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  • My legs hurt sometimes?

    I get semi often pain in my lower legs, like let’s say once a month bur usually it happens a few days over some weeks close together and then not at all for a while. It’s in my lower shin and ankles and happens in both legs but only one at a time. It’s like a deep inside pain and kind of feels like it’s burning but it’s not unbearable it is just unpleasant. It doesn’t hurt any more or less with pressure, ice or heat. I have no problems with my legs and the only injury I have ever had is spraining my ankle once. I don’t know why it hurts and it’s annoying

    3 AnswersPain & Pain Management5 months ago
  • Should I try and write a book?

    I kind of want to and I have a vague story line idea

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  • Why does the ending of the matrix trilogy suck?

    Don’t get my wrong I was happy all my favourite characters lived (Link, Zee and Niobe - she is so cool) but why tf is Morpheus still alive and commander lock they both suck so much (don’t come at me) like all Morpheus does is give stupidly long speeches when no one cares and he can’t even follow simple instructions and all his preachy believing of the oracle is so annoying . Also can someone explain why the council felt it was necessary to have a meeting in the middle of a massive machine raid to get angry at Niobe for saving the dock when that is what they wanted the whole time. I’m just angry this is stupid.

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  • How do I get rid of pimples?

    Basically I have used some kind of skin medication stuff since I was about 12 (2013) and nothing really worked until I went on Accutane at the end of last year which completely cleared it up. I stopped after about 9 months and since then my skin has gone back to how it was before. Idk what to do I am just sick of having pimples all the time.

    I don’t have anything really bad like cystic acne btw it’s just normal acne and it’s super annoying 

    4 AnswersSkin Conditions8 months ago
  • How to make your feet better?

    So basically I have two events in two days and for both of them I will be wearing heels (block heels, about 10cm high)) how do I help my feet recover so I will be good to go the next day?

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  • How to fix a friendship?

    I am in a fight with two of my friends at the moment (about two separate things) and for both of them I’m just honestly shocked at how they reacted, I know I am not completely in the right but they are both ignoring me and continuing to say rude things behind my back to my friends. I want to still be friends with them but I’m so sick of the stupid drama they create out of such a small issue even if I apologise multiple times.

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  • What TV show is this?

    I remember watching it on VHS tape when I was a kid (must have been some time after 2001). There was a lady who had a pet macaw and she went to the beach and there was also a fridge which got sick and it had coloured spots on it. Something got sunburnt at the beach which might have been the fridge (that could have been why it got sick?). I don’t think the video was new when I watched it so I guess it was probably made sometime in the 90s

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