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  • '95 pathfinder wiper stalk trouble?

    Working on my pathfinder... I let my friend drive it and she thought the wiper stalk was the shift stick so roughly shoved it up and now it's stuck. I got the plastic around the steering column off, but now I'm not sure what to do

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  • Why do I have to feel so insecure when he calls me beautiful?

    So I got out of a year-long relationship a month ago. In that relationship, I felt really secure and confident, mostly because he's not the best looking or most charming guy. I felt I didn't have to worry about him leaving because he was so insecure. He never complained about my faults...but that was part of why we broke up too.


    There's a guy I've known during my relationship, we've just been strictly friends up to about a week after my boyfriend and I broke up and he started making moves. I knew he had liked me for a while, so this wasn't really a surprise. Well, we've gotten closer and we kissed for the first time on Friday night... which was so sweet and if I had the characters I could explain how all that went down, but anyway. We went to a wedding together on Saturday for our mutual friends and during the service, the pastor said that women need to be reminded that they're beautiful and secure, and men need to be reminded that they are sufficient and admirable. Since then, he's been calling me beautiful and pretty soo much... but that always makes me insecure because I'm afraid they only like me because of what I look like... (I grew up kinda lonely because, in short, I was an Ugly-duckling. So it has made me cynical that people only value me when I'm attractive). What happens when I'm not beautiful anymore? The bigger question, How do I really know if he loves me or just my face? How do I overcome this insecurity? Help?

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  • Why can't my guy friend respect my relationship?

    So I'm in a LDR with this guy who is just...too marvelous for words. He makes me so happy and works so hard to not only make me feel loved and cherished everyday, but prepare for a future together.

    My guy friend though, let's call him Joseph, definitely has feelings for me.

    But instead of actually wanting me to be happy, (which I am for like, the first time in forever~)

    he tries to undermine the relationship with comments that passive aggressively suggest that our love is going to slowly die and I'm gonna leave my boyfriend for "someone" better.

    he's hinted at the idea of getting the "fiancé out of the way" in the words of Frozen.

    I've already talked to him and said I thought he was being more than friendly in some ways, and he said that "if those feelings were there, he's not allowed to have them." so I was like "cool he gets it". buuuuuut... no. he still flirts and tries to get me to feel for him back, which I don't and won't.

    He said he loved me, but if he really loved me, he'd be putting my needs before his.

    it's frustrating and sad because I want to be his friend, but I feel like he expects more than I'm ever going to offer. I understand if he has feelings for me, they're not going to suddenly change after one conversation, but he's not being fair or thoughtful. I would understand if I was unhappy in my relationship, but I am happier than I've ever been. Why can't he just respect and support my happiness?

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  • how can i deal wth my boyfriend's family?

    I feel so conflicted.

    At one point, I'm pretty sure they are fond of me.

    They had me for Christmas-overnight even. though I had to go to bed with his mom at 8 and got woken up at 4 when she had to get up for work...didn't really sleep well in between because she sleeps with the tv on...and his grandparents avoided us when we were back at the house... but they're always very sweet to me and give me all the hugs...

    I just don't know how to deal with some of their inhospitable behavior.

    My family is super hospitable- our door is always open, we'll even make you a meal and a hot beverage if you're so inclined. It doesn't matter if the house is clean or not, we're still glad to have you.

    when I go over to see him, (we live about 40 minutes from each other and he's still working on getting a car), his family wants us out of the house the whole day. the last three times I went they didn't even let me get out of my car to say hello before shooing us away... nor say goodbye. When I have been inside, they explained to me they have three chairs. one for each of them. and I don't think I said anything...

    I end up driving most of the time we're together because it's been so cold we can't really get out and walk around much. I feel shooed away from the house all the time... I've talked to him about how it makes me feel and he said they love me, they're just old-fashioned and aren't used to having people over- like, his mom and he can't even have guests. So I'm pretty sure it's not just me. I just don't know how to deal with the feelings that I'm not wanted around. They say they see me as family and I'm "in" but they still treat me like a stranger... how can I cope? I really want a good relationship with his family, but I feel like it's a lost cause right now.

