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  • I can t copy and paste selected slices in photoshop.?

    So i have a photoshop file that is 800x70000 px. And so I used the select slice tool to seperate this file horizontally into 3 different slices. The problem is that when I click on an individual slice and press control c, it won t copy it. And when I press control N, it will not copy the size of that individual slice. Please, I need help!

    1 AnswerSoftware9 months ago
  • Fullscreen games and video not working as intended?

    So when i watch a video in fullscreen be it youtube, netflix, etc, the taskbar will randomly pop up every 15 minutes or so. And this is really annoying because i need to click on the screen in order to get rid of it and i always have to pause the video in the process. And when I play games on fullscreen, it will for some reason minimize the game as if i alt+tabbed out every 15 minutes or so. Please I need help.

    1 AnswerSoftware2 years ago
  • Do you guys think Batman would be a fake to the eyes of The Hero Killer Stain?

    So I am no mere mortal when it comes to comics. And I’ve learned that although Batman fights for justice and order. His main emotional weapon is his anger, the very reason he became Batman was to get revenge for his parents. But Batman doesn’t only take cases involving the death of his parents, he takes any case that might endanger human life. But is that enough for stain to look over Batman’s true feelings and motives?

    This Dilemma is the single reason I disagree with The Hero Killer. Heroes work for the betterment of society, why should we care why they do it?

    1 AnswerComics & Animation2 years ago
  • Why am I pooping blood?

    So is there a non-life threatening reasons I should be pooping blood. Cuz I ve been shitting blood for maybe half a year now and it got to the point where I just poop more blood every time I use the restroom. And my mom just tells me to not worry about it and eat some more veggies. But I d like to know if this is something worth checking out.

    4 AnswersMedicine4 years ago
  • Can I Sue A pizza chain?

    So I orders pizza from dominos, and on the website, it said my pizza was ready; so I went to go get it. But when I arrived, I had to wait 10 minutes cuz they kept telling me "one more minute"

    15 AnswersFast Food4 years ago
  • I need advice on death PLEASE.?

    I've been having issues about my view on death, I keep thinking about it, i can't get it out of my head. I'm scared of the day that life will just flash by and ill realize that my life is near over. Even when i think about cryorezervation, and immortality, i think of the day that we'll have to leave earth, the day that all i once knew is all gone, i'm scared of the day my friends are gone, i'm scared of the day i'll be so sad that i want to kill myself, which is sometimes the feeling i get when i think of the issue. This first started out on christian retreats and then to some of my nights in bed, And now i keep thinking about in School. I need help please, i'm only in my teen years, please help me.

    6 AnswersMental Health4 years ago