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  • When do I need to break off the brass tab on the "hot" side of an electrical outlet?

    I am replacing the old electrical outlets with "kid safe" outlets in my home. Some outlets only have three wires (white, black, ground), others have five (two white, two black and a ground) even had seven (3 white, 3 black and a ground). So far all the replaced outlets are working, but I am wondering when I need to break the brass tab on the "hot" side. Should I do this whenever I have more than one hot wire feeding into the outlet or only when a red switch wire is involved?

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  • What is the RPM speed of a "Clickfree C2 Portable" external hard drive?

    I am able to get one of these for free through RBC Rewards and I want to use it as a PVR for my 6131 Bell XpressVu satellite receiver. According to Bell's website, I need an external hard drive with a 7200 RPM speed to turn it onto a PVR. I cannot find this important information on Clickfree's website or through a Google search. The model number for this hard drive is HD1027B3 if that helps.

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  • Solution to the dreaded P0171 & P0174 error code on 2003 Mazda B4000 (4.0L V6 engine)?

    I have a 2003 Mazda B4000 (manufactured in June, 2003) which has been throwing the P0171 & P0174 code for about a week. I have had it to a mechanic twice (a very reputable mechanic at that). The first time there he did the smoke test and found no vacuum leaks anywhere but changed my fuel filter as it was extremely plugged. The CEL stayed off for about a week then came back on. Same two codes being displayed...took it back and he cannot find the issue. He cleared the code and within a day or two the CEL is back on. The truck is running fine, no hisses no loss of power or anything. He also said he cleaned the mass airflow sensor and does not think the O2 sensors are gone.

    The truck has about 85,500 kilometres on it (53,500 miles) so because it is not a vacuum leak, could it be a shot MAS sensor? Another problem I've heard what could be the issue is there are two rubber elbows on the intake under the throttle body cover and under a coolant line on the right side of the engine. If one of these rubber elbows cracks or splits it will throw these two codes, but would it make any strange noise or is it a visual problem? I've read if it is split, when the engine is running, this elbow will flatten out. Are there any other sensors it could be? The MAS are not cheap so I'd hate to buy a new one just to discover it is not the issue if the two elbows are also fine.

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  • My Beagle ate a piece of tied string, any advice?

    A piece of string which was tied around a piece of cooked chicken breast fell off the edge of my wife's plate and onto the floor. My dog (a 3 year old Beagle) quickly pounced on it and swallowed it before she could get it out of her mouth. It wasn't a linear piece of string, it was tied in a knot and it had a diameter of about 2-3 inches so it isn't a very big piece. Aside from the obvious answer of "take her to the vet", do any of you with veterinarian experience think it would pass easier through her system as it is tied or would it be more difficult and potentially cause a blockage because of the same reason? We cannot afford any massive vet bills and am hoping she will pass it naturally, but we are very concerned.

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  • What is the value of 1930's or 1940's era Bill Dickey Louisville Slugger mini bat?

    My father in-law found it in a house he & my mother in-law recently moved in to in a box in the attic. He knows I like baseball so he gave it to me. The bat is wood and measures about 18-20". At the end of the bat on the label side you can faintly read the name Bill Dickey, who was a catcher for the New York Yankees from the late 20's to the mid 40's. Bear in mind it's not an actual autograph, just the name on the bat (as Louisville Slugger does). For you memorabilia collectors, any idea what it may be worth? I'm guessing not much, but I am curious to know. Sorry for posting it in the baseball section, I couldn't find a better suited category for sports memorabilia.

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  • Could dirt or other foreign material cause a severe middle ear infection?

    A severe ear infection started developing last friday evening when my lymph node on my left side started to swell & get painful. It came on quite suddenly and before I knew it I was having a very difficult time swallowing fluids,like water. On Saturday I could feel it "tracking" it's way along my jaw bone and into my ear and I was starting to have a lot of pain. The pain got so bad Sunday my wife took me down to an urgent care clinic where I was diagnosed with a middle ear infection, so I was given antibiotics & tylenol-3 for the pain. The T-3's didn't even come close to touching the pain so I went to see my family doctor on Monday where I was given two other pain killers and he told me it was a very severe ear infection.

