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  • Question for Reform Jews about Shabbat?

    Let's say I am using the pool with the family, and the pump goes out. Do I fix it to make the wife and kids happy? To me it isn't work. It is making the family happy. Thank you to anyone that gives me an opinion. I don't consider it work if it isn't hard labor.

    Thank you.

    2 AnswersMarriage & Divorce4 months ago
  • Question about bird feeding.?

    I live in an area by a lake and this time of year we have ducks, seagulls, and other girls coming back around so I put out bird seed and bread. Her is my question. A small piece of bread was on my garage roof. A seagull spotted it from I don't know how far and he swooped down, grabbed it, and kept going. How was the bird able to tell that quickly it was food?

    2 AnswersBirds5 months ago
  • Chicken stock question part 2?

    I got a great answer for my previous question but have 1 more. The base of my stock is the bones from a chicken I smoked the other day in apple/maple, so lots of flavor. I only had 1 carcass so I put in 4 thighs had not been cooked. My question is how long would you give this at a simmer? I'm not looking to poison everyone.

    I good on the grill, and smoker, but have had bad luck with stock.

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  • Making chicken stock?

    I'm starting a chicken stock. The typical bones, thighs, etc. approximately 2 gallon (7.5L). My oven is currently pre-heated to 410f (210c). I will be using the oven to cook a few different things at this temp for a few hours today. Is there any reason to not put the stock pot in the oven even for these few hours to get the heat going? I can finish on the stove, but I don't like the idea of leaving the kitchen if I have a pot on a open flame. I have young kids, and 2 dogs.

    Thank you.

    BTW-My kids aren't toddlers I'm leaving alone. I just like to be safe. If the range is on, I don't leave the kitchen.

    2 AnswersCooking & Recipes10 months ago
  • Serious question about Medicare for all, including illegals?

    I don't work in the medical field, but it is my understanding that a lot of doctors come from India because we have a shortage of doctors.

    I think it would be great if everyone had free healthcare, but I don't see how that is possible. My current plan cost $15 an hour out of my pay. Does anyone have a link to the overall cost?

    I'm about these issues I see.

    1. More Doctors, nurses, and med. staff.

    2. Facilities (offices, hospitals, etc)

    3. Pharma, medical, supplies, drugs, etc.

    It seems like a major, expensive. Problem. I'm not asking will a pro/con opinion. Just the logistics of it.

    Thank you.

    2 AnswersPolitics10 months ago
  • Joe Biden campaign gear.?

    This isn't meant as a joke. I saw a line of T-shirts with Corn Pop, a bad dude since 1962. I'm not a Biden supporter, but in his younger years he was a fun politician. One of the guys type. Don't you think he should market shirts like this, and make the money for his campaign? If he doesn't Trump will.

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  • Hunter, or Don jr?

    Please leave the politics out! I am happy with Trump the father. We can't blame Joe Biden for his son being a degenerate. Every family has a black sheep. Poor Joe has had some really bad family luck. I you don't know the history. IT IS HORRIBLE! I really feel for him.

    So the question is: Would you rather hang out with Don jr. or Hunter? I'm right in-between them in age, and for me it is a toss up. Jr. is into outdoors from his grandfather and I like that, but Hunter is a party animal pulling in the hotties, so I like that as well. SO!!! Take your pick for a weekend with one.

    With this question they are both rich so they will pay the way all weekend. Well in Hunters case Ukraine will, but what ever.

    Pick one. 

    8 AnswersPolitics10 months ago
  • Ivanka, and Jared Kushner question?

    I'm asking this in politics because you will all know who I'm talking about. This is more for girls in here. Ivanka is hot, and has her own money. What on earth does she see in this guy? He is really creepy looking.

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating10 months ago
  • An big Obama fans? This is not a troll question.?

    I was never a Obama supporter, but I'm from Chicago. I have the Chicago Sun Times news paper from the day he was elected. It is cool. I save stuff like that. I am a Trump guy, but Obama was our president either way. I'm not looking to sell it, but would like to give it to someboy that really liked Obama. To be honest he was a president so it should be cool to anyone. If a guy Blue sees this he has first dibs. Otherwise. Anyone that would like it, It is yours. I'm clearing out for a move.