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  • My car cd player suddenly went out?

    So the radio/cd player in my truck has never gotten radio reception for one reason or another, but cds are just fine by me.

    well, driving home from the boyfriend's house, I changed out the cd and as soon as I put the disc in, the whole thing turned off. I hit the radio button and it came back on, but I can't switch to cd mode nor can I eject the cd I put in.

    the silence is killing me you guys.

    a couple more details, I have wires running naked out of my player to the back stereos for some reason, occasionally when the sound from the cd player went out, I could just tug on one of the chords and it would come back, but I've never had it shutdown completely on me before.

    My guess is a wire came loose in there somewhere,

    but any other ideas?

    and what would be the best way to fix? THANKS!

    (the car is a '95 Nissan Pathfinder, not sure on the radio/cd player brand)

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  • Even the black girls at work agree.... why are some black people so rude?

    Okay, honesty time. lemme preface this by saying that I've grown up in neighborhoods where I was the only white kid- all my friends were black and I loved them all. I have black friends now- in fact my first kiss was a black guy. (kind of jerk when it comes to faithfulness, but still). I love them all. BUT I also work at a fast food restaurant and we have hundreds of customers a day, all different races, ages, means, backgrounds etc. etc.

    Now get me straight, there are a TON of rude people of all races and genders and whatnot.

    some of the rudest can be white businessmen.

    but by far, the greatest percentage of the rudest people are black females.

    Again, not all black females are rude. not saying that, but 7/10 of the ones that come through our drive thru are.

    on their phones, avoiding eye contact, adding things at the window, changing their orders, cussing out my team members (calling the girls heffers and bitches, dropping f-bombs and biting off heads if even the smallest thing is wrong),

    stalling the line with things like, we ask them if they want condiments at the box, they say no. they get to the window and we ask again just in case. "Yeah, lemme get mustard" ...."here ya go, have a-" "and barbeque"....."okay, here ya-" "and extra napkins"....."okay here ya go, have a nice-" "there's ketchup in here, right?"...." you are." *mumbles something and drives off*

    not isolated incidents here, we see this dozens if not hundreds of times a day. after seeing a few ***** fights over a car length in a drive thru in the middle of lunch, massive flip-outs over a biscuit "not looking right" after it's been half-eaten and smothered in jelly, cups snatched from and THROWN at our employees, talking over each other and over us, lying to get freebies, accusing us of messing with their food for no good reason. it's just tiring and frustrating when you try to be nice and that's what you consistently get in return. it doesn't matter what age they are, if they're in a camry or a Camaro.

    a lot of times my black coworkers can be really hurtful too... I love em, but they make plans and talk excluding all the white and Hispanic girls. it's like when they're around each other, the rest of us don't exist. it's hurtful. but even these girls have said "I can't believe these black women, makes me ashamed of being black."

    anyway, all this to say, why is this socially acceptable?

    why have we resigned to the reality that people are allowed to act in this manner?

    are we so afraid of being politically incorrect that we let inexcusable behavior go unaddressed?

    opinions, statements, open floor.

    if you're looking to make some statement like "that's so racist" or "not all black people are like that" or "maybe cuzza slavery!" or whatever.

    come on, let's grow up.

    I know not all people are the same.

    I know slavery happened and that was terrible- my family never owned slaves and yet because I'm white, I get that stereotype. racism sucks. we all know.

    just talk.

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  • Is my boyfriend a sadist?

    I've told him as much, but opinions?

    He's really a sweetheart and terribly kind and thoughtful, but...

    he likes to spank me, not hard unless I ask him to, but still.

    He's said he wants to try knife play, like running the unsharpened edge of the knife on my body.

    he also wants to try dripping hot wax on each other.

    He's kind of big down there and I think I'm a little small, and we were talking about it

    and I asked him to be gentle the first time and he was like "What if I want to rip you open? ;)"

    which made me a little nervous... but I was like "Well, if want me incontinent at 22..."

    and he promised he'd be gentle.

