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  • How come my therapist decided to be unsupportive by saying that I'm lacking social skills and common sense and that I'm a creep?

    So my therapist is such a jerk. My therapist holly switched me to this prick named matt and he is a total tool. I was talking to him earlier today about my love for this favorite singer and he called me out on it. He says that I lack social skills and says that my best friend is the same as me, lack social skills. He says to me "You don't go buy flowers and a teddy bear and give it to a woman who you don't know, you only do that for your girlfriend or your wife, you don't even know her". Well I do know her over social media and I'm listening to my best friend. My best friend told me that she's flirting with me cause she's sending me hearts and smiley faces on my posts about her. My best friend told me to go for it and ask her out and is giving me tips on how to do it. He told me that if she ever comes to his city, that he can take me to go see her to ask her out. He says he's willing to take me to go see her, he says all I have to do is either fly or take amtrak to go there to see her. I plan on doing that in the future after the pandemic is over and she is starting to do shows again. I plan on going with my original plan that my best friend and I came up with. I'll buy her flowers and a teddy bear. My therapist matt told me that if I do that then i'll get blocked. I don't get why she would block me for doing something nice. Andrew says matt is right and that I'm a creep. How come matt is such a tool and says that I'm a creep ? How is it creepy to give her these gifts ?

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