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  • Platy and Dwarf Platy Breeding?

    I'm often giving people advice on fish health, tank issues, and other things fish related, but this time I need a little bit of help.

    I have two female Platties one is a Red Wag the other is a possible Red Wag with less black on tail, then I have one Sunset Coral Dwarf Platy, and a regular female Betta.

    So far I've has these guys for over 6 months, probably around 10 months to a year. My to female Wags are about an inch and 1/4 each, Dwarf is 1 inch possible 3/4 of an inch, the Betta is and Inch and 1/2. That makes five inches at most in my tank so I know that I'm not overstocking.

    I'm assuming that all of my Platties are sexually mature, the Betta I do not plan to breed though I'm almost possitive that she is also sexually mature. My platties have good color, they are fed Tetra Min Tropical Crisps, and every other day Blood Worms are fed to the bigger Platties and the Betta, the Dwarf tries and fails at eating blood worms but has had some brine shrimp before. The Betta is fed Betta Min with Brine Shrimp, which is where I get them if I offer them to the Dwarf. I have trained my fish that when one of my finger tips wiggles in or just above the water they're getting fed. I have indeed fed my fish from my fingers before.

    Well, now to get to the point, I'm wondering what male I should use if I try to breed my girls. And if I use a normal sized male, will my little dwarf be able to carry the male fry without being injured or dying. Also no worrying about the Betta she is pretty docile and only shows aggression when the other fish try to steal food out of her mouth, otherwise she is sweet, so much so that she will eat from my hand and doesn't mind being netted.

    That is about all I want to know if I think of something else I'll add it in later. Please don't answer if your only going to whine that the Betta will eat the fry. I will be using a Breeding Net and or Box that will either suction cup or hang off of the side of the tank. I don't like the ones that float.

    If I do a water change after my fry are bron they will be removed and placed into a small one gallon with bubbler while I'm cleaning the gravel and then put back in when I'm done. My room temp is pretty steady when I need it to be otherwise I fiddle with the heater to make sure the tank temp stays at 76.

    Apparently my post is going to be longer than posted above, :P. Anyways my ammonia levels are at zip, my water is pretty hard, and every thing else is either zero such as for nitrites and nitrates or neutral for ph. Filtration is five to ten gallons more than needed. I have some white stuff all over the inside walls of my tank and on top of my filter, but I also have it on my bathroom tub faucet. I'm guessing it is hard water build up as it is powdery and comes off easily, the fish don't mind it the only things in my tank that didn't like it are the ghost shrimp that I no longer have.

    This is the end, unless I add something more later.

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  • I have dieing white flesh that comes back in my mouth?

    I have out of a bad habit repeatedly eaten the flesh on the inside and out side of, most often, my bottom lip. The flesh comes back every time it is removed and falls off easily, I think it may be mouth cancer.

    The flesh, to me, is pretty much the beaten down skin on the inside of my lip saying 'fuc.k it' and dying before I can eat it, again. Well, I'm not here to complain or say oh, poor me. I'm here to ask of the advice and knowledge of decent people.

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  • I've had this white-ish filmy stuff on the inside of my tank what should I do?

    It's been on there for months and the only deaths I've had from it would be a few ghost shrimp, and the one platty I had that got depressed over the ghost shrimp. All other fish appear to be in good health, water is clear, nitrites, nitrates and ammonia are low ph is nutreul and water is between soft and hard. Alkalinity is also low.

    I do a water change every two weeks to one month and I change the filter every month or so. I have looked around for it on the internet but can't find it anywhere.

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  • Can I give my dog Ibprofen or another human anti inflamatory or pain killer?

    While I was at school and my parents were at work were guessing our mild mannered dogs got in a fight. The base of my dogs tail is sagging and was swollen to twice the original size, originaly when I tried to touch it or her rear end she would scream. I iced it and her rear end and she is now feeling much better but eventually she and I must go to sleep and then I will not be able to hold her still and keep ice on her. So I want to know if I can give her a 200 miligram Ibprofen or maybe some aspirin for her pain and swelling.

    I would really like the advice of a real vet, please and thank you.

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  • Ball Pythons, I don't know much about them and am interested in getting one?

    I am interested in getting a Ball Python I have handled a few but don't have much expeience with them nore do I know what they need in a habitat or for food so I would like to get some info from experienced snake handlers, caretakers, or owners.

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  • When does True Blood Season 2 come out?

    Please add a RELIABLE resource, thank you.

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