    I mean, this seems pretty mild at worst writing it down but still kind of strange...

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  • Why are Black Student Unions fine, but White Student Unions are racist?

    Just Curious,

    I mean, I was talking to my friend who goes to GSU and she says there was a march because a guy wanted to start a white student union.... Aren't there already black and latino student unions? Not to mention things like Black Miss America, BET, Black History Month, etc. exist without question but if there were a White Miss America, WET (sounds awkward, but you get the idea), or White History Month, this would be racist?

    I don't understand...

    I thought racism was when you discriminated against someone because of their race, no matter what that is.

    if that's what racism is, how are black groups that don't allow white/latino/chinese people not racist? clarification/opinions?

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  • What can I do about moist peeling on my feet?

    So I work in fast food and spend a great portion of my day on my feet, walking, running, jumping etc. my feet get wet if I close, it happens. I've noticed since I've started doing outside sales (which involves more quick-paced walking, lifting and stress than usual) the bottoms of my feet around the ball of my foot and toes have started peeling. My feet are very moist, and the skin peels easily, like after a shower. I would like it if I could somehow get it all off cleanly. Any products for this that work? Ive looked into the pedegg,but it appears to only be for those with very dry feet, and the reviews on the callous clear product show that it doesn't live up to its claims...

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions8 years ago
  • How long should I wait before getting another gerbil?

    SO story time.

    I have this gerbil KIRBY. he's 2.5. when I got him, we introduced him to an older gerbil(CASPER) who had just lost his cagemate a few weeks prior and not long after we got them introduced,CASPER died from depression or something (we cleaned the cage immediately after CASPER's cagemate died, so we think he didn't have enough time to grieve). but KIRBY seemed fine- I mean, he hadn't known CASPER very long. so a week or so after that, we got BERT and introduced him to KIRBY, so they've been cagemates about 2 years. well, BERT just suddenly died on monday(oct15th) from pneumonia we think. But again, Kirby doesn't seem too bothered. he's acting like himself, eating etc. We haven't cleaned his cage yet. but my sister wants to get another gerbil tomorrow(oct19th).... and we're pretty set on it because it's the colour she really wants. But I'm wondering if it's too soon, or if introducing a new gerbil sooner will be better for KIRBY. We will be cleaning the cage well before we start the introduction process- but I'm wondering if we need to keep them in completely separate cages for another week or so before introducing? THANKS!

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  • Why is Photobucket doing this?!?

    So I use PB to upload pictures to use on my neopets page.

    Therefore, I always use the third code...

    I have one picture that I want to use and I keep getting the little

    "this image has been moved or deleted"

    Which the image hasn't been...

    other images are working just fine except for this one. What could be the problem?

    this link shows the neopets page where this is occuring...

    2 AnswersDrawing & Illustration9 years ago
  • What age difference is too much?

    So there's this guy at work.

    We just really click.

    Thing is, he's 9 years my senior.

    I know it's weird, and usually not a popular thing,

    but what do you think?

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  • What's are some freaky-deaky things you do?

    I asked my boyfriend how freaky he'd be willing to go, and he answered "dunno, try me" and so now i have to think of freaky things to see how far he'd be willing to go, any ideas?

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  • If you're a fast-food employee, what is your biggest gripe about customers?

    Time to wipe that fake smile off and vent what that drive-thru jerk did to you today...

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  • Having trouble with my "sorta ex"?

    so there's this guy I used to like, and he liked me and things were fine, but I loved this other guy, (still do, we're actually dating now) the first guy also has a girl friend now.

    here's the issue,

    we sit next to each other in this class, and kind of rub our legs against each other occasionally, I think we really click physically... to the point where we majorly made out last week... but mentally we don't at all. What do I do?

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  • muffled hearing after a cold?

    So I've had a cold for about a week now.

    it started with a sore throat, then congestion, then an ear infection, then bacterial conjunctivitis,

    but now it's starting to get better.

