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  • how can you view all keystrokes on a word processor?

    I may have difficulty posing this question, if so, please try to read my mind..;-)

    I am forced to use Google Docs to type and print documents.

    While doing so trying to type a document I needed to see the

    invisible spacing between certain letters and words.

    I was trying to type, what is for me, a booklet of 3 pages which required

    I place words in different areas of each page.

    Some time back, when using a Microsoft word processor I was shown

    how to click SOMETHING or other which would make all my keystrokes

    visible....the spacing between words, etc.

    Is that a function of all computer word processing programs?

    And if I'm making sense, can I do it with Google Docs?

    Thanks one and all

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  • Where did "commands" go?

    Someone used my computer and some how made the "commands"

    at the extreme upper right hand corner...DISAPPEAR!.

    The three "commands", close, minimize, maximize are gone!

    How do I restore them....and how can I keep my wife from using

    the computer while I'm sleeping?!....;-)

    I once found the solution myself, but today I'm lost.

    Thanks one and all

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  • Monitor shows 'no signal', why?

    This guy I know got a new Internet/phone/cable TV connection.

    (Which new company I do not know)

    Before he changed service provider his computer was working fine.

    Now when everything is turned on, the monitor shows a little window

    which says..."no cable signal'....I checked for him to make sure all connections

    were properly placed...they all seemed to be...then for the hell of it, I switched

    the electrical plugs in the electrical outlet....I KNEW THIS WOULD MAKE NO SENSE,

    since both the computer and the monitor showed that they were receiving power.

    But I did it anyway....and for a moment the monitor displayed the desk top!!

    Then using the mouse I clicked on the Explorer browser,

    and the monitor went blank again...showing that little window

    which said "no cable signal."

    What could possible be wrong with the computer?

    Some guy said it could be the "card" in the computer tower

    where the monitor cable attaches to....that the "card" is faulty or lose??

    I know almost next to nothing about computer hardware and software.

    So if you think you know what might be the problem, please explain it

    as if you were "talking" to a computer nincompoop...because you are...;-)

    Thanks one and all

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  • has my browser been infected by virus?

    Please be patient with me, I'm super stupid when it comes to software and software terminology:

    Anyway, my wife was listening to music on utube and then she clicked out of that website.

    The monitor returned to our desktop but then a small window automatically opened.

    Along the top of this window was written:

    Launch Internet Explorer Browser Properties

    Then below were tabs labeled:

    "General", "Short cuts". "compatibility" "Security", "Details."

    She clicked the X to close this small window then went to the Status bar(?) along the bottom

    of the monitor screen to re-enter the Internet by clicking on the Explorer icon, but then the same small window opened up again!

    She called me and I had the same problem, the icon which once directly opened the Explorer browser now only opened this small window of properties.

    I have on the desktop shortcuts to other websites so I clicked on one which took me to the Internet but then I had trouble when I clicked on "Favorites"....the drop down menu only flickered and wouldn't stay open.

    Thinking that my wife's visit to utube had caused us to pick up a virus I ran my anti-virus program but nothing showed up.

    I then once more opened this annoying little window and took a full look at all the options displayed:

    In the short cut tab was a fill-in line which had the following words:


    what in hell is that???

    Is that some kind of bug/virus or is that normal software terminology?

    Did I find the dirty deed someone secretly installed in my computer

    or am I just going nuts?....;-)

    Thanks for any and all advice

    PS: No thanks, I don't need medication...;-)

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  • How does Ccleaner work?

    I down loaded the free version.

    Ran a clean up.

    But after the clean up completion I was given no further helpful information.

    Did the clean up automatically correct any errors or was I suppose to give

    another command somewhere to fix the errors that were found?

    Please be kind to me!

    As you can tell I'm in over my head with understanding software.

    I saw the ad. for Ccleaner and was told by a reliable source that it was a good

    program to have...but obviously I don't know a thing about what it really does

    or how to work it.

    Thanks for any and all help.

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  • Is the program REGSERVO any good?

    Is this a safe program to run or just a con job?

    I had computer trouble and this program mysteriously appeared on my screen.

    I thought it came from Microsoft and I paid to have it installed.

    But someone from Avast!, my anti-virus program, said REGSERVO wasn't necessary, or rather, didn't much count to making my computer run well.

    What's the story?

    What I fear is this program creating more trouble than it's worth.