    Please lets not have the political fight. If this is something you may want, I'll send it to you.

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  • I have a question about getting a computer built.?

    I have an old Gateway computer tower. DX4710-05. I had/has Vista, Intel core 2 quad Q6600 640gb HD.

    2019, I'm a Macbook laptop guy. What I like about this old computer is the look, and nostalgia basically. All I want it to do is be able to do is office stuff. Copy/printer, excel, etc. Would it cost a lot to get this thing gutted, and updated?

    I'm not a computer guy. I have the mac for surfing the net, porn, Y/T, etc. I do financial work, and just want to be able to get online, make spread sheets, print, and copy.

    Any adive would be great thank you.

    4 AnswersDesktops11 months ago
  • Jeffery Epstein death question?

    I personally don't believe the suicide story, but that is really not the issue. The question is what is going on with this Giselanne women, and what is up with the girls that were molested? It really is a shame if these girls don't get some form of justice, or compensation.

    10 AnswersCurrent Events1 year ago
  • Chris "Fredo" Cuomo?

    I m not at all a fan of Chris Cuomo, but I must say, that I have a lot more respect for him not. I thought he was a big p*ssy, but I was wrong.

    Does anyone agree?

    12 AnswersPolitics1 year ago
  • Joe Biden, and CNN?

    So we have all heard Joe and his comment about the poor kids and whites. I understand it was a simple mistake. CNN said it was just a gaffe. If Trump had said this, what would CNN be saying?

    Also a girl asked him about gender. He blew her off, then pulled her back by the arm.

    I'm not slamming the former VP. I just think he is to old. He acted the fool when Obama was in office. Will this hurt him in the polls, and will his party slam him in the debates?

    Thank you.

    12 AnswersPolitics1 year ago
  • Question about national security?

    Let me say this up front. I'm a union Ironworker from Chicago, so I've been voting Democrat since 1990 when I was 18.

    I feel the party has dumped us (union members) for illegals. Even Obama wanted secure borders. Please can a Democrat tell me why I should support that?

    Also, if we hand poor,sick, and uneducated Canadians pouring in by the 1000's and Trump want to stop it, would that be racist? My only son died at 20 of a heroin overdose. Yes it is his own fault, but most of the drugs in the US are smuggled in via Mexico.

    Thank you for honest opinions. I know most of Q/A is BS, but please lets be adult.

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  • Epstein suicide details?

    I haven't formed an opinion yet, but it is suspicious. I've been in jail, but never prison. I really can't see how this high profile guy, that was suicidal was able to kill himself.

    Does anyone have any details?

    17 AnswersPolitics1 year ago
  • Question about guitar pick-ups.?

    I have an Epiphany SG. I'm interested in changing out the pick-ups to EMG 81/85. Will this improve my sound, and feed back problem? Also is this a difficult project? I'm a tradesman (Ironworker) so tools aren't an issue, but I've never altered a guitar.

    Thank you.

    4 AnswersRock and Pop2 years ago
  • Question about toenail care.?

    I work long hours in work boots. I try hard to keep my feet clean and dry when I'm not working, but my nails are dry and brittle. Is there anything I can put on them? I currently use a quality lotion.

    Thanks for any tips.

    3 AnswersOther - Skin & Body2 years ago
  • If Trump is a racist dictator?

    Why do the Liberals want to disarm the citizens?

    11 AnswersPolitics2 years ago
  • People that hate Trump.?

    Can any of you tell me anything this man has done politically that has you so upset?

    My taxes are lower, and work is everywhere. What else could you want?

    11 AnswersPolitics2 years ago
  • Chelsea Clinton, bipartisan question.?

    I personal don't like the Clintons, but never liked when Chelsea was a kid, and people called her ugly and other things. She seems to have done well for herself now.

    Do you think she would consider politics, or is she happy in her private life?

    I think Democrats would support her, but I think she is better off out of it. She is obviously well off. Has a family, etc.

    Opinions please.

    11 AnswersPolitics2 years ago