    I'm not congested, but i can't hear as well as usual. It's kind of muffled and i can hear inside my head a lot louder than usual.

    I know this is because of my Eustachian tubes are stopped up, so that's not my question.

    I want to know if there's anything I can do to hear better or clear out my tubes.

    it's really rather annoying. =/

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  • Weird Explosion, any ideas?

    So on May 3,2010 at about 10 PM, i was driving and was about to turn onto 285 from 29. (Georgia)

    I saw this bright, white flash of light ahead of me. (it has been raining earlier, but has long since stopped and the clouds werent heavy. there was no thunder following.)

    then as we drove on the interstate, we say the sky glowing orange in the same direction as the flash. The glow was pretty large. I've been trying to find it on the news, but they haven't broadcasted it yet, and if they have, i can't find it.

    Any ideas on what it could be?

    3 AnswersAstronomy & Space1 decade ago
  • What's going on with him and How does he feel?

    all right now. There's this guy who's about 2.7 years older than me. (i'm 16, he's 18)

    we're both homeschooled and we see each other at church a lot.

    So to the point,

    I've felt for the past couple years that he's had feelings for me, but it's been very off and on.

    it's like one month, he hugs me and looks for me and tells me he misses me,

    and the next month, we can't seem to "run into" each other.

    we've never talked about a relationship or love or anything,

    but we've known each other for about 7 years and I've liked him for about 5 of those.

    He also tends to be more open and loving in different settings.

    Like at one activity, he's put his arm around me on van rides, said i was cute, tried to teach me about the perfect key lime pie ( Cx ) and other sweet things like those.

    But say, at Youth Group, he stays back by the sound controls and we don't really interact much.

    I think this may be the result of the number of people though...

    since at the activity, there's only about 14-15 people who are all a close-knit family.

    but at youth group, there are 25-35 people who are cliqued off.

    but who knows.

    He's graduating this May, which means we won't have that special quizzing time anymore because you can't be a quizzer once you graduate.

    He'll still be in town for college, so i'll still see him a lot. which i was very happy about....


    Somtimes i feel like there's a disconect, and other times, there's a spark between us whenever we see each other. we have silent conversations and inside joke references a lot...

    Once at the activity,

    it was freaking cold outside and everyone was going back to the van to go home and we jump in (we were sitting next to each other) and he gives me this huge, 3 minute hug.

    and then he's like, "i've never hugged anyone this long before, but considering our relationship, it's not weird." so a couple days after, i asked him about it and he said "A, i was full and tired (we had just stopped somewhere to eat) B it was a reflection on how we always do things longer than normal people (our handshakes have lasted for 10 minutes) and C it also reflected on how comfortable we are around each other. "

    Recently, I've been worried though, because he feels distant even though i see him all the time.

    what do you think is going on?

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  • How can i tell if he likes me? *guys preferred, girls welcome.?

    so there's this guy. he's 18, i'm 16.

    We see each other twice, to 5 times a week.

    So we have tons of inside jokes, 80% of them are dirty. x)

    we catch each other's eyes in crowds and from distances or whenever really.

    he pats my shoulder and puts his arm around my shoulders when i pretend sadness over getting teased. He playfully pokes fun of my height. He always makes me laugh.

    When i don't get a chance to see him for a couple days he asks where i've been and tells me he missed seeing me. He's kinda awkward converstionally around me though, he'll carry on a conversation easily with most people, but when we talk there are a lot of pauses.


    he likes singing songs with me and we break out in random white-kid dancing.

    oh yeah,

    and he has this hat that he wears occasionally, and i'm the only one he'll let steal it and keep it on. :)

    SO what do you think? I'm particularly interested in a guy's perspective...

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  • Where can i find classical music codes that will work on neopets?

    I'm working on an application for a pet and i need some nice classical music. I've tried the whole "make it yourself" deal, and been unsuccessful. Working sound effects would be cool too.

    Anyone know where to look?

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