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  • Thanksgiving drama brought on by my mother in law?

    This happens every thanksgiving, she whines and cries how she doesn’t get thanksgiving with us because we have with my dad. She get Christmas and Easter and well she is my neighbor, she comes over anytime she wants. She live 10 ft from me my dad lives 172miles. This time she came over when we had company and blew up and said I was liar and we are suppose to have thanksgiving with her. We could have altered, changed, or arranged different plans, but no she storms out before anyone can speak. She asked me a week ago what we were doing on thanksgiving I told her we not making any plans at the moment because my husband has to work early Friday . She mention it with her I told he I talk to him about it, we have other family that wants to know what up too. She never got back to me. My dad said he coming up for thanksgiving and we made plans locally to do something. Well I got screamed at by her she kept calling me a liar, pissed the husband I off. He said this is normal for her she done this kind of stuff when he was a kid. How can I make peace?

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  • What do you do when a nurse tells you that your to young to have a heart attack when you are having one?

    My brother had heart attack last night and he was taken by ambulance but when he got there the nurse told him he was too young to have a heart attack and made him wait in the waiting room.

    He is 29

    When he finally got in and the hooked him up to the EKG he was having a heart attack. He was at one point clinically dead for 2 minutes.

    He is ok now but do you do afterword? Him and his girlfriend are not sure what to do with that nurse they are pretty up set about it.

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