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About me: I am constantly changing. I came from two different worlds and ended up here. This sea of many is in constant motion. It takes from here and gives to there. We (the sea and me) are separable only by the parts but the gestalt is one moving body force in time. Some say it has a beginning some say no end. I know it has been around for a very long time and I am of it. I feel this conscious moment as I am lucky to do so. I know it is temporary and will not be long before I move on to shore. Crashing with the wave mixing by body with that of planet earth in a timeless manor. Only then to wash back out to sea and begin a new roll. Yes it may be construed as repetitive, but this time I am aware and should I find you along the way then it is indeed happiness. I have found heaven and it is not out there, it is in you. Agnostic / Pantheist Keeping an open mind. 4U2B1 U need the sum of 2

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