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Long-time competitive skater, now also skating adult track and dance (USFSA).

  • Skaters, what helped you the most with double jumps?

    What off-ice or on-ice exercises...or anything else...helped you the most in getting solid, consistent double jumps? Did using a harness help a lot or not much at all?

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  • Why was my question removed and I did not receive any further information?

    My question was, "What is the name of the song in the U.S. Cellular "shrug" commercial?" Not offensive in any way! It's a neat "waltzy" song that I was considering using for competition if I could find it. My question was removed and I haven't gotten anything stating why. I had only gotten one answer, but due to my prior research, I knew the answer was wrong (they gave me the title of a song used in a previous commercial -- I found out that much on my own...and if I were looking for THAT song, I wouldn't have bothered posting the question because I had already found it numerous times!)

    I guess if it was some random act of rudeness, I'm done with Answers. I'm tired of posting good, quality, positive answers so people can give me a thumbs down -- on a topic they know nothing about -- and there are no repercussions for them. The leader board in my favorite categories hasn't been updated in months either. I used to think this was a great resource for hard-to-find info or new points of view, but it's being ruined for a lot of people.

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  • Any moms experience their feet geting larger after pregnancy?

    I know it's pretty typical for a women's feet to swell during pregnancy, but has anyone experienced their feet actually getting larger to the point that they go up in shoe sizes? I know it sounds kind of silly, but my husband and I are talking about babies in our near future and it's been one of those crazy things I've worried about for a long time. My mom said her feet grew a few sizes, mostly after having my younger brother. My husband picks on me because he thinks it's petty and stupid (hey pal, it's not your body that will never be the same!), but hey, I like my shoe collection, like having small feet and I've got a lot of money invested in my figure skates! haha I'm just wondering if it's not something that happens to everyone or if it's something I totally shouldn't worry about. And yeah, yeah, I know the world will be all fabulous and wonderful when the kid shows up, but have a sense of humor and clue me in on your experiences. :)

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  • Any recommendations for a good father's rights attorney in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin?

    Typical long story short: my stepchildren are unhappy at home with their mom, citing emotional/mental and possibly some physical abuse and have been asking when their dad will go back to court. My husband is feeling hopeless and like he can't protect his children because his current divorce attorney tells him that their situation is pretty black and white; kids (ages 14, 11, 9) are asking to live with him, but it's "too bad" because he works 2nd shift and no GAL would do anything to change their placement/custody arrangements or give him any options....he got a "good deal" in the divorce and "the children will end up with him eventually anyway." I've been trying to find a new attorney for him, but haven't had much luck online or by word-of-mouth. He doesn't need someone just to tell him what he wants to hear -- he needs someone who will at least go to bat for him and the kids. Anyone have any good experiences...well, as "good" as family court can be?

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  • Adult figure skaters: does your club or rink make you feel unwanted and unappreciated?

    I read an article in last month's Skating magazine that emphasized what an asset to clubs adult skaters are. Adult skaters can volunteer their time, serve on boards and help out with events more than the kids in the club. It saddened me because the clubs here treat adults almost like they have no business skating. My club is quick to cut adult events at competitions, does not offer any programs that adults can participate in and while helping at club sanctioned events, one adult skater heard judges go on about how much they dislike watching adult skaters. Even though I skated growing up and continue to skate, teach, test and compete, I don't feel like I fit in. I hate freestyle sessions because of how some younger skaters act -- even though I've been skating longer than they've been alive! I'm not sure if I'm just being too self-conscious, if it's just my area/club or what. Anybody else run into similar situations? Anyone try anything to improve your situation?

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  • Milwaukee Area: recommendations for dog trainer to help with dog aggression issues?

    I'm looking for professional help in the Milwaukee, WI area for one of our Boxers with aggression problems. She just recently started attacking our other female Boxer. It's terrifying! She is fine with adults, children and other dogs -- except this one, which happens to be her pup. Other people told me this wouldn't be a problem. My husband is threatening to get rid of her, but I refuse to give up on her since we are already her second home. She was previously owned by her breeder. Any good experiences with a dog/people trainer in the area?

    5 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Any experienced police canine handlers out there?

    Any advice for a 17-year vet officer trying to get a handler's position at our PD? We've never had a canine program at our PD before, so this is a brand new position and experience. My husband is very interested since this is something he's wanted to do his whole career, but it seems that the selection process may be more of a popularity contest than one based on qualifications. Out of all the interested candidates (I work there too), I believe he's most qualified and dedicated (removing as much bias as possible). He's experienced, is on the tactical team, works tons of OT and often comes in at a moment's notice, is scheduled to go to drug interdiction training and most of all, loves dogs. I've suggested that he read up and educate himself as much as possible, but is there more he can do? He's being told such things as he won't get it because he's "got dogs at home."

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  • Has anyone competed at Adult Nationals (figure skating)?

    One of my many skating goals is to compete at adult nationals in 2008. What were your experiences? What was the competition like?

    4 AnswersIce Skating1 decade ago
  • Any Wisconsin family court/child custody experts out there?

    Tale as old as time... My new husband is previously divorced with 3 great kids (ages 13, 10, 9). Mom has placement, with dad only getting the kids on his 2 days off/week. Kids constantly complain about their home life and ask when dad is going back to court for new arrangements. We're a little worried because mom is pretty unstable, unreasonable, likes to slap, constantly ranting and raving at the kids and us over petty things, disregarding the divorce stipulations and has a history of bizarre behavior. Dad would like to go back to court for at least 50/50 custody, but his attorney is advising him to wait until the divorce is 2 years old and until he is working 1st shift. I don't know if our situation is favorable to us possibly getting placement or "more" custody. We both work 2nd shift at a PD in the city we live and are home during the day for the kids, the oldest is 13 and if there is a crisis at home, we (and grandparents) can be there in 3 min. Do we have a chance?

    2 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago