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  • Should I tell him that I like him?

    I have this huge crush on this guy at school and I really don't know what to do because the year is ending and he's moving to England to go to Acting School next year.

    Backing it up a bit, we met while doing a production of Macbeth and he was dating another girl in our cast, but it was a bit rocky since he has an issue with monogamy. Since we had a lot of scenes together, we got to be really close and we kind of bonded over the same taste in music and our mutual love of all things zombie-related. Then I had the pleasure of sitting with his girlfriend for three hours on a bus at Christmas. That pretty much made me swallow up all of my feelings for him because she's really nice and I have major respect for her.

    After the show ended we started talking less but we'd always have breakfast in the morning since we had class at the same time, so we kept in touch, but I just started liking him more. I didn't want to hurt his girlfriend's feelings (or our friendship) by saying anything, so I kept my mouth shut.

    But then a few weeks ago we went to a party and he was being really touchy with me. We hung out together and he had his arm around me all night. So I jokingly asked him if his girlfriend wouldn't be angry to which he replied that he didn't have one. Slightly shocked me felt really awkward at that point. Then he walked me home because I was drunk.

    And now is where I'm really confused and torn because I really like him. Literally, he is all I talk about and think about day and night, and it's really pathetic because he likes girls who are tall, blonde, and have cleavage. And I have none of the above... Should I tell him? He's a really good friend and I couldn't stand to lose him...

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  • I seem to have an allergy to something in shaving cream...?

    Before you say anything that it's a shaving rash, it's not. It's the shaving cream. During my orientation week, I got attacked with shaving cream and the areas that had been exposed became red, splotchy, and blistered.

    I have really awkward allergies (blueberries, latex, bug bites) so I'm not surprised. But I'd like to know if there's something specific that I should avoid (specially because I live with five other boys who all shave). Is there something in the actual shaving cream that I should be worried about?

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  • I have a lump on my back, should I be worried?

    So I have this bump slightly to the left of the center of the back of my neck. I know, that sounds complicated, but it's the best way to describe where it is. It's about the size of a penny and it's hard, like a marble, and it's under my skin. I'm pretty sure that it's not a pimple or acne because pimples don't feel like marbles. It doesn't bother me or anything, and it only hurts when I put pressure on it. It wasn't there two weeks ago, and I'm starting to get worried since it hasn't gone away. Should I go see my doctor or am I overreacting?

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    I just need someone to edit. Please. It's an essay on a feminist critique of "Rush Hour" by Elaine Terranova. I'm desperate.

    Domestic abuse is an epidemic that is hidden from the eyes of the world. Every day, behind the walls of homes, women are put under the verbal, psychological, and physical abuse. This abuse stems from a misogynistic power structure that brainwashes women into thinking that the abuse they face is normal. The poem “Rush Hour” by Elaine Terranova clearly disproves a power structure dominated by males, showing the ill physical and psychological effects of it on women’s health.

    A woman walks into a train. She is wearing sunglasses even though she is inside, and the way she holds herself is reminiscent of defeat. This is the picture that Elaine Terranova paints in her poem about domestic abuse. In it, it is obvious that the small family is victim to abuse of a male figure in the household. “Odd, the baby’s scabbed face peeking over/ the woman’s shoulder. The little girl/ at her side with her arm in a cast,/ wearing a plain taffeta party dress” (lines 1-4). The physical wounds are the most prominent signs that abuse is present in the household and it takes its toll on both the woman and her daughter’s physical health. The baby is also physically scarred by the abuse. “A kind man comes up the aisle to see/ the baby. He stares at the rosettes of blood/ and wants to know what’s wrong with him” (16-18).

    Although the physical symptoms are more prominent, the psychological effects of the abuse are also present in the poem. Terranova captures the estrangement between the mother and the daughter due to the mother’s inability to protect her children from the abuse that she suffers. “The little girl has not once moved/ to touch her or be touched./ Even on the train, she never turns and says,/ ‘Mommy’” (8-11). It is also obvious that the mother is awkward when acknowledging that she does not have the courage to stand up to the abuser, and has been brainwashed to the point where she defends her abuser and lies about the nature of her son’s wounds, showing that she is suffering from trauma and that she compares the beginning of a beating to a “motion that would begin like a blessing” (30).

    In conclusion, the negative physical and psychological effects of a misogynistic power structure are evident in Elaine Terranova’s poem “Rush Hour,” where it is clearly disproved.

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  • Can anyone look over my thesis?

    I am writing an essay based on Elaine Terranova's poem "Rush Hour." My essay has to relate to a feminine critique but I am not sure whether my thesis is solid enough to continue. Feedback would be amazing! Here it is:

    The poem “Rush Hour” by Elaine Terranova clearly disproves a power structure dominated by males, showing the ill effects of it on women’s physical and psychological health.


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  • Can anyone explain to me how WWII fought?

    I've done research on WWII and I know a lot about the Holocaust, and the German Occupation and Invasion, but I can't seem to understand how the allies fought in the war. In World War I, they used trench warfare and the artillery was shot from the trenches and followed by invasions of No Man's Land, but how was WWII fought? There were no trenches, so I'm a little confused. Can anyone explain it to me?

    I did do research, I just can't make sense of it :S

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  • My menstrual cycles gone way out of whack...?

    I've had my period since I was 11 years old and I never had cramps. Nor have I ever had so much bleeding. In the last 6 months, my periods have gotten about 3 times heavier than they were before and they have become more unconstistant, often coming every 2 weeks... I'm worried. Can anyone tell me if this is normal or if I should be worried?

    Thanks a lot!

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  • How do you cite a website in Chicago Style?

    I have to cite a website in chicago style but I don't know how to do it... help please!!!

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  • Guy Help: I'm confused...?

    Ok... so there's this guy that I swim with, right, let's call him "Steve". I told Steve that I liked him and all he said was "I know, i figured it out a while ago". And so I ask him how he feels about it and all he says is "I'm not surprised". Then my friend, let's call her "Joy" tells me that he likes my best friend "Barb", theoretically.

    So, I'm a little confused because there is two other guys that like Barb and he seems OK about it so I think that he doesn't like her, but he never said anything to me when I told him that I liked him... I'm getting mixed signals and I'm really confused.

    By the way, I wouldn't blame him for not liking me, I am 5'3 and relatively chubby, 159 pounds, and I'm not exactly pretty but he is still confusing me because we were still friends after the talking...


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  • Where can I find free sheet music for the song I Can't Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon?

    I've looked on loads of websites for the sheet music for Piano, but I can't find any copies that I can just print.

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