    As you can tell, when it comes to software I'm a total illiterate!

    But thanks one and all for any information/opinion.

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  • exactly how can I find out which MS explorer browser I'm using?

    I need your help but it must be detailed as I know little about computer hardware/software.

    Thank you.

    By sheer luck I was able to reinstall the Vista Operating system when my home computer totally stopped operating. (this computer and OS is about 8 years old.

    Of course I lost all the information I had previously stored.

    I tried to enter my account in Bank of America but I got a message when I was on the bank's

    web site that the Explorer browser could not access this account.

    I tried a few times with the same result.

    I then tried to access my Capital One credit card account and was successful.

    But when trying to access my Discover Card account I got the same rejection,

    of no access as I got when I tried the Bank of America bank account.

    I'm guessing that I have an old version of the Explorer browser which is causing this problem.

    But I don't know how to find out which version I have.

    Or how to up date to a newer version of Explorer.

    I want to stay with MS Explorer to minimize my confusion in jumping to a new browser like firefox, etc.

    Thank you VERY MUCH for any and all help

    1 AnswerSoftware7 years ago
  • How can I properly send photo via computer?

    I scanned a photo into my computer, and then via attachment to an email,

    sent it out. The recipient said he couldn't see it(?) because it wasn't sent

    in a PDF format(?).

    Obviously he and I are almost totally ignorant concerning the machinations

    of computer software.

    How can I alter the photo into a proper format so that it can be seen at the receiving end?

    Am I making any sense??...;-)

    Thanks one and all

    3 AnswersSoftware7 years ago
  • Help!, I'm not even sure I can return for the answer(?)?

    Computer is totally bananas doing all kinds of crazy things on its own.

    one example, when I click on a desk top icon to travel to a favorite website

    a box starts to unroll from the bottom of the icon(like a drop down menu)

    and it fills with "M" this MMMMM



    and that continues for about 20/30 rows downward.

    End result I can't open the website from my desk top and must find other ways to do so.

    Another super annoying trait presently invading my desk top is

    a "magnification window" at the very top of the monitor screen.

    It like having two screens open at once with the top screen magnifying

    everything I do underneath in the "bottom" window.

    So far I have reset computer to an earlier date but that has not helped.

    I ran a full scan on my anti-virus (Avast!) and no virus came up.

    What could possible be wrong?

    An undetected virus or some type of malware bug?

    Thanks one and all.

    PS: hope I can get back to "Answers"...;-)

    3 AnswersSoftware7 years ago
  • Best, most detailed credit monitoring service?

    I pay for a credit monitoring service provided by BofA:

    "Bank of America Privacy Assist" (cost $12 per month)

    I just recommended this service to a friend but discovered BofA

    is not taking new customers.

    The service I get is excellent...I see everything there is to see, any time I want.

    My three credit scores(updated every three months)

    Any activity using my name, SS number, any activity to change my personal information,

    or someone trying to open a new account with my info.

    any public records in my name.

    Any activity at all I get an "alert" within 24 business hours.

    This is the type of full service I want my friend to have.

    Can anyone recommend a site?

    Low cost most also be considered, but efficency is the bottom line

    Thanks to all

    3 AnswersCredit8 years ago
  • How to permanently remove annoying message?

    Every time I start the computer anew one of the "things" that eventually

    appear on the monitor screen is a small window with a message.

    It reads something like the computer needs my approval to install a new

    driver, or new software to operate new hardware, or some such rot.

    (I'm not trying to install new hardware or anything else)

    Sorry I can't give you the exact message but the problem is it takes

    repeated clicking on the little red-x in the upper right hand corner to finally

    get rid of this message once and for all.

    Until I start the computer again the next day!

    The question comes in three parts.

    The first part asks me to give permission for installation.

    The second part says "ask me later"

    The third part says "don't ask me any more."

    Months ago, the very first time I saw this message I thought it came

    from Avast!, my anti-virus program, so I clicked OK for installation.

    But it could not install.

    Then I tried clicking "don't show this message again"

    But every-time I start the computer anew it reappears.

    I'm a software idiot so if you think you know how I can delete this message

    so it NEVER reappears when I start the computer anew please tell me

    in simple terminology.


    2 AnswersSoftware8 years ago
  • Can someone tell this nincompoop what just happened?

    I'm almost a total software illiterate so be as clear as possible (no complex terminology!)

    if you're able to help me...thank you!

