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I play golf for Arnold O. Beckman in Irvine CA currently a freshman

  • Golf statistics?

    What are the chances of someone making 4 hole in ones by the time they're 15 lol im just curious :] ive made one in 2000 2002, 2003 and 2008 . they are legit just curious as to when.

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  • are you...?

    Being nice if someone asks a question about if they can achieve something that is probably unlikely?

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  • Amateur Golfer Help!!!?

    I am a sophmore in High School at the moment, and my parents do not have time to send me around the US, playing amateur tournaments (AJGA). So i am slightly concerned about this... Will Colleges still notice me if i fail to play in amateur tournaments like this? i am looking to get a athletic scholarship and would like to know your advice, and thoughts on this. By the way these are my stats so far for the team season i am on varsity.

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  • WoW Statistics? someone help!!?

    I need to know the amount of ppl who play WoW, the time they play, and the age range please someone give me links.. i have ben lookin for a hour now.. and still searchin!

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  • WoW statistics question?

    Ok how many people in the world play wow? im doing a report on it and i cant find the link for the amount of people playing it and the age range etc.

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  • Golf! Need to know their equipment.?

    I play golf for about 12 years now *im 15* im pretty good holding on to some amount of modesty but i have 690 MB titeleist blades, with regular iron shafts. I have had them for 3 years but i need to know if i need stiff shafts, i can't ask my dad because hes the type of person where he wont admit if i do well at golf or not. hes the emotionless type of dad but thats a different problem. So please dispense advice about whether or not i should change shafts, i know i have enough of a swing speed but will it make a difference? i can hit my P wedge 120 and 10 yard increments afterwards.

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  • wow this girl is wierd..?

    I dated this one girl and made it clear that i really cared ffor her.. she said so too and yeah..... so like b4 a month was over she broke up with me... for like a bunch of reasons taht dont make sense... the wierd thing is that she wants me to be her best friend so im lost and pretty ticked off... she told me that i would be her only best friend and i dont know why she would want me to.. i personally think this is her way of making it up to me.

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  • What goes through her mind?

    I like this one girl whom im good friends with.. ive known her for 6 years and we liked each other when we were younger but it kind of died down cause we lost contact.. then we got back and we talk alot.. apparently im her best friend too and she seems like she likes me. but she often told me that she does that to a lotta other guys (she said she did that to make me jealous) and yeah.. we talk a lot and she seems like she does but i dont know..

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  • Will you stop discussing MIchelle Wie...?

    Okay, michelle wie is a golfer from hawaii, goes onto the LPGA deems it unworthy goes to the PGA, gets dominated and comes back and all this dilemma happens.Bar none her problem is that she relies on hype. ALso she is going to burn out at this rate (burning out is when you simply lose all your talent. it actually happens!)

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  • I already asked this question but stil dno about girls?

    i know a girl whom i like. almost like love shes told me she loves me back but problem is despite that she says shes not ready. i accept that and so she keeps dating guys. im gettin the impression she doesnt like me anymore but like sometimes i find myself flirting with her like holding her hand and stuff. and she doesnt tell me to stop or anything. she may be a flirtatious type of girl personality wise but i jus need some advice on what to do.

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  • Golf Scholarships?

    Im a freshman at my high school and i am curious, what are the chances of me getting a scholarship. I have had clinic invitations to UCLA and have met a college sponsor for Pepperdine. I am confident in my ability/i play varsity golf. My dad, being himself told me i have a low chance of scholarships let alone playing professional (which is my dream) I dont hate him for it but i ask myself what are the chances i can get a scholarship and eventually play pro?

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  • i dont understand girls...?

    I like this one girl.. a lot and so yeah time went on and i told her. she said she wasnt ready. i was okay with that. so more time went on *we are talkin like months* and then she starts dating a guy after meeting him for 2 days which surprised me. 2 weeks later they break up. and that same day for some reason i exploded and told her i still liked her a lot. *like love* and so she told me taht she does too. but cant deal with it. So now shes dating a nother guy. so im just curious. what the hell is on her mind.?

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  • family.. what to do with my brother?

    My brother is planning to join the army after 2 years of college if he cannot transfer out an i have tried continously to stop him. hes my older brother. i have no other points that would persuade him not to join. he has told me he does not even know why he is joining. It is not propaganda i know that but i need a valid reason for him not to join ..

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  • Im a freshman varsity golf(yes i know golf!) Im just curious what colleges would be good for me..?

    I play golf, i plan on playing golf, and yes its golf. i just want to know what colleges would suit me.. and i am interestd in law.

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