    I started thinking back to what could have caused this ear infection as I have never been in so much pain my entire life. I looked around the 'net for causes, but I can only find generic causes like bacteria or a virus cause them or other environmental causes like smoking (I don't smoke), sinus allergies (I don't have) or another respiratory infection like a cold, which I do not have. The only thing I can think which had to have caused it is last Wednesday I was working under a semi-truck. It had a major oil leak coming from the engine and as I was near the front of the truck, I turned my head to look at the brake shoes. I grabbed something above me for leverage and this perfectly sized piece of dirt covered in dirty engine oil jarred loose and it fell perfectly down inside of my ear hole/canal, the one which has the ear infection, then two days later-BAM- ear infection settling in. This has to be the cause I am now off of work until I am recovered and imagine how much bacteria is in engine oil and dirt, now mixed together. This was probably a million to one shot of this happening so perfectly, but if I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all. I was wondering if anyone could confirm this as the most probable cause based on a similar experience or is it just a coincidence.

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  • Which ice hockey goaltender gloves are better, the Itech RX9's or Louisville TPS R8's?

    Both models are a couple of years old and are a pro level goalie glove. Both sets are on clearance at most places so I am looking at buying one of these sets after trying a Simmons Matrix 3 set this past winter. I didn't like the Matrix 3 set so I am going to sell them and get one of the two noted above. I would like input from other fellow goalies here who have tried/used one set or the other and what the pro's & cons are with the gloves. Thanks in advance!!

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  • What should the maximum amount of protein (in grams) be taken in per one serving?

    A guy I work with was telling me if you take in too much at one time, your body will use what it needs and get rid of the rest. He said about 30 grams is max (per shake) and anymore than that you are wasting money because your body won't use it. However he said after a weight workout your body will need more. How much should be consumed after a workout?? 45-60 grams...too much?? Too little?? Thanks

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  • What is the best brand of cordless drill for light duty, "weekend warrior" type of use.?

    It's just for "every now & again" around the house use, but I am rebuilding my deck (10 wide by 24 long) this weekend so long battery life between charges and more than enough power to drill screws into pressure treated wood is of importance (and lots of them). I'm aware DeWalt makes an excellent drill, but most of their models are out of my price range. Any suggestions or experience from those with fence/deck building and using a certain brand would be great. Advice on which brands & or models to stay away from would be great as well.

    Thanks in advance...

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  • Ladies: Your boyfriend takes you to a professional sporting event and...?

    your name pops up on the video screens followed by a marriage proposal, and your boyfriend is on one knee. HOWEVER you do not want to marry him (at least not yet).

    Do you:

    a) say yes just so the poor sap doesn't suffer from massive public humility, then tell him later no


    b) say no on the spot and embarass the hell out of him in front of thousands of people and many more watching at home??

    Just curious....

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  • Does your dog "hint" at you or ask you politely to share your food?

    The only human food we give our dog is raw veggies, but when I am making my lunch for work or preparing meals (yeah, I'm the cook in my house-lol), my Beagle will stand up on her back legs and put her paw on my butt. If I'm having a snack on the couch (doesn't matter what I'm eating), she'll sit on the top of the couch and put her paw on my shoulder, but she never barks or trys to stick her nose on my plate. When I tell her no, she sometimes makes a little groaning sound and then goes and lays down in her bed. I was just curious to know if your dog does something funny like this in an attempt to weasle a sample of your food out of you.

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  • The good old synthetic motor oil debate...which is better Royal Purple or Mobil 1?

    I have been browsing Y!A for comparisons but I haven't found the answer(s) I've been looking for. I am wanting to switch to synthetic oil in my vehicles. I have it narrowed down to using these two brands. Both vehicles have relatively low miles/km and neither have any leaks. I am not considering AMSOIL, so AMSOIL distributers/users need not to respond (no offense). I am also looking for responses ONLY from people who have tried both products in their vehicles and can make a fair comparison between the two. I also do not want any answers favoring one over the other with answers like "Brand X is better because my uncle's best friend's sister's husband has used it for years"...aka "just because it is" answers.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • What are some huge movie mistakes you've noticed in big name films??

    *I'm not looking for links to sites where mistakes are posted, just ones you have noticed*

    Two of mine are:

    1) The big fight scene in Bravehart. I have no idea how the editors missed this series of blunders. In this sequence of this scene, he is shown running empty handed, then holding a knife, then his sword, then empty handed again, back to the sword and so on. It's quite comical actually.

    2) In JAWS, this you need to see in slow-mo because in regular speed it is hard to see at first. When Brody is telling Hendricks on the street to paint signs up & close the beach, look closely in the 2nd story window of the apartment behind them. You can clearly see a woman pull back the curtains and start snapping off pictures of Roy Scheider (Brody) and Jeff Kramer (Hendricks) like there's no is so funny!!

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