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  • Help writing a Japanese short paragraph please?

    It needs to be about sport and I am finding it so hard! Please help if it could only be a few sentences long it would be appreciated so much thank you.

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  • need help on simple math help?

    coca cola cans come in a pack of 8. how many packs are needed to have 76 cans?

    buns are sold in a pack of 6. ben needs 40 buns. how many packs does he need to buy?

    nails are sold in packs of 25, ben needs 180. how many packs does he need to buy?

    a coach can carry 53 people. 255 people need to travel. how many coaches are needed?

    wine is packed in creates of 12 bottles. 928 bottles are needed to be packed. how many creates are needed?

    help will be much appreciated xx

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  • how are short sentences used to cause mood and atmosphere?

    i am doing a PEE on mood and atmosphere on a part of a play, i just need an explanation.

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