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tWiHaRd tWiLiGhTeR!!!!! :D

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I love going to Yahoo! Answers and answering peoples questions! Especially questions about the Twilight Series because I'm a TwiHard Twilighter!!!!!!!!! TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!! lol! I also LOVE gymnastics and my two dogs Cupie, my poodle that looks like a fluff ball, and Hershey, my sweet oki-mix beagle. I am a level 7 training 8 in gymnastics and would NEVER trade it for anything! I think... Anyways, I LOVE watching scary movies! Especially with friends because I have someone to scream with. I love sleepovers because it's probably the only time I get to eat junk food with me being a gymnast and all. I LoVE my coumpter! I LoVe Twilight! I LovE my email! I loVE my youtube account! LoVe the Earth! My motto is Live, LOvE, Laugh! (Live <3 :D) I LoVe Almost Everything! my other motto is ReDucE, ReUsE, ReCyclE! and Save the Earth! It's the Only Planet with Chocolate! lol! I LoVe saving the Earth!