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  • No Word [for Windows] after Windows 10 upgrade?

    Windows 7 has been upgraded (professionally) by Windows 10 on my laptop.  However, since upgrade I cannot access Word for Windows.  Word icons are on desktop but clicking on them only opens Word (or Excel or P'Point) for one second before disappearing from screen.  

    N.B. All documents still appear to be on system (have checked on File Explorer) - but aren't retrievable.  Professionals appear unsure why this is happening and have not come up with a solution.  

    I am asking - could removing and resetting 10 resolve the problem?  Have you come across this problem before?  Is it easy to fix?  Any ideas?  Thank you.

    5 AnswersSoftware2 months ago
  • Sun spots and Northern Lights?

    I took a trip to northern Norway in March 2019 to view the Northern Lights but, unfortunately, although the nights were dark and clear, no lights appeared.  I want to go again for another chance.  I've since read that active sun spot years give the best chance of seeing Northern Light activity.  Two questions: one, is this true and two, if so, is it possible to calculate the best year(s) to make my trip - and when this might be?  Thank you for your advice.

    2 AnswersAstronomy & Space3 months ago
  • Facebook photo?

    How can I change the photo which I have on my facebook account?

    2 AnswersFacebook4 months ago
  • Microsoft 7 versus Microsoft 10 - computer viruses?

    I have been advised to upgrade my older version of Windows, Microsoft 7, to Microsoft 10.  This was recommended because Microsoft have now stopped support against virus attack on Microsoft 7.  I would like to retain 7 if feasible, but is this lack of Microsoft support (a) correct information and (b) something that should concern me enough to make the changeover to 10?   Thank you for your advice.

    13 AnswersSoftware5 months ago
  • Double wall socket (electric) - expensive to fit?

    I need an extra double socket in one of my walls. Would this be an easy job for an electrician to do? (I'm OK about wires showing/running along the edge of carpet). But I can't imagine how it would be done without a lot of damage to the wall (and I don't want the job to end up costing me a lot of money!). Please advise, thanks.

    3 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling3 years ago
  • Word text overwriting itself?

    I work in Word 7. my text has suddenly started overwriting itself as I type. How do I cancel this?

    2 AnswersAttachments and Photos5 years ago
  • George Best skills?

    I know nothing about football, but am fascinated when I see footage of George Best playing when at the top of his abilities - even I can tell that he was something else.

    Do you think he was a one off? Have there been, or are there, others who have the same amazing footwork, or was he the greatest ever? What do you think?

    5 AnswersEnglish Football5 years ago
  • Move to a UK park home?


    Can I ask advice about living in a UK park home, from UK park home residents?

    I know nothing about these homes, other than they are very nice and seem ideal for me, living on my own with my cat. I would see myself living there until I push up the daisies.

    Ground rent. I know that this must be paid. How much rent, on average, would I have to pay? Is this paid weekly, monthly, or annually?

    Any downsides to living in one of these homes, or is it the best move you have ever made.

    Thanks for your time.

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate6 years ago
  • Windows 7. How do I change over mouse button setting for left handed use, please?

    I have been able to do this on Windows XP, but not on Windows 7. Can anyone help, please?

    2 AnswersAdd-ons6 years ago
  • Windows 7. How do I change over button setting for left handed use, please?

    I have been able to do this on Windows XP, but on Windows 7 I cannot find the option to change. Can anyone help, please?

    5 AnswersSoftware6 years ago
  • could two companion budgies be taught to talk?

    I am thinking of getting two male budgies because I cannot be at home 24/7, so a single bird would get lonely. Would I be able to teach one or both of them to talk when they have a companion in the same cage? Friends have said that only a single male budgie on its own could be taught to talk. Please advise. Thank you.

    2 AnswersBirds7 years ago
  • Fake pottery robin in garden - threat to real ones?

    I have acquired a fairly large pottery robin (sort of cartoon style, but it has all the robin features and colour) and would like to put it in my garden. However, I have a resident robin and am a bit worried that he may see my pottery robin as a rival. Is this possible, or are robins able to tell a real robin from a fake one? I don't want my real robin to up sticks and move out of the garden due to this heavyweight rival!!

    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape7 years ago
  • black flies in my kitchen compost bin?

    I have a real problem with tiny black flies living in and flying out of my worktop kitchen compost bin. I use thick paper compostable bags, but I don't want to use them once and throw them away as this would be expensive, so I have the bags in the compost bin for 2-3 days each use. I don't want to use fly spray because I don't like to breathe in the insecticides used in fly sprays and, besides, I don't want to spray this on and around kitchen surfaces. Can anyone suggest what to do, or perhaps someone even has a 'safe' type of home made fly killer?

    2 AnswersOther - Home & Garden7 years ago
  • page numbering on Word?

    I know how to put automatic page numbering on a Word document, but I want each page to carry "Page X of Y" where X is the sequential number and Y is the total number of pages. Can anyone help?

    3 AnswersProgramming & Design7 years ago
  • cleaning a gas barbeque?

    I am thinking of buying a gas barbeque, but am a bit put off by the thought of cleaning it after use, as all the grease and food bits will need to be cleaned off the burners. This seems a bit of a faff rather than just chucking charcoal away and soaking the wire grill. Has anyone who has a gas barbie any advice, please? Thanks.

    2 AnswersEntertaining7 years ago
  • council waiting lists?

    What is the average time that a single unmarried person will have to be on the waiting list before being allocated a council flat? Realise it can depend on area, but just a rough guide? Thanks.

    3 AnswersCivic Participation7 years ago