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  • University Options?

    So I have 2 options for university and I'm having some trouble deciding. I'd love to hear some other opinions.

    Option 1: Going to school in my current city

    I would be taking a 4 year marketing degree

    I would be able to live at home(rent free while in school)

    Option 2: Going away for school

    I've always been interested in theatrical/special effects makeup and I found a school that offers a 1 year diploma program. The city the school is in is huge in the film industry and I would likely have a job lined up before even finishing the program.

    Of course this means I would have to find a place to live out there and it would be more expensive. There's a chance I could stay with a relative, but nothing for sure yet.

    I have a job right now that could be transferred to the new city so that's not an issue.

    From what I've seen/been told the two career paths are fairly equal in salary and opportunity for advancement.

    I'd love to know what you think! Thanks!

  • Cooling a horse in the winter without access to indoors?

    So, this just came to my mind even though its still summer. I recently moved my horses to an outdoor only facility to lower my board costs. My horses will be living outdoors, unclipped in the winter. Since there is no indoor arena, I will be riding outside. I don't plan on doing anything to difficult, but if they break a sweat, whats the best way to cool them? Putting a cooler on until they dry? Walking them?(Would walking them outside just make their hair freeze?)


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  • Marketing Major: Having My Own Business?

    So, am am currently getting my bachelors degree in Business Admin and majoring in marketing. I also have my Graphic Design Certificate. I would ideally like to eventually have my own company. I want to work creating and managing brands and advertising for other companies. I guess my question is; do all companies have internal marketing/advertising departments or would this business actually be a good thing to pursue? I'm thinking mainly helping small/start up companies with their brand(logo, etc...) and creating the ads(whether it be billboards, commercials etc..)


  • Traveling with a friend?

    So me and my bff are planning a trip together. We have been friends since we were 4. Now 19 and 20.

    Our options are:

    Booking with a travel group like contiki and going somewhere with a group of people around our age


    Booking flights and hotel ourselves and going just the 2 of us.

    I have traveled a lot myself, but she hasn't so I would be mainly responsible for figuring everything out, which is fine by me. We like a lot of the same things, so I don't see conflict of interests being an issue.

    The destinations we are considering are Thailand(with the group) or somewhere in the south(Mexico, Jamaica, etc...)

    What do you think would be the better option for us and why?


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    Horses Conformation?

    How is this horses conformation?

    She is an ottb mare, who I'm hoping to use for low level eventing


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  • Saddle Monogram?

    I'm considering getting a name plate/monogram for the back of my saddle. How do I attach this to my saddle and if I took it off/sold the saddle would it look bad? Do these leave holes in your saddle?


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  • Eventing Tack Questions?

    So I have a couple questions rolled into one.

    Does tack colour matter for any phase of eventing? And can I use synthetic tack?

    I'm considering a black synthetic saddle as it would be nice to have black for dressage and easy to clean if it gets wet/dirty during cross country

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  • Val du Bois Saddle?

    I'm considering getting the saddle package they have at greenhawk. It is the Val du Bois Elange Close Contact. Its $899.99 CAD and seems to be of decent quality. Anyone ridden in one of these. I heard it rides similar to and HDR.


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  • Which way does the bit go?

    How do you know which way the bit is supposed to go when putting a new one onto a bridle?

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  • How to lunge a horse?

    How do you start lunging? Like the horse is on the lunge line ready to go, how to you get him to start moving?


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  • Braiding horses mane for showing?

    So this is kind of a few questions in one. I have a dark brown quarter horse mare with the most beautiful mane. Its fairly long(not unnaturally long or anything) with the prettiest copper highlights. I haven't done anything other than schooling shows with her, but this year I will be going to more recognized shows. I really don't want to cut/pull her mane, so my question is how can I make her look nice and tidy for showing(Jumpers and eventing)? Would button braids be okay with this length? Would leaving it long, but evening the ends out be okay?

    For eventing does it matter what length/braided or not?

    Any advice would be great as I really don't want to cut it as I don't show a ton, so don't want to change her look much for it.


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  • Western showing in a synthetic saddle?

    So, I've always ridden english, but I have a western saddle for trail riding. It's a pretty basic black Supra brand synthetic saddle. I've recently decided to give western dressage a go. Would this saddle be okay as a beginner to western showing paired with a nice show blanket?

    This is the saddle:


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  • Bringing a friend to ride my horse?

    I am going to bring my friend out to meet and ride my horse. Obviously we can't go for a trail ride or anything as I only have one horse, but what are some fun things we can do with my horse together or taking turns. Where I used to board I had use of a few other horses so we could ride together, but not anymore.

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  • HDR vs Courbette Saddles?

    I'm looking to get a used saddle for schooling(flat and jumps) and looking for opinions/info from anyone who has owned either brand. (The fact that one is AP and the other is CC doesn't matter at the moment as I'm just getting it as a spare saddle)

    HDR All Purpose

    $500(Includes stirrups,leathers, and girth)

    Courbette Close Contact

    $450(saddle only)


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    Solving Rational Equations- Urgent?

    Rita solved the following equation, but the teacher only gave her part marks.

    (5x / x - 4) + 2 = (3x + 8 / x - 4)

    Rita’s solution:

    (5x / x - 4)+ 2 / 1 = (3x + 8 / x - 4)

    LCD = x - 4

    The rest of the solution is in the picture. ( Please ignore all the random symbols.The picture is taken directly from my assignment)

    a. State where Rita made her mistake.

    b. If you were Rita’s teacher, what feedback would you provide to her?

    c. Fix Rita’s error and state the correct solution.


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    Rational Expressions Question- Urgent?

    A landscaper wants to create a garden around the corner of a building as shown in the picture

    However, four families are going to share the garden, so the landscaper needs to divide the plot so each family gets the same area of garden to work with. How should the landscaper divide up the garden plot so each family’s plot is a single piece? Hint: Can you divide the plot into 12 equal pieces and then divide them among the families?

    I need an expression to represent the area of each plot of land


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  • Wearing a Coloured Helmet at a Horse Show?

    I am considering getting a custom Charles Owen Helmet and they have several colour choices for the base colour and the center panel. Would a coloured helmet be okay to show in jumpers? Would a baby blue or light pink base colour be too much? What about a grey or black helmet with just the panel in a different colour?

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  • Solving Probability Problems That Involve Permutations and Combinations?

    1. A person has bought one ticket each for two separate lotteries. Determine the probability of winning a grand prize for the two lotteries.

    a. For the first lottery, 5 random numbers are drawn from 40. To win the grand prize, you need to select the correct 5 numbers

    b. For the second lottery, 4 random numbers are drawn one at a time from 35. To win the grand prize, you need to select the correct 4 numbers in the correct order.

    c. A person is more likely to win the first lottery described in question 1.a., even though the first lottery requires a person to have more correct numbers (5 compared to 4) selected from a larger set of numbers (40 compared to 35). Explain why this is true.


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  • Combination Question Please Help?

    Another model of car has n different optional features available. When 2 optional features are chosen for this model of car, there are 45 different packages available. Determine algebraically the number of optional features, n, that are available for this model of car.


    r = 2

    n = ?

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  • Math 30-2 Perms/Coms Question?

    Solve the equation for n

    n! / (n-2)! = 42


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