    For the longest time my Explorer browser has failed me. It mainly happens

    when I try to access a website. Either when I first turn on the Internet

    or when I'm already on a website and I try to navigate to another site.

    The "message" pops up that Explorer can not connect.

    a few minutes ago I followed advice formally given to me by another Y/A

    helper...he told me to reset Explorer browser...the first time I did it it worked.

    This time it didn't...So following advice from another Y/A helper I also reset

    the computer to an earlier date...first time it worked, but this time it didn't.

    I shut off the computer for about a half hour...restarting it I got a message

    about some "network 8" program(?) needing my consent to activate.

    WITH MUCH FEAR IN MY HEART, I gave it permission.

    And when I tried to access the Internet this time it worked!

    What in hell happened?

    And if you're that good at telling me, maybe you can help me with yet

    another problem..Every time I start the computer I get this small "window"

    asking me permission to install a "hardware program"??

    But I'm not trying to install any new hardware!!

    I click the little red X on the upper right-hand corner but the "window"

    disappears AND THEN REAPPEARS!

    I have to click on this red X about 15/16 times before it disappears for good.

    What's going on??

    It's OK to laugh at me...just help me out!..;-)

    Thanks much.

    5 AnswersSoftware8 years ago
  • How to reset Explorer browser?

    Computer is starting to act up again..slow in start up when first opened.

    Some time ago I had a worse problem:

    Computer was taking days, or so it seemed, to go from one website to another.

    Back then, when I asked for help in improving the speed for such operations

    back to normal I was told by some to junk my computer because it was too old.

    But one intelligent lad told me to "reset" Explorer browser.

    He gave me specific instructions which took only minutes to perform.

    Once done my computer speed seemed to be faster than when I first brought

    the computer home!...I would go from one website to another in moments!!

    The instructions this guy gave me are lost.

    Can someone help me by sending them to me anew?

    If you have them please explain operation simply and step by step.

    I'm as dumb as a sack of rocks when it comes to computers.

    Thanks for your help.

    3 AnswersSoftware8 years ago
  • Blacked out computer screen?

    This has been the recurring problem:

    Computer is turned on and works well.

    But then leaving the computer WITHOUT TURNING OFF the power

    when she returns to the laptop and hits a key to reactivate

    the screen stays blank. The lights showing the computer is powered are on,

    yet no visual on monitor screen.

    repeated tapping on keys does nothing.

    Neither does it help to turn the power button on and off.

    Second problem, had local computer repair shop try to fix it.

    They charged 82 bucks telling me it was a virus.

    When my daughter brought the computer home it worked,

    but when she left it(still on) and later came back to it,

    the same problem was present, no visual on screen, total black screen.

    Now the so-called repair man says it's something with the mother-board.

    He wants another 95 to complete repair (with a 90 day guarantee.)

    I don't know whether to thank him or break the laptop over his head..;-)

    Any advice, PLEASE?!

    PS; Guy did say he would refund the initial cost since he didn't repair

    the problem.

    3 AnswersMonitors8 years ago
  • What can this computer warning mean?

    Laptop can not connect to Internet with Explorer browser.

    I reset the whole operating system to an earlier date, but that's not the problem

    (or so it seems)

    I reset the browser itself, but still can't connect to Internet.

    And this message appears when I close the nonworking Explorer window;

    "A script on this page is causing your web browser to run slowly.

    If it continues to run your computer might become unresponsive."

    I know very little about solving softwear problems, but where could this

    "warning message" come from.

    What's a script?

    And why when I answer "yes" to closing this "script" down does the message

    reappear when ever I try to start the Explorer?

    2 AnswersSoftware8 years ago
  • Reset Explorer browser?

    A few months ago some one gave me great advice that worked perfectly.

    My Internet hook-ups were taking "ages" to open/view.

    Some told me to get a new computer, but one guy said;

    "Reset" browser and he gave me the steps to follow.

    As I said, after resetting which took less than 5 minutes

    my computer was running like new, if not faster!

    Again, what I mean by faster is going from one Internet site to another.

    But now I have a new problem, my step-daughter's computer will not connect

    to the Internet.

    And I think resetting her browser might work(?) but I have forgotten how to do it.

    Will some kind soul give me the instructions STEP BY STEP?!

    Thanks a million!

