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Hi, I'm Echofire. I'm a girl, I'm 13 and a freshman in highschool. I live in Hawaii, and if you ask if I live in a grass hut, I will punch you(I'm kidding, of course I wouldn't punch you... But still, don't ask me if I live in a grass hut. I don't). I love to bodyboard and I love music(K-Pop!) and art. My favorite bands are BIGBANG, Super Junior, Rain, G-Dragon, TaeYang, SS501, 2NE1, 2AM, and Iration. If you want to know more, just ask! :)

  • Is this proper Korean (grammar)?

    So, I was looking for how to wish someone a "happy 3rd anniversary" in Korean, and I only came across "기념일을 축하합니다" as "happy anniversary." Using my limited knowledge of Korean, I added "셋째" ("third") to get what seems like it should mean "happy 3rd anniversary," which is "셋째 기념일을 축하합니다." I'm wondering if this is proper grammar or wording(like, since it's not a wedding anniversary, if that means something more along the lines of "happy 3rd (wedding) anniversary" it would be obviously wrong), and if it's not, what might I say instead.

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  • Does anyone know of any music that is similar to this?

    So, I'm currently really into a lot of Korean pop and hip-hop music, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any music (Korean, American, Japanese, or otherwise, I don't care) that is similar to the Korean groups/singers Bigbang, 2NE1, 4minute, Sistar, Geeks, Lee Hyori, Choi Goon Hip-Hop, f(x), Son Dambi, Secret, BoA, or After School - in other words, music that you can dance to... Somewhere between hip-hop and pop.

    I'm already familiar with a lot of popular K-pop(Super Junior, SHINee, SS501, SoNyeoShiDae, DongBangShinKi, KARA, T-ARA, Rain, Se7en, etc) so mentioning those isn't helpful at all. Also, to me, a lot of American hip-hop and pop that is popular nowadays is pretty overrated and simply not that great, so I don't want stuff along the lines of Usher, Justin Beiber, Kesha, Katy Perry, etc. I'm fine with underground or indie, and language doesn't matter (English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, whatever)

    So, sorry if I'm being a bit picky with my requests here, I just want to find what I'm looking for and not be directed to something that I already know and/or don't like. I hope someone on here might know something like that :)

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  • website hacked by "aseroh"?

    my website was recently hacked by someone named aseroh. i fixed it, but im still wondering what happened.

    some info:

    this was on the page aseroh hacked:

    Hacked by aseroh



    i searched "hacked by aseroh" on google and most of the other paged hacked by "aseroh" were in arabic. does anyone know anything about "aseroh" or how they got into my website?

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  • what is this song? please help!?

    i heard this song on the radio. it was a kinda r&b or pop song and a guy was singing it. it sounded kinda old. some lyrics are:

    ... just livin my life, oh yeah, im havin, im havin so much fun...

    the dj said it was by george michael(or something like that), but i looked it up on itunes and none of the songs match.

    i have been looking for this song for quite a while now.

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  • per capita rates site url?

    does anyone know where i might find a good site for per capita rates?

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