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  • Do Lanomax eyedrops for dogs cataract work?

    My dog is 11 years old and developing cataracts in her eyes. I have been giving her vitamins, but I am worried she will go blind. I've been looking at eyedrops to help and so far these are the only ones that I found that look like they may work and don't have a ton of negative reviews. However, I want to be sure because there are not that many reviews out there on Lanomax eye drops.

    So please has anyone tested these eyedrops and do they work? I would hate to spend that much on something that doesn't work, or worse hurts my baby.

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  • how do you write a essay on violence?

    how to write a assay on a program about violence.

    topic of writing. Television networks have come under attack for the violence that is presented on the news and in dramas. Write an editorial in which you criticize or defend a network's programming choices.

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  • What is the area of a circle with a radius of 4?

    witch of those are the best answer





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  • I NEED a Job!! Please help?

    I am a senior in high school, I been trying to get a job for over a year now!.. if I am ever to do anything with my life I need to start small, and I some money to get there! but I cant seem to get hired.. I have not worked before, I have only done volunteer work and DECA. I am very good at training dogs, I love animals.. I want to do photography in the future, I have some experience from being the photographer for some of my clubs.

    But any work is good for me! Please help out, thanks so much

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  • I have a School problem Please HELP!?

    Okay.. I have a big problem, see I missed a lot of school in resent past for personal reasons.. I know that this is my future on the line here so I want to make the right decision and fast for not making one would be worse.. Okay if I go back to my school I will be way behind,

    totally embarrassed and asked questions of where i have been witch i don't want to answer.

    plus i am tired of school drama I don't need it.

    So should I just go back anyways and take it?

    Or should I do a online school witch i know will be boring a *ell.

    But on the other hand I would Have more time because I could do it on my own time..

    So I could get a job witch i need to direly, and spend more time with my animals.

    And hopefully I wont feel so stressed all the time

    Please what should I do?

  • Is it wrong to get revenge on a ex?

    He told me he loved me.. I gave him everything.. and then when he left with a girl that he met online! and said it was my fault for not appreciating what i had.. I knew he was childish, but this was by far the worst.. now he is acting like i don't even exist.. I don't think its right that he should be happy after all he did. and I don't think that a girl like that, that gets herself involved where she don't belong is no good.. is it so wrong to want some closure?

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  • My boyfriend left me for someone he just meat online.?

    I did everything I could to show him How much he meant to me and how much I loved him without smothering him.. and still giving him his space.. He was my first love. and yes I had my problems, like I had anger issues but he had his to.. who doesn't have problems I thought. And he said he would never cheat on me.. and the sad thing was I believed him. And then I found out that he was wanting to go out with a girl online. and when I talked to him about it, he acted like it was MY fault! "saying I didn't appreciate HIM enough! And then he acts like I don't even exist.. and started dating her anyways. And I have him my everything.. He just took my trust and broke it.

    What I want to know is how am i suppose to get over him.. I know everyone say's give it time.. but its been almost 3 weeks and maybe time is a cure. But I can't keep thinking about him.. and living like this.. I was with him a year.. and i knew him for 2.. its like a part of me is gone.. and sometimes I cry my self to sleep.. and other times I want to plot my revenge on him and that *****.. but it only helps for so long..

    I tried everything I could think of

    I tried crying until the pain went away

    making fun of him with my friends

    not thinking about him by keeping busy all day

    not talking about him

    meeting new ppl

    watching breakup movies, music vids, ext.

    telling myself i am better without him

    keeping my family close



    excepting that he is gone...

    But yet I still cant believe that he.. The one i gave my heart, soul, body, and mind to.. could hurt me soo much.. like if he never actually loved me to..

    pls can anyone tell me a way to just help get him out of mind.. I would be grateful for any suggestions.. Thanks so much

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  • Okay I want to surprise my boyfriend while his away.?

    My boyfriend is going away to visit his dad's with his mom for the day. I have his keys so I thought I could do something special to show him how much I love him. by maybe setting something up or whatever.. But I don't have any idea's of what to do. My problem is I don't have any money, and I don't have a lot of time, Please help me out. I would be so grateful for any advice.

    (Please nothing dumb.)

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