    1 AnswerSoftware8 years ago
  • Why does screen go black on laptop?

    I know very little about repairing computer software problems

    and this is made worse because I'm trying to help my step-daughter

    over the phone with her malfunctioning laptop.

    The problem started this morning when she called and said her laptop

    would not start, it only showed a black screen. The little "green" lights on

    the keyboard were lit as if the computer was turned on, but no desk-top

    showed itself, only a black screen. She pressed the power button a number

    of times, on and off, and it finally came to life.

    Then another problem.

    This time the Internet browser would not connect to the Internet.

    After a number of times, it finally did.

    Now she called me this afternoon.

    She walked away from the laptop for a number of hours

    but left the computer "ON".

    But when she returned, once again the screen is black

    and no amount of "pounding" on the separate keys on the keyboard

    will bring it back to life.

    Anyone familiar with this type of problem?

    Thanks for any and all help

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks8 years ago
  • Consolidating credit card payments hurts credit rating?

    I have the option from one credit card company to pay off my

    other two credit cards at no transfer fee, and charged for the higher balance

    at my normal yearly rate.

    I would do this, ONLY, for the sake of convenience(one payment instead of three).

    But somewhere I might have read that this type of transaction,

    (consolidating credit card payments into one)

    might hurt my overall credit rating, which is now over 750 at the three credit rating agencies.

    Is my memory of what I read mistaken, and/or should I leave well enough alone?

    Thanks for any and all advice.

    3 AnswersCredit8 years ago
  • Sorry folks, I've been asking the wrong question?

    I asked a few questions this morning about my "slow" computer;

    But I was not clear what I meant.

    The answers were good and I'm thankful, since they were helpful

    in other ways...YET, they kind of missed the point due to me

    not forming the question properly.(or so I believe)

    My computer is slower than it ever was WHEN I SURF THE INTERNET.

    If I'm off the Internet my computer works just fine as far as speed.

    But on the Internet, for example, when I visit a website it seems to

    take too long to get there. And when I click a link from that website

    it takes forever to get me to the new site!

    The answers I've gotten so far dealt with de-fragmentation and disk clean up.

    That has been helpful, but did not address my problem directly.

    Could it be with my Internet browser? Microsoft Explorer?

    (I have Vista Home Premium)

    Some one suggested I try FireFox(?)

    Does that make sense?

    Again, it takes a long time when I first activate Explorer on the computer to get to my home page.

    (Yahoo). Then when I try to travel to other websites it takes forever!

    And many times while visiting a website I'll get a message telling me Explorer

    has lost the connection.

    Please consider me computer illiterate when answering and try

    to make your answer as simple as possible..;-)


    6 AnswersSoftware9 years ago
  • Why is computer running so slow?

    From what I have heard, it seems computers download so much stuff(from the Internet) over time

    that it decreases it's effectiveness when surfing the Internet.

    I've had this computer for about 5 years and it seems the time that it takes

    to open a link on the Internet has greatly increased.

    It has gotten so bad that,for example, that when opening a link from a news website,

    I can get up from my chair, enter the kitchen to make another cup of coffee,

    smoke half a cigarette, and when I return to the computer it's still "connecting"!

    (Obviously, all the cigarettes and coffee is bad for my health.;-)

    I don't know where the problem is coming from.

    My Internet Explorer also takes a long time to connect to the Internet

    when I first start the computer. Also as the day goes by, I keep getting

    messages that Explorer has lost the connection.

    As if that wasn't enough: Some months ago a virus infected the computer.

    I can't remember how or who helped me clean it up again. But afterward

    my Microsoft/Vista security application STOPPED working.

    It has been dead in the water since that time, no matter what I have tried

    to do to activate it again.

    I rely now on Avast for Internet protection.

    I gave the above information, about my security "problem", because I'm wondering

    if the process that got rid of the virus could also have caused a slow down?

    Ok, Through Avast I have been in contact with a company called "iyogi"(in India).

    They offered to clean my computer of accumulated junk on the hard-drive.

    Their charge is STEEP, about $130.

    Another company I've seen advertised on TV(?) offers to do the same job

    of cleaning the hard-drive for less.

    What is my problem(aside from my own stupidity) and is there hope

    I can have this computer once again running at "normal" downloading speeds?

    Thank you all for any and all advice.

    8 AnswersDesktops9 years ago