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TAYLOR SWIFT 4 LIFE! Swiftie forever <3 don't like her? get out! :) K Pop is awesome! DON'T ONLY LIKE GANGNAM STYLE! My fave groups are Big Bang, 2ne1, and MBLAQ <3 My all-time fave band is Paramore Me? Well I'm 17 and as you can see i love music a LOT. I listen to a bit of everything whether it's rock, pop, hip-hop, even slow songs. Anyways, I love anything that has to do with romance and such, which is why my all-time fave movie is A Walk To Remember. Oh and I write my own poetry :) My poems usually include anything to do with love and inspiration. And I guess i could describe myself as the loving, caring, friendly type who gets along with a lot of people. I can be pretty bad if you get on my bad side. But other than that, there's not much to say about me =) One last thing, I don't only listen to English songs. lol. Since I'm Hispanic, I listen to Spanish music as well. It's my fave type of music usually.

  • How to get to Manhattan using the PATH train from Harrison? (NJ to NY)?

    I usually don't travel around NY a lot and I'm kinda worried I can get lost. You see I'm planning on meeting a friend who lives there and I might either go with one of my best friends or just by myself. Either way I'll need to know how to get there safe and soundly. So for anyone who typically has to use public transportation almost everyday for personal reasons, can you please help me out here? :)

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  • In the book "Frankenstein", how does Victor view man in comparison to Nature?

    I'm having a little bit of trouble explaining this. It's one of the questions I have to answer for an English assignment. I've read through Chapter 10 twice, which is what the question is based on. However, I still can't find a sufficient answer to it :( Can you help me out here please? It's the only question that is troubling me.

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  • What's your age limit in terms of an older girl dating a younger guy?

    What I mean is, is it awkward if a girl was dating someone who is maybe a year or 2 younger than she is? Or do you think it's weird? Personally I don't like the double standards at all.

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  • Does anyone else do this?

    I ALWAYS have to put a smiley face everytime I text someone "hey" or "what's up" :) I feel like I sound too serious whenever I don't put a smiley face or any other emoticon whenever I text someone xD Do you also tend to put a lot of emoticons?

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  • What type of shampoo/conditioner should I use?

    I feel like my hair looks so damaged and dried up. Like everytime I wash it, it dried up and it looks so frizzy and ugly. I'm not sure if its WHAT I'm using or HOW I wash my hair. I'm not gonna lie I scrub my hair a lot and I shampoo my hair twice. And then I end up using a lot of conditioner too cuz of how "frizzy" my hair feels after that. To be honest, I feel like I'm just killing my hair in a way. :O IDK WHAT TO DO ANYMORE! I have fine straight hair so I kind of wash my hair every other day. At least I think it's fine hair cuz it doesn't feel thick at all. Oh and my hair is dyed on top of that so not only does my hair looks dry & damaged, but the color doesn't look so bright :( PLEASE HELP ME! I don't wanna cut my hair either cuz it's short in my opinion and I need my hair to be long for prom. WHICH IS A LIL MORE THAN A MONTH AWAY! :O

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  • Have you ever been/wanted to go on a road trip?

    I've always wanted to travel across the USA. I've only been to Pennsylvania and Florida :/

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  • Question about watching R-rated movie at AMC Theater?

    OK so a couple of friends and I wanna go see the new movie A Haunted House next week. But most of us are 17 and my cousin who would come along is only 20. And my brother is the only person I would tag along who is 22. So my question is will the people working at AMC let us watch the movie even if we are only 17? Or would we need someone who is at least 21 to accompany us? I just want to be sure so I can work this out. I would appreciate any help or advice from anyone who has gone to see an R-rated movie with only their friends and are under 21 especially! :)

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  • How often should I wash my hair?

    OK I would usually wash my hair in the morning or during the day. But it's getting much more cold where I live. And I don't like drying my hair using a hair dryer cuz it burns and/or damages my hair. And I don't wanna get sick by going out with damp hair. So I'm starting to wash my hair at night a few hours before I go to sleep so it can naturally dry. Idk if I should wash my hair every night or every OTHER night. Cuz say I wash my hair tomorrow, which is a Thursday. My hair starts getting oily by Saturday. People tell me I have "fine" hair, which I guess means i have thin, straight hair. And well I still use conditioner anyways along with shampoo cuz its a lil harder for me to comb my hair wet without it. SO, what should I do? Oh, and I have highlights so idk if that changes anything but I'll add in that info just in case. I will greatly appreciate any advice you guys give me! :)

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  • Poll: What fanbase(s) do you "belong to"?

    for example, I'm a Swifty (Taylor Swift), Blackjack (2NE1), and VIP (Big Bang) :D

    what's yours? it doesn't have to be a musician. :)

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  • Poll: 21 Jump Street or Ted?

    I'm currently voting on the PCA (People's Choice Awards) website and idk which one I should vote for cuz i love both :/ whichever one here has the most votes will determine my decision xD also I wanna know which one you think is more funny xD

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  • Poll: Do you listen to K Pop music?

    K as in Korean btw. Or am I the only weirdo here who does? =P and i mean more than just gangnam style, although i like it too :D

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  • How much do Taylor Swift tickets usually cost?

    I just wanna know what the price range usually is (specifically for Newark NJ). I wanna know for her Red Tour 2013 :)

    2 AnswersCelebrities8 years ago
  • Question about Z100 Jingle Ball?

    does anyone know how much the ticket range usually is? just give me seperate ticket prices if u can remember or u know. please i wanna know! im thinking of going this year but i don't wanna waste too much money. also, i dont want the worst seats ever so yea :( please give me ticket prices if any of u have gone last year or something!

    1 AnswerRadio8 years ago
  • Question about a live webcast?

    what exactly is it? and i know i sound like an idiot here but i never knew how it works. im very curious now cuz i heard taylor swift is having a live webcast on august 13 :D and i just wanna know how it works and all. do you need a webcam for this kind of thing? and can you actually talk to her or what? so confused!! :/ btw i only posted the question here cuz theres a lot more people here than in other sections :)

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  • Question about recent episode of Pretty Little Liars?

    why was Alison's dad so mad at Hanna? if it has something to do with what happened at a previous season, then that's prob why I can't remember. :/ im very curious. please help! :)

    5 AnswersDrama8 years ago
  • Girls do you normally wash your hair everyday or do you do it every other day?

    Personally I wash it every other day cuz if I do the other, my hair gets really dry, which I really don't like. And plus I heard it damages the roots or somethin so yea thats another reason.

    6 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • What happened at the ending of this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars?

    I seriously didn't get what happened to Lucas. I'm so lost!! can anyone help me with this? overall, great episode! :)

    2 AnswersDrama9 years ago
  • REVISED: Which of these actually kills quicker?




    since I got a lil TOO much criticism b4. so i said b4, just out of curiosity!!!

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