 24 years old! I have recently come out in loads of spots and lumps of my forehead and a few in my chin.

    I'm not due in my period and I eat healthy with lot of fruit, veg, no fried foods. I eat eggs and tuna and chicken. I don't take supplement tablets. I wash my face daily in the same stuff I always have and I exfoliate. I dont smoke and I rarely drink and wen I do I drink red wine. I don't wear makeup!

    The past week or so I have just burst out I. These spots!! They are red and lumpy and embarrassing, they have hardly any puss in really just loads of small spots and tiny black heads!!

    Also about 3 months ago I got dry red flakey skin on the sides of my nose that seems to be spreading!

    What is it :(

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  • My rabbit has poo stuck round his bum, he has one eye with white cloud in it & he is loosing weight.?

    My rabbit is maybe about 1 and a half year old male dwarf rabbit.

    He is very tame.

    I noticed his eye was watery and when i looked at the white of his eye it was red, this cleared up but just as it did, he developed a white cloud in his eye much like a cataract.

    he has started to loose weight, he used to be quite thick set but now in the past 2 weeks or so i can feel his spine and he has gone thin.

    ALSO he has poo around his bum that he is trying to clean off but its quite thick and i have to wash him to get it off.

    I am worried about him, i just dont have the money right now to take him to the vets even though i REALLY want to.

    He is really really soft and when you hold him he just goes floppy sort of trance like. I you lay him on his back he will lay there for up to half an hour. But other than that he seems to eat and drink well. he's become a bit lazy, like he cant really be bothered to jump out of the cage. If you get him out though he still goes about like normal and will go back into his cage.

    He lives with a female rabbit but she seems 100% fine. so it cant be a virus im think as she might have caught it and gone the same way but she hasnt.

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