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  • How do I teach my partner what I like in bed?

    My fiance and I have a great relationship - except our sex life. Both of us have previous experience, it's just that we have very different preferences. I have worked to learn his likes and dislikes, and incorporate some into our sex life together. I have also tried explaining the things I like and need to him, with the hope he would also try to work those in - but he hasn't. To make it worse, he then complains we're not having enough sex (but it's hard to have lots of sex when my wants and needs aren't being met).

    We've had the conversation so many times it is frustrating. I think part of the problem is that he is very experienced - just not with women who have the same sexual tastes as me. (Previous girlfriends of his have been more into the physical and I like to focus on the connection between people, be more sensual.) He thinks he is great in bed, and doesn't understand why it isn't working for me - and I don't know why, if he wants more action, he isn't willing to learn a thing or two.

    Help! Advice would be great, especially from anyone who has been in a similar position.

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  • When clearing customs and catching a connecting flight, how far in advance can I re-check my bags?

    I will be flying from Mexico to Saskatoon, with a layover in Toronto. I clear customs in Toronto, but then have a long wait (around 14 hours) until my flight to Saskatoon, thanks to a scheduling change by the airline. Both flights are with the same airline, though.

    Will I be able to re-check (or drop off) my checked luggage after clearing customs right away, and go through security? Or will I have to wait until a certain time, closer to the actual departure time of my connecting flight (and just hang out in the non-secure lobby of the airport for, oh, ten hours or something)?

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  • How do I get my fiance to share in the wedding planning?

    My fiance insists we need to have a "real" wedding - with nearly 100 guests, dinner and a dance, a minister, flowers, attendants, etc. I wanted to elope but he absolutely refused. The problem is he also refuses to do any of the work planning the wedding he insisted on - he put it all on me, and refuses to do his share. When I ask him to do a specific task, he drags his feet and gets frustrated and cranky, and I end up nagging him.

    I completely resent planning this event, since it is nothing like what I want yet I am doing all the work. I have told him this and he hasn't changed. How do I get him to pitch in and make this a joint effort?

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